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DARPA software to trawl Bin Laden laptops, thumb drives

Famous Pentagon mad-scientist bureau DARPA says it would like some miracle software to help hard-pressed US spooks and military intelligence officers trawl through the massive troves of imagery retrieved from gadgetry seized in the ongoing massive campaign of special-forces raids across southwest Asia. The new project has been …
Lewis Page, 31 Aug 2011
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Power grid scare stories a 'bunch of hooey'

There have been a lot of scare stories in the media about electrical power grids in recent times, suggesting that it would be a simple matter to bring down a national transmission system by way of a minor cyber attack or physical sabotage - thereby bringing that nation's infrastructure to a grinding halt. There's just one …
Lewis Page, 13 Oct 2010
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Trouser-bomb clown attacks - how much should we laugh?

Comment As the smoke clears following the case of Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab, the failed Christmas Day "underpants bomber" of Northwest Airlines Flight 253 fame, there are just three simple points for us Westerners to take away. First: It is completely impossible to prevent terrorists from attacking airliners. Second: This does not …
Lewis Page, 8 Jan 2010
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Oppressed snappers focus on police in London and Chatham

Relations between police and photographers, already at an all-time low, look set to worsen this week as activists set up a new national campaign group to protect photography, and protesters get ready to take to the streets in Chatham. The national campaign launched last Saturday in the Foundry pub in East London, with more …
Jane Fae , 14 Aug 2009
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Obama releases Dubya's secret anti-terror memos

The Obama administration has released nine secret legal opinions penned by Bush Administration lawyers, revealing the scope of executive power the White House sought in fighting domestic terrorism. The opinions reflect an extraordinary interpretation of presidential power used by the Bush White House to justify executive …
Austin Modine, 4 Mar 2009
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Lego terrorist threatens democracy

Religious leaders have united to express their dismay at a custom range of Lego figures - including a "Toy Taliban" armed to the teeth with C96 broomhandle Mauser pistol, AK Assault Rifle and M67 frag grenades. BrickArms' Toy taliban figure The offending terrorist - made by US firm BrickArms and punted for £9.50 to …
Lester Haines, 4 Dec 2008
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Mumbai terrorist attacks kill at least 100

Serial terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India's financial capital, have left at least 100 dead and 280 wounded. Teams of gunmen attacked two five-star hotels, a railway station, hospitals, and a restaurant famous for attracting tourists, the AP reports. The gunmen specifically targeted Americans and Britons at the hotels and the …
Cade Metz, 27 Nov 2008
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FBI warns NY officials of Thanksgiving Day terrorist plot

Happy Thanksgiving holiday, United States. Here's your first helping of holiday terrorist panic. The US Department of Homeland Security and FBI has been issuing warnings to New York state officials and law enforcement of a "plausible but unsubstantiated" threat of a terrorist bomb attack on the New York City subway and train …
Austin Modine, 26 Nov 2008
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TSA seizes pre-flight terrorist screening

The US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will soon take control of screening airline passengers against the country's terrorist watch list in a much-delayed bid to net less infants, Senators, and other innocent travelers. Department of Homeland Security officials today unveiled a revised program for pre-departure …
Austin Modine, 22 Oct 2008
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US military: Electropulse bombs now from next year

One of the longest-sought, most keenly anticipated high-tech weapons of the past century - namely, the dreaded circuitry-frying electromagnetic pulse bomb - seems to have had its schedule moved forward. The electromagnetic pulse (EMP, aka High Power Microwave or HPM) weapon has long been theorised upon, ever since it was found …
Lewis Page, 10 Oct 2008
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Royal Navy won't fight pirates 'in case they claim asylum'

Comment Following a recent spate of pirate attacks* off the Horn of Africa, reportedly Her Majesty's Royal Navy has been powerless to act following official concern over possible violations of the buccaneers' human rights - and worries that they might seek asylum in the UK after being captured. The shipping paper Lloyds List first …
Lewis Page, 25 Sep 2008
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Robot airliner anti-missile escorts proposed

US tech and aerospace firm Honeywell has submitted a patent proposal which would see airliners protected from shoulder-fired terrorist missiles by drone escorts. Flight International reports that Honeywell lawyers filed the proposals last month. The idea would be that as an aircraft took off, the unmanned escort would fly …
Lewis Page, 15 Sep 2008
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Yes, there was a viable liquid bomb plot

So the verdicts are in - or not in. The "liquid bomb" plot trial is at least on hold, possibly finished altogether. A British jury has decided that three men are guilty of conspiracy to murder and cause explosions, but refused to convict them of conspiring to blow up airliners in flight. A further four men have pled guilty to …
Lewis Page, 10 Sep 2008
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Brit trio convicted for liquid bomb terror plot

Three of eight British men accused of plotting to blow up seven trans-Atlantic airliners using liquid explosives were convicted today of conspiracy to commit murder. The jury, however, didn't find any of the men guilty of the actual headline-grabbing charges that lead to a worldwide clamp-down on liquids in carry-on baggage. …
Austin Modine, 8 Sep 2008
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UK clamps down on bus-spotting terror menace

The UK's streets are today a safer place for kiddies and decorated war veterans after public and police hostility forced a Gloucestershire bus-spotter to give up his lifelong hobby of snapping interesting examples of road-based public transport, the Evening Standard reports. Rob McCaffrey, 50, had apparently over 40 years …
Lester Haines, 24 Jun 2008
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Indian gov denied BlackBerry snoop

Research In Motion (RIM), the Canadian company behind the BlackBerry handheld, has refused to give the Indian government special access to its encrypted email services. Indian authorities have previously evinced concern that terrorists or criminals might use BlackBerries to communicate free from government interception. …
Lewis Page, 27 May 2008
Second Life

US spooks see Sadville as potential terrorist paradise

US intelligence officials are growing increasingly wary of Second Life and other virtual worlds, which they say could soon become havens for terrorists, money-launderers and criminals engaged in corporate espionage. The virtual "communities" offer many of the same amenities of the real world, including banks, multiple …
Dan Goodin, 7 Feb 2008

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