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South Korea to upgrade national stereo defence system for US$16m

South Korea has issued a tender for a new national defence stereo system. The democratic enclave in North-East Asia has long operated huge banks of speakers on its side of the demilitarised zone it shares with North Korea. South Korea uses the speakers to broadcast propaganda and K-Pop into the North, with troops along the …
Simon Sharwood, 15 Apr 2016
Sony Xperia Z4 4G Android tablet

Sony Xperia Z4 4G Android tablet – gift of sound and vision

Review Time to recap the history of Sony’s Xperia tablet range to put this new model into context. In the beginning was the Xperia Tablet, the first Sony 10-inch slab. Then came the Z2 Tablet, launched just over a year ago and reviewed here. The Z3 Tablet never existed, only the clumsily named Z3 Tablet Compact, an 8-inch affair. …
Alun Taylor, 4 Aug 2015

Lightbulbs of the future will come with wireless extenders and speakers

IoT World 2015 There was a lot of clunky technology, standards fretting, evangelizing and platform promotion going on at the Internet of Things World 2015 conference in San Francisco this week, but a few bright ideas. Sengled is a Chinese lightbulb manufacturer based in Shanghai with offices in Europe and the US and it has traditionally sold …
Kieren McCarthy, 15 May 2015

Audiophiles: These Wi-Fi speakers have a stereo drift of less than 25μs – good enough for you?

CES 2014 Although this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas was chockablock with Bluetooth-connected wireless speakers, the UK's Imagination Technologies bucked the trend: it demoed its own wireless-speaker tech, the Wi-Fi–enabled Caskeid system. Caskeid – pronounced "cascade" – was announced last September, but CES 2014 was …
Rik Myslewski, 14 Jan 2014
Bowers and Wilkins Zeppelin Air

Ten... wireless speakers

Product Round-up The iPod can take credit for creating an entirely new market for compact speaker systems, yet iPod sales are now starting to taper off as people move their music onto smartphones and tablets. No one wants their phone or tablet to be out of action while it’s docked inside a speaker system, so manufacturers are now adding …
Cliff Joseph, 14 Jul 2011
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Sony signs development deal with Aussie audiophiles

Sony has signed a joint development agreement with Australian audio technology company Audio Pixels Holdings. The deal will see Sony funding the lion's share of costs associated with turning Audio Pixels' technology patents into a mass-manufacturable product. ASX listed Audio Pixels chairman Fred Bart said the he anticipated …
Richard Grant speaker designs

Custom speakers that should be seen as well as heard

Audio speakers come in various shapes and sizes, but it's rare to find sets as funky as these. The speakers, built to order by British designer Richard Grant, are made from Polyurethane glass fibre resin and come in a variety of ornamental packages, including a rocket-like droid and a Ghanaian ritual mask. Richard Grant …
Caleb Cox, 4 Jul 2011
Bowers and Wilkins Zeppelin Air

Bowers and Wilkins Zeppelin Air speakers

Review From a company whose flagship speakers will set you back £18k, but at least you get two of them, B&W’s first iPod dock was met with high expectations when it was released back in 2008. Indeed, the Zeppelin quickly established itself as the model to beat in terms of distinctive styling and sound quality. The latest model is …
Dave Oliver, 30 Mar 2011
Logitech Z906

Logitech circulates surround sound successor

Logitech has upped the volume on its surround sound speakers with the release of a new 5.1 set, the official successor to the popular Z-5500 series. The Surround Sound Speakers Z906 boast 500W RMS total power output, with five 67W wall-mountable speakers and a 165W side-firing sub-woofer. The THX-certified system can connect …
Caleb Cox, 9 Mar 2011
Speakal novelty Speakers

Doctor Who and the Stig become public speakers

CES 2011 Speakal, US-based manufacturer of novelty speaker systems, is at the Consumer Electronics Shows (CES) this year with a fresh range of set-ups, which include these Top Gear and Doctor Who inspired designs. This replica Stig helmet includes an iPod dock, digital amplifier and 25W output with built-in sub-woofer. Give him a track …
Caleb Cox, 6 Jan 2011
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B&W refloats Zeppelin premium speaker

CES 2011 Bowers and Wilkins is to add Apple's AirPlay media streaming tech to its iconic Zeppelin iPod speaker. Revamped as the Zeppelin Air, the new dock is due to go on sale in March and then you'll not only be able to attach your iPod or iPhone directly to it, but also stream music wirelessly from any of these iDevices, and from …
Tony Smith, 5 Jan 2011
Philips Fidelio DS8550

Philips Fidelio DS8550 wireless iPad speaker

Review Reg Hardware pronounced Philips' Fidelio DS9000 to be pick of the current crop of premium iPod docks, beating even the much-loved and well-reviewed B&W Zeppelin. Clearly, Philips is onto something here, because its Fidelio DS8550 is pretty bloody good too. Now, I didn't review the DS9000 - m'colleague Alun Taylor had that …
Tony Smith, 25 Nov 2010
iLuv iMM747

iLuv iMM747 iPad speaker dock

Review There are more speaker systems available for the iPod and iPhone than I can count, but the iPad has missed out on all the fun so far because, of course, it’s far too big to fit into a docking system designed for its smaller brethren. iLuv iMM747 iLuv's iMM747: jumbo dock? I’ve heard rumours of a couple of iPad speaker …
Cliff Joseph, 2 Nov 2010
Ten Essential... bedside iPod docks

Ten... bedside iPod docks

Product Round-up When Reg Hardware last looked at iPod docks, we focused on premium offerings intended to take pride of place in your living room. This time we turn our attentions to some of the best speaker docks for more intimate surroundings. All the docks included can sit on your bedside table and many have an alarm clock to wake you from …
Tony Smith, 27 Oct 2010
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Pioneer preps wall-mount iPhone speaker

Pioneer has taken the standard iPod speaker dock, flattened it out and hung it on a wall. The Kodo XW-NAW1 - which is due to go on sale next month - provides a home for both iPods and iPhones, feeding their output through a pair of 30W stereo sound system. Pioneer Kodo XW-NAW1 The Kodo can be controlled using its on-board …
Hard Reg, 25 Aug 2010
Parrot Zikmu by Philippe Starck

Ten... Premium iPod Speakers

Product Round-up Audiobores... er.. philes will be the first to tell you that the quest for decent home audio is one best not started with an iPod in one hand and a wad of cash in the other. Apple’s DACs may not be quite the full shilling, and the lack of support for Flac hardly helps the company’s standing among those who have no gods before …
Alun Taylor, 19 Jul 2010
Waterfall Niagara

Waterfall Niagara speakers

Review The UK is slowly trudging its way through an economic crisis and belts are being tightened across the country, so what better time to announce a new set of speakers with a price tag of £25,000? Waterfall Niagara Waterfall's Niagaras: cascade of sound? Yes, that’s right, for a smidgen less than what many people earn in a …
Will Stapley, 9 Jul 2010
Creative Labs ZiiSound D5

Creative ZiiSound D5 wireless speakers

Review The performance of Bluetooth stereo headphones has improved noticeably over the last couple of years and can now give ordinary wired headphones a good run for their money. However, Bluetooth hasn’t achieved the same rate of progress when used in standalone speaker systems. Creative Labs ZiiSound D5 Wireless world: Creative's …
Cliff Joseph, 21 Jun 2010

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