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Everything Everywhere axes 1,200

The newly-combined Orange and T-Mobile will be laying off more than 1,200 people whose work it reckons is replicated between the two companies - 7.5 per cent of the combined staff. The cuts will be in the back offices; retail and customer support staff will keep their jobs. But departments whose work is replicated by both …
Bill Ray, 1 Oct 2010
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Everything Everywhere unveils contrary figures

The newly combined Orange and T-Mobile has announced its first quarterly results, with revenues and customers up or down depending how you count them. Revenue is down 4.8 per cent to £1.72bn, but that's the government's fault, and the drop in subscribers only exists if you insist on comparing to earlier this year rather than …
Bill Ray, 29 Sep 2010
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Everything Everywhere now something somewhere

Orange and T-Mobile have legally merged into Everything Everywhere, though you wouldn't know it as we're still in the paper-shuffling stage. So everyone who worked for Orange and everyone who worked for T-Mobile now works for Everything Everywhere, but (for the moment at least) both brands will continue to exist and the two …
Bill Ray, 1 Jul 2010
The Register breaking news OKs plan to flog digi dividend by end of year

The government has asked Ofcom to implement Kip Meek's proposals for spectrum reform, with a view to getting shot of the digital dividend by the end of 2010. The UK has 60MHz of old TV spectrum near the 800MHz point of the dial, along with 190MHz in the 2.6GHz band, both of which the government desperately wants to sell to the …
Bill Ray, 11 Mar 2010
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T-Orange merger approved

The merger of T-Mobile and Orange will go through, after the UK's Office of Fair Trading withdrew its request for time to investigate the deal. The OFT wanted to investigate on the basis that the merged entity would own an unfair proportion of radio spectrum, and that once it had merged with Orange T-Mobile would have little …
Bill Ray, 1 Mar 2010
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OFT requests T-Orange investigation

The Office of Fair Trading has requested control of the investigation into the merger of T-Mobile and Orange, making a quick decision unlikely and delighting the competition. The request (pdf) asks that the European Commission hand over the UK parts of the investigation to the UK authorities. It has requested this on the basis …
Bill Ray, 22 Feb 2010
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Time running out for OFT T-Orange intervention

The FT reports that the Office of Fair Trading is about to grab the T-Orange investigation, though the regulator still has two days to make the decision. According to the report, the OFT will today formally petition the European Commission to have the case referred. This will allow local evaluation of how the merger of T- …
Bill Ray, 3 Feb 2010
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T-Mobile UK earmarks two tariffs for scrappage

T-Mobile UK is junking its Combi and Flext tariffs next month, the trade paper Mobile Today reveals. The cellco will also scrap 12-month contracts and will replace the Solo sim-only tariff, according to the paper. In a presentation seen by Mobile Today [which probably means it has its hands on a briefing document meant for …
Team Register, 14 Jan 2010
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UK mobile operators call for UK competition regulation

UK mobile operators, with the exception of T-Mobile and Orange, have called for the UK authorities to investigate the creation of T-Orange rather than trusting Brussels. T-Mobile and Orange were hoping an EU-level investigation could wave the merger through smoothly, but everyone else wants to see as much investigation as …
Bill Ray, 7 Jan 2010
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T-Orange won't share the airwaves

T-Mobile and Orange won't be handing over any radio spectrum when they merge, despite the fact that T-Orange will own almost half the available airways. The combined force will have licences to operate in 170MHz of radio spectrum, compared to Vodafone's holding of 76MHz and Orange's 66MHz, but the operating officers of both …
Bill Ray, 23 Nov 2009
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T-Orange puts names on dotted lines

T-Mobile and Orange have signed their merger agreement, paving the way for the new operator to come into existence next year. After spending a mere two months in due diligence T-Mobile and Orange have put their names to the merger contract that will see the operators combine operations into a new entity to be jointly owned by …
Bill Ray, 6 Nov 2009
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T-Orange: It is possible to have too much spectrum

The merger of T-Mobile and Orange means combining their spectrum holdings, throwing Digital Britain into confusion and putting the Digital Dividend at risk. Digital Britain's promise of broadband for all is based on permitting 3G services at lower frequencies, which means reallocating those frequencies between the existing …
Bill Ray, 10 Sep 2009
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T-Orange: And then there were four

T-Mobile and Orange reckon their merger will be good for shareholders, good for the industry and even good for the environment. But it is possible that customers might not be so enamoured. The new venture, which won't have a name until 2012, will be the largest network operator in the UK, with 37 per cent of the market. It …
Bill Ray, 9 Sep 2009

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