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Kungstradgarden in stockholm sweden

Swedes grumbling about Apple Store in their park are lucky – in Toronto, Google eats all your data

Locals have objected to Apple building a store in Stockholm's Kungsträdgården (Kungsan) park. Protestors said the intrusion of a tasteful glass temple of overpriced consumer electronics encroaches into the public space, ruining the character of the park. The Swedish capital has owned the park since 1970. The opposition to …

Un-bee-lievable: Two million Swedish bugs stolen in huge sting

Bee thieves have created a buzz in Sweden after two million Apis mellifera were stolen – in what appears to be among the largest stings of its kind in Europe. Bees surround queen bee Oh honey! Oxfordshire abuzz with reports of a MEEELLION bees stolen READ MORE According to the Skånska Dagbladet paper, robbers pinched 50 …
Kat Hall, 1 Jun 2018
People party in a nightclub. Photo by Shutterstock

Chilly willies: Swedish nudie nightclub opens in -11°C to disgust of locals

A nightclub that spiritually stimulates dance zealots to peel off their clothes and shake their booty was branded a "breeding ground for broken souls" by a totally different sort of radical. Klubb Naket, based on the island of Södermalm near Stockholm, Sweden, hosted its first event on Saturday eve, clearly undeterred by the …
Paul Kunert, 27 Feb 2018

Sweden may extend data retention, splat NAT and register VPNs

Sweden may be about to adopt increased surveillance of the internet, with new proposals about data retention and network rules leaked to local ISP Bahnhof. The proposals are contained in submissions to a parliamentary inquiry into Sweden's data retention regime, which came into force in 2010. The company says it's been passed …
The submarine UC3 Nautilus. Pic: Frumperino, Wikipedia

Private sub captain changes story, now says reporter died, was 'buried at sea' – torso found

The story of a Danish inventor and a missing Swedish journalist has taken a bizarre turn, as Peter Madsen now claims he buried Kim Wall at sea. Madsen, being held on manslaughter charges, told a Copenhagen court Monday that the reporter perished when the 26-foot-long UC3 Nautilus submarine, one of the only privately funded …
Shaun Nichols, 22 Aug 2017

Sweden leaked every car owners' details last year, then tried to hush it up

In a slowly-unfolding scandal in Sweden, it's emerged that the country's transport agency bungled an outsourcing deal with IBM, putting both individuals and national security at risk. Pirate Party founder and now head of privacy at VPN provider Private Internet Access Rik Falkvinge has been working to bring details of the …
Toilet with smiling loo paper

Swedish school pumps up volume to ease toilet trauma

Rather than forcing kids to suffer the embarrassment of composing their own wind sections in the toilets at schools, one solution proposed in northern Europe is to pipe in sweet music to drown out any anal-based arias. Swedish local councillor Cecilia Cato, based in the town of Tingsryd, devised the plan amid concern that some …
Lily Moore, 12 Jun 2017
Football goes into the net/ photo by shutterstock

Swedish politician wants weekly hour of paid sex. For exercise

A Swedish municipality may allow its workers to get on the job while on the clock, for an hour each week. This idea comes to the world thanks to Per-Erik Muskos, a councillor in the Swedish district of Övertorneå, which is a whisker to the south of the Arctic Circle and home to under 2,000 people. As it happens, your …
Team Register, 24 Feb 2017

Julian Assange to be interviewed by Swedish rape prosecutors

Julian Assange, the broom-cupboard-dweller also trading as Wikileaks, will be interviewed in Ecuador's London embassy by Swedish prosecutors over rape allegations. The Swedish Prosecution Authority announced earlier today that Assange would be interviewed at the embassy by chief prosecutor Ingrid Isgren and a Swedish police …

Sweden axes 700MHz spectrum sale over 'national security' fears

In a surprise announcement, the Swedish government has scrapped its plans to auction off 700MHz spectrum citing security concerns. The auction was due to begin on December 1 but acting director of the country's telecoms agency, Post & Telestyrelsen (PTS), Catarina Wretman announced she had decided to cancel it a month before …
Drone shooting

Swedes ban camera spy-drones for anything but crime fighting

The Swedish judiciary has ruled that camera drones are surveillance devices, meaning their pilots will have to get a seldom-issued permit to use them for private flights. The judgement from the highest court in the land looked at two cases, one against private drones and the other against a camera mounted on a bicycle. The …
Iain Thomson, 25 Oct 2016
Chicken eggs, photo via Shutterstock

Naked, drunken Swede assaults chicken shed after 60th birthday

A Malmo man is facing paying thousands of kronor in damages after attending a friend’s 60th birthday party and ending up crawling naked and bleeding from an elderly woman’s hen house. The elderly poultry rearer in Ikea hometown Älmhult assumed her prize layers were under attack from a marauding fox after a series of noises …
Joe Fay, 20 Sep 2016

Swedish appeals court upholds arrest warrant for Julian Assange

A Swedish appeals court has upheld the European Arrest Warrant for Julian Assange, who is sought in the country on allegations of rape, which he denies. Assange had sought to appeal the warrant for his arrest, though not the charges, as a means of achieving escape from the Ecuadorian embassy where he has been holed up now for …
Pig in mud, image via Shutterstock

Swedish Pokemon teens terrorised by laser-wielding 'sex pigs'

The tiny Swedish town of Insjön has been left shaken, traumatised and probably put off its breakfast after two porcine-feature exhibitionists launched a laser-enhanced sex spree on Friday. The porky pair were first encountered by a brace of Pokemon hunters, who were tracking Squirtles and Bulbasaurs in a local park on Friday …
Clodagh Doyle, 16 Aug 2016

Google slammed over its 'free' school service

Two Swedish researchers have torn into Google's free school service, accusing the online giant of purposefully misleading users in order to continue profiting from the sale of children's data. Maria Lindh and Jan Nolin from the University of Borås have published a research paper [note: paid access] that digs into the policies …
Kieren McCarthy, 11 Jul 2016

Swedish old timer pulls airsoft gun on broadband salesman

A feisty Swedish sexagenarian earned herself an appearance before the beak for clearly demonstrating that she wasn't interested in fast fibre or pay TV by allegedly pulling what looked like a pistol on a hapless salesman. She has been arrested and charged with assault. According to the indictment, she admits to pointing an …
Lester Haines, 26 May 2016

Are bearded blokes more sexist?

Scientists have critically discovered that men with beards are not necessarily more sexist than clean-shaven chaps, despite previous research which indicated "a connection between facial hair and negative attitudes about women". Back in 2015, Aussie researchers Barnaby J. Dixson and Julian A. Oldmeadow asked 309 Indian and 223 …
Lester Haines, 19 Apr 2016

Swedish sysadmins reach for the hex key, reassemble services after weekend DDoS

News outlets in Sweden went dark over the weekend in the face of a large-scale distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack. Newspaper Dagens Nyheter (DN) reports here (but English-speakers will need help with the translation) that as well as the attack it suffered, media outlets Expression, Svenska Dagbladet, Aftonbladet, …

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