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Chinese cyber-spies hid botnet controls in MS TechNet comments

Cyber-spies are increasingly attempting to hide their command and control operations in plain sight by burying their command infrastructure in the forums of internet heavyweights, including Microsoft. FireEye and Microsoft have successfully shut down the Chinese threat actor APT17’s use of the MSFT TechNet blog to hide their …
John Leyden, 14 May 2015
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VMware wins cool reception for two-CPU eval software

VMware has kicked off a new program that looks like it will make it easier to build home labs. Mostly. The new EVALExperienence program is pretty simple: cough up the US$200 required to become a member of the VMware user group (VMUG) Advantage program and you'll find yourself able to download and run vCenter Server, vSphere …
Simon Sharwood, 18 Jan 2015

Microsoft gives TechNet a one-off reprieve

Microsoft has decided to extend the life of its TechNet service for 90 days, but will still kill the popular service and suggest subscribers migrate to the more expensive MSDN. Microsoft has let subscribers know of the extension in an update to its Subscriptions page for the service. The offer's only open to “customers whose …

Microsoft's murder most foul: TechNet is dead

Sysadmin blog The end of TechNet Subscriptions is upon us. Let's take a moment to digest this, shall we? TechNet subscriptions were a cheap way to get access to virtually the entire Microsoft library of software for the purposes of building and maintaining a testlab environment. The cost ranged from $200 to $600 a year, and when combined …
Trevor Pott, 1 Jul 2013
Microsoft's official image revealing that windows 8 will go on sale on october 26th 2012

First tranche of Windows 8 released via MSDN and TechNet

The first version of Windows 8 RTM code is now available those who have a MSDN or TechNet subscription. Before you all get excited, remember this is the is x86 code for Intel PCs and tablets, not the preloaded Windows RT operating system that's been stirring up such a kerfuffle of late. This is Redmond's baseline, as it were, …
Iain Thomson, 15 Aug 2012
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Microsoft tightens squeeze on TechNet parasites

Microsoft is restricting the software available on IT-pro hangout TechNet to thwart illegal use of its gear. The company is removing software not intended for use in an "IT professional managed business environment" – such as the Home Edition of Windows XP – while products no longer covered by its extended support cycle have …
Gavin Clarke, 11 Jul 2012
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Microsoft cites 'security' for TechNet suspension

Confused about why your subscription to Microsoft's TechNet has been suspended? So is Microsoft, judging by the experience of one Reg reader. Our reader, who wished to remain anonymous, has been in touch to say how his TechNet account was abruptly suspended without warning by Microsoft. The reason given by Microsoft when he …
Gavin Clarke, 23 Jun 2011
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Windows 7 customers hit by service pack 1 install 'fatal error' flaws

A brace of "fatal errors" is hampering Windows 7-based computers that have been updated with Microsoft's first service pack for its current operating system. In fact, since Windows 7 SP1 was released late last month, many users have been grumbling on forums about problems with the install of the update package. Similarly, The …
Kelly Fiveash, 14 Mar 2011
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Windows 7 service pack to land this month

Updated Microsoft's first service pack for Windows 7 will, according to speculative reports, reach the company's MSDN and TechNet subscribers this time next week. WinRumors cites sources close to the matter, who have pinned down 16 February as the date when Windows 7 SP1 will ship to Microsoft subscribers. The service pack apparently …
Team Register, 9 Feb 2011
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Office 2010 beta lands in laps of MSDN, TechNet coders

Microsoft has begun pumping the Office 2010 beta out to members of its MSDN and TechNet developer groups, ahead of the code’s imminent arrival later this week. The vendor also pushed out the 64-bit beta version of Office Web Apps to subscribers yeterday. The company will almost certainly spin out the code for wider public …
Kelly Fiveash, 17 Nov 2009

TechNet Virtual Conference goes on-demand

Microsoft’s TechNet Virtual conference is now available on-demand. You can catch the proceedings at your own leisure here. Held on June 19, TechNet Virtual brought together Microsoft experts and the IT community. The Register was the official media sponsor. The conference ran in two separate “auditoriums” and was designed to …
Jamie Bodkin, 25 Jun 2009
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TechNet goes Virtual with online conference for all

Microsoft’s TechNet is running its first virtual conference for the UK tech community, and it's a biggie. The all-day free event opens for business at 9.30am BST on June 19 and brings together Microsoft experts and the IT community. [And The Register – we are the official media partner for the conference.] TechNet Virtual …
Team Register, 1 Jun 2009
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Windows 7 Release Candidate coming 5 May

Redmond suffered yet another butter fingers incident over the weekend when the company let slip that the near-ready version of Windows 7 will be made available on 5 May. The company's partner program website revealed the date for the release candidate of its forthcoming operating system on Saturday. Neowin picked up on the …
Kelly Fiveash, 20 Apr 2009
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Windows 7 RC download page reveals May ship date

Someone with butter fingers at Microsoft has prematurely let slip when the company plans to push out the Release Candidate version of Windows 7 by posting the download page early. Microsoft has refused to comment on when users can expect to see a near-ready version of Windows 7 arrive but many observers were expecting an April …
Kelly Fiveash, 26 Mar 2009
homeless man with sign

TechNet, MSDN subscribers get Vista SP2 release candidate

Microsoft has released a near-final version of Windows Vista Service Pack 2 (SP2) for its TechNet and MSDN subscribers. The firm said that it would make the release candidate of Vista SP2 publicly available in the very near future. As we reported last week, it was widely expected that the RC would land imminently. Microsoft …
Kelly Fiveash, 26 Feb 2009

Vista's long goodbye

Windows Vista suffers from a bug that causes many machines to stall while deleting, copying and moving files, a flaw that has provoked consternation in online forums. "I've seen this bug in action, and trust me, it's as if you're copying over a 64k link using only 256mb of RAM," one Reg reader complained. "To add to the problem …
Dan Goodin, 26 Mar 2007
Windows Vista teaser

Reg reader trapped in Vista network folder hell

A Reg reader got in touch to tell us that since installing Vista on his machine he can no longer rename folders he creates on the network. Creating a new folder on his machine's own drive is fine but there is no way to name or rename folders or files on the network. Calls to the hardware manufacturer were not helpful but the …
John Oates, 23 Feb 2007

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