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C&W wraps up three-year court case

Cable & Wireless has been cleared of deliberately delaying telecoms market competition in the Caribbean, though even the judge attributed his decision in part to poorly drafted regulations. The case was brought by Digicel back in July 2007 and relates to how the Caribbean telecom market was opened up to competition after 2002 …
Bill Ray, 16 Apr 2010
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Lower termination rates will bring pricey data

Ofcom has proposed a steep decline for termination rates, hitting a ha'penny a minute by 2014, but can a measure that saves consumers £800m a year be all good news? Not according to Orange, which reckons the change will stifle innovation, stall investment and lead to customers having to pay to receive phone calls. This …
Bill Ray, 7 Apr 2010
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Mobile calls to get much cheaper - probably

UK regulator Ofcom has published proposals to cut the mobile termination rate significantly and make changing networks quicker, but stopped short of routing calls directly. A lower termination rate should see cheaper calls to mobiles - £800m cheaper according to Ofcom. Under the proposals customers will be able to get a PAC …
Bill Ray, 1 Apr 2010
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Last chance to vote to cut phone termination rates

Updated The Terminate The Rate campaign launched by BT and 3 is approaching 70,000 signatures, on the last day for those who want to put their name to the campaign to reduce the amount their operator charges for incoming mobile calls. The 70,000 members of the public that have signed the petition have been joined by various charities …
Bill Ray, 29 Jul 2009
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Google Voice invites callers

Google has started contacting punters who expressed interest in getting early access to the company's telephony service, starting to connect up the million numbers it reserved last week. The private beta of Google Voice was launched back in March, at which time the company said it would get back to anyone who registered an …
Bill Ray, 27 Jun 2009
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BT puts the 'free' back into 'freephone'

BT Mobile customers are to get free calls to 0800 numbers, just like fixed-line users, but in stark contrast to other operators' customers who are paying up to 25 pence a minute. From this morning there is no charge for BT Mobile customers calling freephone numbers, so they can spend hours calling support to find out what …
Bill Ray, 4 Feb 2009
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Verizon to charge for message termination

As Europe braces itself for mobile telephony without termination rates, Verizon is to start charging companies for delivering messages to its customers, while continuing to charge those customers for receiving them. Verizon has notified its OpenMarket partners, in a letter reproduced by RCR Wireless, that from 1 November they' …
Bill Ray, 10 Oct 2008
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Euro mobe companies mass against cap proposals

Five European mobile operators have ganged up to fight Viviane Reding's proposal to cut termination rates by 70 per cent, with a study showing that it will lead to mobile phone users paying more. The study comes from Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Telecom Italia, Telefonica and Vodafone, and finds that capping termination fees " …
Bill Ray, 12 Sep 2008
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How to stop worrying and enjoy paying for incoming calls

Termination fees - the money paid to a receiving network for connecting a call - are for the chop. The question is what, if anything, will replace them; moreover, will ordinary punters ever even notice they're paying to receive calls? Ofcom recently announced it was going to take a good look at the question of termination fees …
Bill Ray, 5 Sep 2008
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Vodafone says termination rate clampdown would hit the poor

Vodafone today claimed 40 million Europeans will be forced to drop their mobile phone service if EU-led moves to scrap the current call termination charging system go ahead. Pay as you go users who make fewer outgoing calls would face big retail price hikes if operators lost revenues, the firm said. Those typically poorer …
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Europe acts on mobile charges

The European Commission yesterday released details of its plan to push down termination rates - the charges mobile phone networks make for carrying each others calls. The Commission noted that rates, although falling, are still nine times as high as equivalent fixed line charges and vary widely across Europe. The Commission …
John Oates, 27 Jun 2008
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3 told to cut rates

3 is getting too long in the tooth to play in the kids' pool. The Competition Appeal Tribunal yesterday ruled that the mobe co, not being such a new player any more, is going to have to cut its termination rates to be more in line with other operators. Termination rates are paid to the called party's operator, and are capped …
Bill Ray, 21 May 2008

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