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Android's February fix-fest flings 58 patches

Android's revealed 58 patches, but good luck getting your paws on them: as ever, owners of Nexus devices may already have the February update but OEM customers have to wait. The 58 patches in android's February 6 Android Security Bulletin includes more mopping up of the Stagefright vulnerability that first reared its head in …

Stagefright flaw still a nightmare: '850 million' Androids face hijack risk

Mobile security biz Zimperium reckons 600 to 850 million Android devices are still vulnerable to a Stagefright flaw that lets webpages and videos inject malware into phones and tablets. Stagefright is a software library buried deep within Android that processes multimedia files. It is used by a key Android component called …
John Leyden, 23 Mar 2016

'Millions' of Android mobes vulnerable to new Stagefright exploit

A group of Israeli researchers reckon they've cracked the challenge of crafting a reliable exploit for the Stagefright vulnerability that emerged in Android last year. In a paper [PDF] that's a cookbook on how to build the exploit for yourself, they suggest millions of unpatched Android devices are vulnerable to their design, …
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Android users left at risk... and it's not even THEIR FAULT this time!

Tardiness in providing security updates is leaving the vast majority of Android devices hopelessly insecure, according to researchers at the University of Cambridge. Over the last four years, an average of 87 per cent of Android devices were vulnerable to attack by malicious apps, according to the research, which blames a …
John Leyden, 12 Oct 2015
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Google bugle sounds patch release for Android Stagefright 2.0

Google is slinging new patches at the Stagefright Android-goring vulnerability revealed last week. The fixes will prevent malicious video and music files from exploiting StageFright 2.0 holes present in all Android devices. The new plugs stopper two remote-code execution flaws billed as the second iteration of the original …
Darren Pauli, 6 Oct 2015

It's BACK – Stagefright 2.0: Zillions of Android gadgets can be hijacked by MP3s, movie files

Updated More than a billion Android phones, tablets and other gadgets can be hijacked by merely previewing MP3 music or MP4 video files. Booby-trapped songs and vids downloaded from the web or emails can potentially compromise vulnerable devices, and install spyware, password-stealing malware, and so on. This is all thanks to two …
Darren Pauli, 1 Oct 2015

Zimperium unleashes Android Stagefright exploit code on world

Security researchers at Zimperium have released a working version of Stagefright exploit code. Zimperium said it was publishing the software so that administrators and penetration testers can validate the effectiveness of the Android community's response to patching the security hole. Google is only just getting around to …
John Leyden, 9 Sep 2015
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Botched Google Stagefright fix won't be resolved until September

According to security company Rapid7, Google needs to rethink how it patches Android in the wake of initial botched attempts to resolve the Stagefright vulnerability. The criticism comes as Google itself confirmed users of its Nexus devices – who are the first to get security fixes – won't be fully protected until September. …
John Leyden, 17 Aug 2015

'We've got the sanitation problem solved', says world's richest poop drinker

QuoTW This week, the headlines were dominated by Lenovo's bad behaviour, Google's dot-xyz obsession and a story from Silicon Valley, where even the trailer parks have $40m drama. These were some of the best quotes: The team behind the film Dallas Buyer's Club wants to go pirate hunting down under, but local authorities aren't so …
Team Register, 16 Aug 2015
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Google flubs patch for Stagefright security bug in 950 million Androids

Google's security update to fix the Stagefright vulnerability in millions of Android smartphones is buggy – and a new patch is needed. The Stagefright flaw is named after a component within the Android operating system that, among other things, processes incoming text messages that contain video clips. By sending a vulnerable …
Iain Thomson, 13 Aug 2015

Patching a fragmented, Stagefrightened Android isn't easy

Android users face a triple patching headache with the recent discovery of a collection of serious vulnerabilities affecting smartphones and tablets running Google's mobile operating system. Security experts warn that the fragmented nature of Android devices will make patching more difficult than it would be in updating PCs. …
John Leyden, 12 Aug 2015

Researchers say Anthem health hack has Beijing's fingerprints

The case for a Beijing-orchestrated hack of health insurer Anthem has firmed up with new details suggesting that the sophisticated hacking group responsible for the heist shared zero days with rival outfits. Symantec has overnight dubbed the perps "Black Vine", suggesting the group was responsible for goring more than 70 …
Darren Pauli, 29 Jul 2015

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