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IT crowd sorts out the Mars Science Lab

US space boffins have managed to sort out the computer problems on the Mars Science Laboratory, currently tootling through space with the spanking-new rover Curiosity on its way to the Red Planet. The MSL's celestial navigation system was has been out of action since 29 November last year, three days after its launch, because …
Spirit view of Mars. Pic: NASA

NASA kills comms with deceased Mars rover

NASA will today end attempts to contact its Spirit Mars rover, killed by lack of sunlight during a "stressful" Martian winter. The agency last heard from Spirit on 22 March 2010, when it transmitted from the sand trap in which it had been stuck since April 2009. The orientation of its solar panels led scientists to conclude it …
Lester Haines, 25 May 2011
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NASA's Spirit rover stuck for good

Spirit's days of wandering the Martian landscape are over, as NASA resigns itself to leaving the bogged-down rover in place to survive the Red Planet's winter. The space agency said Tuesday that it's ending efforts to extricate the robot from the loose soil where it's been trapped since April. Spirit will instead continue to …
Austin Modine, 26 Jan 2010
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Spirit rover clocks up six years on Mars

NASA's Spirit Mars rover today passes its sixth anniversary on the Red Planet, albeit bogged down in sandy soil which looks likely to be its final resting place. Spirit arrived on Mars at 8:35 pm PST on 3 January, 2004 (04:35 GMT on 4 January), followed by its twin Opportunity on 24 January. The pair were intitially expected …
Lester Haines, 3 Jan 2010
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Mars rover faces icy death

NASA's Spirit Mars rover could be facing the prospect of freezing to death after attempts to free it from a sand trap suggest it may now have two disabled wheels. Spirit got bogged down back in April, and its three left wheels are almost completely buried. Its right-front wheel clapped out in 2006, and the right-rear wheel is …
Lester Haines, 9 Dec 2009
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Dodgy wheel thwarts Mars rover rescue

NASA's attempts to rescue its stuck rover Spirit from a Martian sand trap has hit another snag in the form of a dawdling wheel. Spirit's right-rear wheel stalled during the agency's third attempt to extract the aging rover from a sandy feature called "Troy" where it has been caught since April. The space agency was also …
Austin Modine, 24 Nov 2009
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NASA preps Mars rover rescue plan

NASA has come up with a plan to extricate their stuck rover Spirit that's been bogged down in a Martian sand trap since April. Space agency brains have been conducting a lengthy series of trials using a test rover and sandbox on Earth to figure out the best way of freeing the hindered droid. "This is going to be a lengthy …
Austin Modine, 13 Nov 2009
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NASA rover resurrected twice over Easter weekend

In what could be an attempt to trump Jesus of Nazareth's record for divine Easter resurrections, NASA has said its Mars Exploration Rover Spirit mysteriously rebooted twice during the holiday weekend. "While we don't have an explanation yet, we do know that Spirit's batteries are charged, the solar arrays are producing energy …
Austin Modine, 14 Apr 2009
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NASA ponders Spirit's erratic behaviour

The team controlling NASA's Mars rover Spirit is planning to carry out some diagnostic tests on the venerable vehicle after it earlier this week indulged in some "unexplained behavior", as the agency puts it. On Sunday, Spirit reported that it had "received its driving commands for the day but had not moved" - a correct …
Lester Haines, 29 Jan 2009

Mio enters spirit of motoring with new satnav UI

CES Mio has introduced a slick new satnav UI designed, it claims, to make it easier to spot interesting items en route. Mio Spirit santnav UI Mio's Spirit UI: Explore Mode in action The essential idea behind Mio's new Spirit navigation software is that other current systems don't put enough emphasis on the in-journey part of …
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NASA rovers survive five years on Mars

NASA's Mars rover Spirit last Saturday passed the fifth anniversary of its arrival on the Red Planet on 3 January 2004 - an achievement which will be matched on 24 January by its twin Opportunity. During their epic Martian jaunt, the pair have "returned a quarter-million images, driven more than 21 kilometers (13 miles), …
Lester Haines, 5 Jan 2009
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Mars rover sets sights on distant crater

NASA's Mars Rover Opportunity is about to set off on what may be its final odyssey - a seven-mile (11.3 km) jaunt to a crater around 20 times larger than the Victoria Crater from which it extricated itself earlier this month. The distant feature, dubbed Endeavour, is 13.7 miles (22 km) across and 1,000 ft (300m) deep. It's …
Lester Haines, 23 Sep 2008
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The IT Crowd goes west

Cult geek comedy The IT Crowd, has been sold to a US cable channel and the scripts for the third series have been delivered to producers. Series creator Graham Linehan admitted on his blog that he'd cut the deadline a bit fine and so could do with some help in making the series look and feel sufficiently geeky. He said he …
John Oates, 13 Aug 2008
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Can T-Mobile get an Android onto US market in '08?

T-Mobile will be pushing out an Android handset in time for its US 3G launch on 1 October, according to rumours floating around the internet. But that deadline could cost the Android ideal dearly. Google desperately wants to see an Android-based handset in 2008, having said it will happen, and will lose face if it doesn't. T- …
Bill Ray, 8 Jul 2008

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