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SAP slaps down Teradata's 'trade secret' sueball with sick burn

SAP is pushing to have a lawsuit from competitor Teradata thrown out for good, arguing the claims are "factually groundless". The suit, which Teradata filed in June, alleged SAP had "lured" it into a joint venture and used that to collate the firm's trade secrets in order to create the SAP HANA data platform. It also made …
Rebecca Hill, 3 Sep 2018

Teradata lobs sueball at SAP, alleges HANA based on its 'trade secrets'

Data warehousing biz Teradata has flung a sueball (PDF) at SAP in the District Court for Northern California, alleging the German ERP giant undertook a "decade-long campaign of trade secret misappropriation, copyright infringement and antitrust violations". Teradata claims that SAP used its strong position in ERP to "lure" the …
Rebecca Hill, 20 Jun 2018
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Data is in: Hortonworks shaves several mill off operating losses

It's results time again, and Hadoop-flinger Hortonworks has reported a positive quarter, with revenues up and a slight shrinkage in its operating losses. The firm posted revenues of $69.0m in the quarter ending September 30 - up 45 per cent from $47.5m in Q3 2016. That’s similar to the boost it saw in Q2, when there was a 42 …
Rebecca Hill, 3 Nov 2017

Teradata lights candles, turns on TAP, runs itself soothing analytics bath

Data-warehousing and business intelligence firm Teradata is set to turn on its TAP – Teradata Analytics Platform – later this year. The company is also adopting a price-cut-and-bundle strategy with its IntelliSphere concept. TAP integrates Teradata and Aster technology with a plan to include analytical engines such as Spark, …
Chris Mellor, 26 Oct 2017
Transformer, photo by Wasan Ritthawon via Shutterstock

How's that transformation coming, Teradata? Numbers down as org morphs

Data warehouse biz Teradata has reported (PDF) a second consecutive drop in revenues for this year, as its licensing shift beds in. The company, based in Dayton, Ohio, reported a 14 per cent year-on-year drop in revenues, from $599m to $513m, for the quarter ending June 30. But C-suite execs on the earnings call this …
Rebecca Hill, 28 Jul 2017

New year, new Teradata but the 'transformation' hangover still lingers

BI and data warehouser Teradata's revenues fell 10 per cent on the year from $545m to $491m in the first quarter of 2017, with a loss of $2m as the firm's recovery under new CEO Victor Lund still has a ways to go. The firm tries to mitigate its poor results by saying revenue in the first quarter of 2016 included $34 million of …
Chris Mellor, 27 Apr 2017

Teradata pays ex-prez €4.2m to close 'invalid termination' settlement

Data warehousing and business intelligence flogger Teradata has reached a settlement with ousted co-president Herman Wimmer, who alleged he was fired improperly. Following a court order issued by the Augsburg Labour Court in Germany, Teradata has submitted a filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission announcing that …

Teradata flashifies its data warehousing box

Data warehousing and business intelligencer Teradata has an all-flash Intelliflex product and a ready-to-run entry-level IntelliBase offering. Intelliflex is Teradata's flagship enterprise data warehouse platform. Teradata appointed a new CEO, Victor Lund, in May last year to revitalise its fortunes after prior missteps, and …
Chris Mellor, 5 Apr 2017

Biz data wrangler's lost its head and gained another. Let's have a look at the

After its first 2016 quarter loss and CEO change how did business data analysis haus Teradata do in its second 2016 quarter? Revenues of $599m were down down 3.9 per cent on the year-ago quarter’s $623m but 9.9 per cent higher than the first 2016 quarter, good news there. There was a profit of $64m, better than last quarter’s …
Chris Mellor, 3 Aug 2016

Teradata and Nuix are dancing in the dark

Teradata has teamed up with Nuix to enable customers to process "dark data" using its Aster Analytics technology. It says Aster is a more capable analytics engine than Nuix, while Nuix is a more capable data extraction and indexing engine than Aster. Combine the two and, for an eDiscover or compliance infraction detective, …
Chris Mellor, 20 Jul 2016
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Q. What's orange and white, has a new CEO but is red all over? A. Teradata

+Comment Data warehouse and biz intelligence wrangler Teradata made a loss in its first quarter of 2016. It also recruited a new CEO to get the company motoring again. The new broom is 67 years old, and you don't need big-data analytics to see he won't be around for long. Teradata's revenues for the three months to March 31 were $545m …
Chris Mellor, 5 May 2016

Teradata launches mutant cloud, hopes IoT megabucks start flowing

Data warehouse business Teradata is to focus more on hybrid cloud services, as the company continues to try to deal with declining sales revenue while praying for an IoT tsunami of cash. At the Teradata Universe conference in Hamburg this morning the business announced it would launch a massively parallel processing …
Screaming kid

Teradataaaaargghh! How to go from years in the black right into the red

Data warehouser and analyzer Teradata is suffering still. It's made a full-year loss as fourth-quarter 2015 revenues continued a multi-quarter tumble. Sales were $719m, down 6 percent year-on-year, and full year revenues of $2.53bn were down 7 per cent year-on-year. The fourth quarter net income was a profit of $41m, 65.3 per …
Chris Mellor, 4 Feb 2016

Teradata: We're going to concentrate on data analytics. So we've binned our top man

Teradata has axed its co-president for data and analytics, meaning Herman Wimmer is out of a job. In an SEC filing the company said it is exiting its marketing applications business so it "can focus exclusively on its core Data and Analytics business." This follows poor results in its third quarter. The filing says Teradata …
Chris Mellor, 4 Dec 2015

Teradata’s troubles cause the restructuring knives to slip out

Teradata revenues dropped again in its third quarter and the company has decided to get serious abut the situation and walk away from the marketing applications business. Revenues of $606m for the data and analytics company were nine per cent lower than a year ago and three per cent less than the previous quarter. There was a …
Chris Mellor, 9 Nov 2015
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Teradata's moon-on-a-stick approach: Floats on AWS and Microsoft Azure

Teradata is throwing its enterprise-class analytics database onto the public cloud, starting with rival Amazon and then Microsoft’s Azure. Teradata Database on AWS will be offered as a service in the first quarter of 2016, and sold on a pay-per-use basis, Teradata was expected to announce Wednesday. Until now, the publicly- …
Gavin Clarke, 7 Oct 2015
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Teradata blots copy book with first loss in years

Teradata lost $265m in its second quarter 2015 as a $340m goodwill impairment charge hammered profits, along with continued deferrals of large transactions and longer sales cycles. Revenues in its second calendar 2015 quarter were 8 per cent down year-on-year at $623m, while net income plunged from $96m a year ago to a the $ …
Chris Mellor, 7 Aug 2015

Teradata Hadoop appliances now under a little Cloudera cover

Teradata has updated its Hadoop appliance with support for Cloudera Hadoop as well as Hortonworks' distribution, and given it a Haswell go-faster booster – and all this on top of a widening of the configuration options. Teradata Appliance for Hadoop v5 uses Intel Haswell CPU tech and is, Teradata said, "optimised for intensive …
Chris Mellor, 13 Jul 2015

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