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Was Nokia's Elop history's worst CEO?

Review Stephen Elop's decision to bet the farm on Windows Phone makes him the world's worst CEO, according to a new book published this week. Operation Elop by Pekka Nykänen and Merina Salminen interviews former Nokia staff and arrives at its judgement based on the decline in Nokia's market value from 2010 to 2013: from €29.5bn to € …

Blockbuster book lays out the first 20 years of the Smartphone Wars

Review David Wood, one of the founder executives of Symbian - and the one who saw it through to the bitter end - has written a book. A very big book. Smartphones and beyond: Lessons from the remarkable rise and fall of Symbian tells the entire story from Symbian's conception, to world domination, to its rapid demise, and it must be …
Andrew Orlowski, 12 Sep 2014

Nokia tears devs' hearts out, shutters Symbian and Meego stores early

Nokia can't get off its burning platforms fast enough. The company has told developers it will block its Symbian and Meego app stores from accepting new software or updates from 1 January next year. This has dismayed developers, who thought Nokia's commitment to Symbian ran until 2016. Tens of millions of Symbian devices …
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Living with a 41-megapixel 808 PureView: Symbian's heroic last stand

Review Last year Nokia released to the world a mobile phone that is still unique. It's a smartphone with a 41-megapixel camera sensor, scooping up more detail than some professional DSLRs: it's the 808 PureView. When I say "released", that’s a little misleading. This showpiece won the Best New Phone gong at last year’s Mobile World …
Andrew Orlowski, 30 May 2013

What killed Motorola? Not Google! It was Moto's dire software

Feature The Motorola we used to know is dead. After it was split in two, Google bought phone maker Motorola Mobility in May this year, leaving the profitable equipment biz Motorola Solutions to live on. Then the ad giant decided to lay off 20 per cent of the Moto Mobility workforce. Although this was all relatively sudden, the fall of …
Simon Rockman, 29 Nov 2012
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Android and Apple OS shares show mountain MS must climb

Microsoft’s Windows Phone mobile operating system was loaded on 2.4 per cent of the smartphones that shipped around the world during the third quarter of 2012. Even if the new version, Windows Phone 8, isn’t a major success, it should still lift the OS past Symbian. Nokia’s other, older mobile OS was to found on 2.6 per cent …
Tony Smith, 14 Nov 2012

Nokia puts Symbian out to pasture ... why not release it into the wild?

Symbian is now in 'maintenance mode', and Belle FP2 was its last ever update, Nokia Developer support is telling devs. This is hardly a surprise, but official confirmation of any kind has been elusive. As we exclusively revealed back in February, Nokia cancelled the entire roadmap of Symbian phones, leaving just one device: …
Andrew Orlowski, 19 Oct 2012
Nokia 808 PureView 41Mp camphone

Just how good is Nokia's PureView 41Mp camera tech?

When I first learnt about Nokia's 808 PureView phone featuring a 41Mp camera, I thought I'd either misread the specs or I'd somehow stepped into the future. A forty one megapixel camphone – WTF? Not even professional DSLRs showcase such a high resolution. Nokia 808 PureView 41Mp camphone Nokia's 808 PureView 41Mp camphone …
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Nokia out $99 dual-Sim Asha

More low-cost Asha phones from Nokia. Out in Q4, the Asha 308 and 309 will both come in Sim-free at under $100, Nokia said today. Nokia Asha 308/309 The two touchscreen handsets are pitched at emerging-market punters seeking mobile internet access and who might otherwise be tempted by a cheap Android smartphone. Nokia is …
Hard Reg, 25 Sep 2012
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Oops: Nokia reinstates 'terminated' star app developer

You may think Nokia needs to keep all the app developers it can muster loyal to the company - but last week it terminated VIP privileges for a star Symbian programmer. Nokia has since changed its mind. The brains behind the highly regarded Gravity application, Jan Ole Suhr, was one of a number of Symbian coders who discovered …
Andrew Orlowski, 26 Jul 2012

Ex-Nokia staffers team up to revive MeeGo

A number of former Nokia employees have banded together to maintain the MeeGo smartphone OS and even release new hardware running the software. Formally launched this weekend - though its LinkedIn page says it has been around since 2011 - Jolla "will design, develop and sell new MeeGo based smartphones", the company pledged. …
Tony Smith, 9 Jul 2012

Nokia and Symbian still number one in China

Android may have an insurmountable lead in the Chinese smartphone market, but when it comes to internet-connected mobiles Symbian and Nokia are still number one according to new stats from search giant Baidu. The company’s latest quarterly Mobile Internet Development Trends Report for Q1 2012 measured only internet-connected …
Phil Muncaster, 25 May 2012
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MS Office coming for Symbian

The Microsoft/Nokia tie-up just got weirder, if that's possible, with the launch of Office for Symbian, developed by Microsoft. Yes, you read that right. Office, the productivity suite that is enmeshed in Microsoft's mobile strategy, now runs on Symbian. Nokia has shunted Symbian to Accenture, to which it has outsourced future …
Simon Sharwood, 11 Apr 2012
Nokia Lumia 800

Symbian smacked by Windows Phone

Microsoft's smartphone operating system, Windows Phone 7, is now outselling Symbian - and it's all thanks to former Symbian stalwart, Nokia. In February 2011, Symbian accounted for 12.4 per cent of the UK smartphone market. A year on and its share had drooped to 2.4 per cent. WinPho, on the other hand, has risen to 2.5 per …
Tony Smith, 20 Mar 2012
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41-megapixel MONSTER mobe shutters Nokia knockers

MWC 2012 Nokia's PureView 808, unveiled today in Barcelona, boasts a 41-megapixel camera - a spec that trumps rivals' 8- and 12-MP sensors spectacularly. Naturally your humble hack had a play with one on the Nokia stand. The hefty handset features an f2.4 Carl Zeiss lens and new pixel oversampling technology. Zooming in on an image is …
Simon Rockman, 27 Feb 2012
Nokia Asha 201

Nokia Asha 201 Qwerty phone

Review When Nokia announced its three new Asha budget phones in October they didn’t attract much attention alongside the WinPho 7 handsets that were punted by the company at the same time. Nokia Asha 201 Keeping it simple: Nokia's Asha 201 That’s a shame, because the Ashas look like being very good mobile phones, perfect for …
Alun Taylor, 20 Feb 2012
Apple iPhone 4s smartphone

Apple tops smartphone seller chart

Apple put more smartphones in the hands of punters than any other vendor during Q4 2011, and was the third most purchased brand in the mobile phone market as a whole. The iPhone maker's chart position comes from market watcher Gartner. Unlike other handset business stats released by other research companies, Gartner's numbers …
Tony Smith, 15 Feb 2012

Nokia: No Belle download for Apple users

Nokia has told Mac-using owners of handsets capable of being upgraded to its Belle operating system they need to switch to a PC to apply the update themselves. The Finnish phone giant posted the latest incarnation of the OS formerly known as Symbian yesterday for a series of older Nokia handsets. Alas, the new code is only …
Tony Smith, 8 Feb 2012

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