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IPv6 now faster than IPv4 when visiting 20% of top websites – and just as fast for the rest

Accessing websites via IPv6 is not only comparable in speed to IPv4, but is actually faster when visiting one in five of the world's most popular sites, according to German researchers. In a new paper, Vaibhav Bajpai and Jürgen Schönwälder from the University of Bremen looked at the response times for the internet's top 10,000 …
Kieren McCarthy, 28 Jul 2016

Vodafone exceeds own upper broadband speed limit to hit 80Mbps

El Reg reader Jerry Vernon has been in touch to express his amazement that Vodafone can supply broadband to his Birmingham address at a 80Mbps, noticeably faster even than its 76Mbps Ultrafast Fibre package. That's according to the telco's broadband speed checker (see here), which does indeed indicate breathtaking velocity: …
Lester Haines, 15 Oct 2015
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New FCC supremo: Sort out your cell unlocking, mobe giants - OR ELSE

The US telco regulator has told mobile firms to come up with a plan allowing customers to receive unlock codes for their phones when their contracts are up – or it will force them to comply. The Federal Communications Commission said in a letter to the wireless trade group CTIA that the industry needed to adopt a voluntary …
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Mozilla claims 25 per cent JavaScript speed boost with Firefox 18

Mozilla has released its latest Firefox build, version 18, and claims the new version offers a 25 per cent speed boost thanks to a new JavaScript compiler dubbed IonMonkey. "IonMonkey is a huge step forward for our JavaScript performance and our compiler architecture," said compiling engineer David Anderson. "But also, it's …
Iain Thomson, 9 Jan 2013
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Robot NIGHTMARE sets new leggy-bot speed record

Video The ever-inventive mad scientists at the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has released a video of its Cheetah quadrupedal robot, showing how it's now the fastest mechanical beast on four legs. If you happen to have a wee child watching over your shoulder at this very moment, The Reg strongly suggests that …
Rik Myslewski, 5 Mar 2012
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Third of Blighty stuck on snail-speed broadband

The UK government will have a tough time fulfilling its superfast broadband promises for the country with a third of British postcodes still stuck at sloth-like speeds. The country's average download speed is 6.742Mbit/s, but a third of houses are below 5Mbit/s, a quarter have less than 4Mbit/s and one in ten are crawling …
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Oz broadband speeds leap 917% in TWO WEEKS!

Just a little over a fortnight ago, Australia’s average broadband speed was just 348 Kbps; now, apparently, it’s 3.54 Mbps, a stunning ten-times acceleration. The difference, of course, is who’s reporting what. The earlier Pando Network report, which El Reg ignored because local data beyond the headline wasn’t available, was …
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Ofcom awards fastest 3G mobe-data crown to O2

Ofcom's report on mobile broadband shows O2 has the UK's fastest 3G network, and Orange the slowest, but highlights that coverage matters a lot more than speed. Taking average download speeds over a three-month period, O2 comes in just under 3Mb/sec, while Orange languishes at half that – nearer the overall average speed of 1. …
Bill Ray, 26 May 2011
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ASA smackdown for Yahoo! Thelma & Louise

The UK's advertising regulator has slammed the brakes on a Yahoo! ad which is said encourage irresponsible driving. The ASA received a complaint about "an ad on a login screen, for an email service provider, [which] was headed 'Faster is funner. Introducing the 2x faster New BT Yahoo! Mail. Find out more about BT Yahoo! Mail …
Joe Fay, 25 May 2011
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London cab & bus trials for satnav speed-governor kit

London government plans for self-adjusting speed governing kit, capable of automatically keeping a vehicle below the local speed limit, are advancing. Trials in the capital will take place this summer. The equipment in question is known as Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA), and has been under development since at least 2007 …
Lewis Page, 11 May 2009
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Motor quango thumbsup for satnav speed restrictions

A new report from an influential quango looking into the idea of satnav speed governors for cars has come out in favour of such plans. The Commission for Integrated Transport (CfIT), working with the Motorists' Forum, believes that useful safety gains and some carbon-emissions savings could be achieved by the use of the devices …
Lewis Page, 30 Dec 2008
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Texan prof sees big future for graphene storage

A Texan boffin says he has seen the future of storage - and it's graphite based. Professor James Tour of Rice Uni in Houston believes that his proposed graphene arrays could be many times denser and faster than existing storage tech, and they'd be more reliable too. Tour's system works using strips of graphite ten atoms thick …
Lewis Page, 25 Nov 2008
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Retro piracy - Should the Royal Navy kick arse?

Analysis As everyone knows, runaway piracy is a terrible threat. Unchecked, pirates might destroy the very business models which underpin much of our economy, bringing legitimate commerce to a halt - with devastating consequences both for those who make things and for those who use them. That may or may not be true on the internet: but …
Lewis Page, 13 Nov 2008
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Arizona boffins get a grip on their newly-fat pipe

Genetics boffinry IT chiefs in Arizona are overjoyed today to unveil their new and incredibly fat pipe, which will be used to transmit staggeringly enormous amounts of scientific data from the labs where it's generated to the supercomputer where it's processed. The new link runs from the Translational Genomics Research …
Lewis Page, 12 Nov 2008
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US spec-ops get robot whispercopter kill fleet this month

The US Special Operations Command (SOCOM) secret military forces are receiving their first robotic whisper-mode helicopters, according to reports. The plan is for the you-never-saw-us-we-aren't-even-here brigade to receive a ten-strong fleet of Boeing A160T "Hummingbird" droid kill-choppers, under an extended demonstration …
Lewis Page, 11 Nov 2008
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Thrust SSC team to build 1000 mph 'Bloodhound' car

Comment A new bid to break the land speed record using British technology was launched today by the Science Minister, Lord Drayson. The idea is that breaking the previous record (held by the same British team mounting this attempt) will inspire schoolchildren to embark on careers in science and engineering. Bloodhound Car concept art …
Lewis Page, 23 Oct 2008
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New hydrocarb X-51 scramjet ready for flight

US jet-engines'n'rockets colossus Pratt & Whitney says it has successfully completed ground testing of its new hypersonic scramjet engine prototype, which can run on ordinary hydrocarbon fuel at Mach 6. The company believes that the radical hyperjet is now ready to fly on the X-51 "WaveRider" test flights planned to begin next …
Lewis Page, 26 Sep 2008
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NASA, USAF in $30m hypersonic boffinry push

The US air force and NASA have launched a joint research push to advance hypersonic flight technology. The air force research lab and space agency are seeking university and industry partners, and are offering $30m in funding. Hypersonic for this purpose is defined as five times the speed of sound or faster. Thus far, very few …
Lewis Page, 23 Sep 2008

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