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Councils and police to publish speed camera data

Local authorities and police forces are to publish figures on the results of installing speed cameras. Road safety minister Mike Penning said that councils will publish statistics on the numbers of accidents and casualties at camera sites dating back to 1990. Police forces are to provide details of the number of speeding …
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Speed-cam stats to be published, indicates gov

The Department for Transport is proposing that councils and police will have to publish data about speed cameras. The data could include accident rates at speed camera sites, vehicle speeds and the numbers of drivers prosecuted or offered training after offences are recorded on camera. Road safety minister Mike Penning said …
Kable, 4 Jan 2011
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Nick Cave smashes speed camera with Jag

Australian singer, actor, writer and Kylie-killer* Nick Cave laid waste to one of Hove's speed cameras when he crashed his car into it. The incident occurred on Tuesday evening, when the 53-year-old's Jaguar saloon smashed through a barrier on the seafront and took out the innocent tool of governmental oppression, the …
Sarah Bee, 9 Dec 2010
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Data protection and surveillance: Swapping the speed camera for ANPR?

When on holiday in the Dordogne two weeks ago (feels like two months now!), I picked up a Sunday Times newspaper which stated that the government was reducing grant-funding for speed cameras. This was given the thumbs-up by the paper which reported that many motorists see such cameras as a tax first and a life-saver second. …
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Tories oppose charges and speed cameras

A Conservative government would end support for local congestion charging schemes and stop funding new fixed speed cameras Theresa Villiers, the party's transport shadow minister, said that councils would be given more ability to introduce innovative schemes: "When local authorities want to innovate and try out new ways to …
Kable, 7 Oct 2009
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Police poison speed debate with fuzzy figures

This may be the week when the Department for Transport learns about the risks of making a case for road safety based on figures that every expert in the field knows to be untrue. Swindon Council got a good old-fashioned clip around the ear on Thursday from David Ainsworth, Deputy Chief Constable of Wiltshire, who declared …
Jane Fae , 24 Oct 2008
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Lies, damned lies and government statistics

Apparently statistics are all down to personal opinion. Except, of course, when you are a government spokesperson, in which case they are the gospel truth. Despite expert evidence – and public exposure - that the “official estimate” of casualty reduction due to speed cameras is seriously overestimated, the Department for …
Jane Fae , 8 Aug 2008
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Jeremy Clarkson tilts at windmills

Following last week’s round-up of road news by El Reg – and a number of reader comments about the new “average speed” cameras that are being rolled out across the UK - it's nice to see Jeremy Clarkson taking up the subject in his column in the Sun. (Just kidding- we know this has been a bugbear of JC since the dawn of time). …
Jane Fae , 21 Jul 2008
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French FNARRista speed-cam bomber scores own goal

A French postal worker and alleged speed-camera bomber reportedly had both hands blown off by one of his own improvised bombs yesterday, at his flat in Clichy-La-Garenne to the west of Paris. The Telegraph reports that an unnamed post office employee, 41, is suspected by police of belonging to a mysterious group variously …
Lewis Page, 29 May 2008
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'Traffic Taliban' moots speed cameras in cats' eyes

North Wales Police's anti-speeding campaigner Richard Brunstrom - aka the "Traffic Taliban" to those who oppose his zero-tolerance approach to excess velocity - has suggested the possibility of deploying miniature speed cameras in cats' eyes, the BBC reports. Brunstrom used a debate road safety at St Asaph Business Park, …
Lester Haines, 27 Apr 2007

Topless roadsigns tackle Danish speeding menace

NSFW Topless Dane holding speed sign Every country has its own particular method of tackling the menace of speeding motorists: in the UK, it's millions of "safety cameras" dishing out fines and penalty points by the bucketload, while in Iraq they still prefer the traditional roadside bomb method for calming Baghdad's traffic. Over …
Lester Haines, 28 Mar 2007
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UK supermarkets fingered in crap petrol probe

Supermarkets in the south-eastern UK presented a fresh target for motorist anger today, as reports circulated that the grocery chains had been selling contaminated fuel. A large number of irate drivers have contacted media and consumer-affairs organisations over the past 24 hours, complaining that their cars did not run …
Lewis Page, 28 Feb 2007

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