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HotLink rolls VMware virty servers out to the Amazon cloud

The latest product from server virtualization control freak upstart HotLink, called DR Express, was borne out of the company's need to have better disaster recovery for its own internal development cluster. And now, HotLink is ready to take it to the VMware masses. HotLink uncloaked from stealth mode two years ago with a …
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HotLink punts freebie SuperVisor virty control freak

The SuperVisor control freak that lets VMware vCenter to do unnatural things to non-VMware hypervisors and clouds is getting a 2.0 rev with a bunch of new features. This update comes just as HotLink, the company behind the tool, has decided to make it up in volume and provide a full and freebie version of SuperVisor that we can …
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HotLink extends SuperVisor virty control freak to EC2, CloudStack

HotLink, the startup server virtualization management tool maker that came out of stealth mode a year ago, is reaching out from private clouds into public clouds with a new product called HotLink Hybrid Express. The idea is to create a new kind of tool, which HotLink calls a SuperVisor, that acts as an uber control freak that …
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HotLink's SuperVisor hooks deeper into VMware

HotLink, the startup that came out of stealth last year with a kind of über-visor for managing incompatible hypervisors all from the same console, is beefing up its integration with VMware's vCenter management console. Lynn LeBlanc and Richard Offer, the founders of FastScale Technology, a company that created some very clever …
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SuperVisor: One hypervisor to virtualize them all

And now it's time for the supervisor. A group of entrepreneurs with expertise in application and server virtualization that sold their last company to EMC have started a new outfit called HotLink, and it's flagship product is a kind of uber-hypervisor. HotLink's SuperVisor is a clever transformation layer that will sit between …
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Privacy chief OKs sharing criminal records if privacy tightened

Europe's privacy regulator has said that he will back a pan-European criminal records system only if specific data protection measures are put in place. Because the system deals with crime and security, EU data protection law does not currently apply to it. The European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) Peter Hustinx has said …
OUT-LAW.COM, 23 Sep 2008
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Heathrow T5 security tackles Transformers t-shirt threat

An IT consultant who attempted to board a British Airways flight to Dusseldorf at Heathrow's T5 wearing a Transformers t-shirt was told to take off the offending apparel or else, The Sun reports. Brad Jayakody, 30, was travelling with four colleagues and ill-advisedly decided to sport an image of Optimus Prime wielding a …
Lester Haines, 2 Jun 2008
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German cops will track G8 crusties by their smell

German police are compiling a Stasi-style "scent bank" database of potentially violent crusty protesters against global capitalism, according to reports. An article in today's Guardian, dated from Berlin, reports that federal prosecutors confirmed German media reports of the polizei B.O. files yesterday. Reportedly, the German …
Lewis Page, 23 May 2007
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MP questions police computer policy

An MP has said police forces need to be more consistent in handling requests for removal of records from the Police National Computer (PNC). Stephen Crabb, Conservative member for Pembrokeshire, said figures provided by the Home Office suggest that not enough cases are being removed from the system, even when the people …
Kablenet, 16 May 2007
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Prof advocates digital forgetfulness, calls Google 'Soviet'

A Harvard professor has published a paper in which he suggests that revolutions in data storage, search, and other information technologies are creating a "panoptic society", in which everything is being watched and, worse, everything which is recorded is preserved and accessible forever. Viktor Mayer-Schoenberger, associate …
Lewis Page, 11 May 2007
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80% of complaints to EU privacy watchdog are misdirected

The number of complaints to the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) almost doubled in 2006, but only 20 per cent were valid complaints for the privacy watchdog of the EU institutions, its annual report has said. The number of complaints remained small, rising from 27 in 2005 to 52 in 2006. All but 10 of the complaints …
OUT-LAW.COM, 3 May 2007
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Euro Data watchdog warns of database creep

State databases, the way the European Data Protection Supervisor talks about them in its annual report quickly grow beyond their function and not always with benign consequences for the people they have numbered. The EDPS' 2006 Annual Report, published yesterday, noted (100-page pdf) how the data guardian's attention had been …
Mark Ballard, 3 May 2007

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