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FBI affiliates hacked by LulzSec

Mischief-making hacking group LulzSec hacked into the systems of an FBI-affiliated public-private partnership organisation, defacing its website and leaking its email database in the process. Website defacements included mooching messages such as "LET IT FLOW YOU STUPID FBI BATTLESHIPS" and a video clip. Part of the message …
John Leyden, 6 Jun 2011
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Sony BMG Greece hacked

Updated Sony BMG Greece has became the latest property of the entertainment giant to be hacked. The miscreants attacked over the weekend. The Hackers News uploaded sample extracts from a database of users' names and email addresses onto pastebin after hackers who broke into sent them a dump from their hack. The data as …
John Leyden, 23 May 2011
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Warner Music pulls plug on YouTube deal

YouTube began removing videos with music from Warner Music Group's stable of artists this weekend after royalty renegotiations between the two companies broke down. WMG, the first music label to climb into bed with YouTube and lend the video publishing site an air of legitimacy, is now the first to roll out. The two companies …
Austin Modine, 22 Dec 2008
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Sony sued for collecting kids' data

Sony BMG is being sued in the US for collecting data on children without their parents' consent. A $1m payout to settle the suit is reportedly close to agreement, Bloomberg reports. Information on 30,000 kids under 13 was allegedly collected by music label Sony BMG Music Entertainment in violation of the Children's Online …
John Leyden, 11 Dec 2008
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Filesharing teen gets damages reduced in ignorance claim

A 16-year-old girl has successfully argued that she was too young to understand that her copyright-infringing downloading of music was unlawful. A US court said she will only have to pay $200 per song downloaded instead of the $750 demanded in the case. A number of record labels including Maverick, Universal, Sony BMG and …
OUT-LAW.COM, 12 Aug 2008
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Universal recruits enemies for Total war on iTunes

Universal Music chief Doug Morris is reportedly aiming to join forces with Sony BMG and Warner to topple the iTunes store. OK, we've heard this war chant end in wails of disappointment before — its practically a blueprint for epic failure — but can Apple keep the barbarians at the gate forever? It's no secret the labels are …
Austin Modine, 12 Oct 2007
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Warner rescues imeem from indie-music hell

Just two months after Warner Music Group sued online media-sharer imeem, claiming copyright infringement, the two companies have announced a rapprochement. That's French for "the big record labels are beginning to like this Web 2.0 thing." Warner has dropped its suit, allowing users to share its entire audio and video catalog …
Cade Metz, 12 Jul 2007
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Battle for EMI hots up

EMI's board has been trying to sell the music group almost from the day it was liberated from Thorn EMI a decade ago - and it's let it be known privately for some months that it favours a private equity buy-out. This weekend a concrete offer landed in their laps. Private equity firm Terra Firma, run by financier Guy Hands, has …
Andrew Orlowski, 22 May 2007
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Profit margins sway the mobile hit parade

Mobile operators have been crowned as the future kingmakers of digital music so many times, the coronet must be getting pretty greasy by now. But how do operators choose what goes on the coveted, and extremely limited promotion space on a mobile music site's home screen? Richard Wheeler, head of music partnerships for Orange, …
Andrew Orlowski, 21 May 2007
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Warner sues Imeem

When Imeem launched last year, it appeared to be yet another pastel-coloured Web 2.0 technology looking for an application. Who needed a web-based IM service, we wondered? But by stealth, Imeem has quietly transformed itself into a music sharing network boasting 16m users. Although it signed a partnership with SNOCAP in March …
Andrew Orlowski, 16 May 2007
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Phew! Tila Tequila isn't the future of music

Reg readers, like Reg writers, can rarely agree on anything. But one thing that probably unites us all is the future of the big record company. They're doomed...and good riddance is the consensus view. For the past 30 years, the major labels have served up mediocre manufactured fare, and screwed artists and consumers alike. …
Andrew Orlowski, 12 Apr 2007
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EMI rejects Warner bid

EMI's board today rejected an approach by Warner Music Group, saying the price was too low and the format of the bid too cumbersome. "WMG’s proposal was considered by the Board which concluded that it is not in the best interests of EMI shareholders to entertain a pre-conditional offer which would entail prolonged regulatory …
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Indies at war over music mega merger

Independent labels are in a public row over whether to back Warner Music's bid for ailing British major EMI. The merger would see the 'Big Four' consolidate into a Big Three. Impala, which represents indie trade groups worldwide, has spent much of its seven year-life fighting antitrust issues, and was originally formed to help …
Andrew Orlowski, 26 Feb 2007
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Warner chooses Telenor for mobile content deals

3GSM Warner Music Group (WMG) will deliver music content to mobiles in both Europe and Asia in a deal with Norwegian mobile operator, Telenor. The agreement will mean that WMG's large catalogue, including songs, ringtones and music videos, will be available through Telenor's network of mobile companies. The deal currently covers …
Kelly Fiveash, 14 Feb 2007
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Unlimited mobile music for £1.99 a week

In what may prove to be the most far-reaching digital music launch since iTunes, Omnifone today took the wraps off its MusicStation service. The service gives mobile phone users access to the big four labels' music catalogs on-demand for £1.99 (€2.99) a week, using a player that runs on mid-range feature phones and GPRS or …
Andrew Orlowski, 12 Feb 2007
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The slow death of DRM

Column The DRM walls are crumbling. Earlier this week, Steve Jobs called on the major record labels to allow online music sales unfettered by digital rights management restrictions. Today, the Wall Street Journal disclosed that EMI is in negotiations with several digital music services to sell unprotected MP3s of its catalogue. Jobs …
Steve Gordon, 9 Feb 2007

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