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Get snapping for Freedom

If you have a camera, are ever so slightly worried about the burgeoning surveillance society in the UK, and are prepared to brave the hostility of police and passers-by, then you too could take part in "Freedom Not Fear Day" this weekend. FNF Day will be celebrated primarily across Europe, in a wave of actions ranging from …
Jane Fae , 7 Oct 2008
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It's official: The Home Office is listening

The last week has seen the appearance of two carefully-modulated Yes Minister-style statements, defending the government’s approach to data and surveillance and explaining why we have nothing to worry about. The first comes in the form of a podcast by allegedly fictitious government blogging supremo and Technology Outreach …
Jane Fae , 30 Jul 2008
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America wakes up to the surveillance society

Civil liberties groups in the US are demanding that the Department of Justice cough details of its use of mobile phone tracking - particularly how often it's done so without probable cause of a crime being committed. A federal court action has been filed by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the Electronic Frontier …
Bill Ray, 3 Jul 2008
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Brown pledges annual commons debate on surveillance

Gordon Brown today accepted MP’s recommendations for an annual report and debate on the state of UK surveillance in a speech which rejected charges that the government’s increasing use of high-tech surveillance compromises British citizens' liberties. He also said the government was considering subjecting all new UK …
Joe Fay, 17 Jun 2008
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UK is not a surveillance society, MPs claim

The Home Affairs Committee has called on the government to follow a "minimum data, held for the minumum time" approach to British citizens' personal information in its long-awaited report into surveillance. The Committee has decided, after a year long investigation, that the UK is not becoming a surveillance society but warns …
John Oates, 8 Jun 2008
The Register breaking news plans central database for all your communications

The Brown government is considering a central database of all UK communications data including times and durations of phone calls, emails and internet access for every British citizen. The draft bill is still being considered by ministers and a Home Office spokeswoman told us no decision had yet been reached. The spokeswoman …
John Oates, 20 May 2008
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The surveillance arms race

Computers, Freedom, and Privacy Surveillance breeds more surveillance. That seems to be the primary message from the first day of this year's Computers, Freedom, and Privacy conference, held this week in Montreal. The theme of the conference is "autonomy", one of those vanishing luxuries. Lawyer Eugene Oscapella uses the war on drugs as an example. This …
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Info chief voices doubts over surveillance tech

Information Commissioner Richard Thomas yesterday told members of the Home Affairs Select Committee on the Surveillance Society that a proliferation of surveillance technologies were being turned on society in the hope of curing its ills - even though the jury was still out on whether it was effective. This stance followed the …
Mark Ballard, 2 May 2007
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Home Office promises proactive powers for info commissioner

The Home Office has promised to give the Information Commissioner powers to make spot inspections on people's databases to determine if they have complied with the Data Protection Act. Reporting to the first hearing of the Home Office Select Committee into the surveillance society today, Information Commissioner Richard Thomas …
Mark Ballard, 1 May 2007
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Lords investigate 'unconstitutional' surveillance society

The House of Lords will investigate whether the UK's "surveillance society" is unconstitutional. The Lords' Constitution Committee has asked for evidence (doc) in an investigation it has launched into surveillance in the UK. "The inquiry, which is set against a backdrop of increased use of CCTV, the creation of the national …
OUT-LAW.COM, 30 Apr 2007
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Children to nag adults through CCTV

CCTV cameras will bark orders at people who misbehave in the streets of eight major British cities as part of a government scheme to cajole people into respecting authority. Faceless bureaucrats will tell people off when they are being "anti-social" by dropping litter, behaving drunkenly, fighting, and, presumably, smashing up …
Mark Ballard, 4 Apr 2007
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Homicide trial delayed by lost remote control

A homicide trial in Stamford, Connecticut was delayed by up to eight months by incompatible CCTV videos and a lost remote control, The Advocate reported today. Benton Dawes, 46, stands accused of killing 34-year-old Vaness "Boo-Boo" Ford in a Stamford bodega (or corner-shop) last July. According to Stamford cops, the two had …
Lewis Page, 15 Mar 2007

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