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You're in charge of change, and now you need to talk about DevOps hater Robin

Here you are, doing the DevOps so hard you've broken the spine of your DevOps Handbook, but Robin won't get with the whole "culture thing". Robin sits in the stand-up meeting, arms crossed, each morning mumbling "Well, I wrote some code" and then takes that long, loud sip of tea. And who's going to have to do something about …
Michael Cote, 14 May 2018
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New coding language Fetlang's syntax designed to read like 'poorly written erotica'

Developers: bored with bracketing? Got a dose of “escaping ennui”? Why not write bad erotica instead? That's the brilliant/sick objective of a project called "Fetlang" that recently emerged on GitHub thanks to a chap called Dagan, aka “Property404”. As the repo's readme explains: “Fetlang is a statically typed, procedural, …
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Equifax's disastrous Struts patching blunder: THOUSANDS of other orgs did it too

Thousands of companies may be susceptible to the same type of hack that recently struck Equifax. The Equifax breach was the result of a vulnerable Apache Struts component. Software automation vendor Sonatype warns that 3,054 organisations downloaded the same Struts2 component exploited in the Equifax hack in the last 12 months …
John Leyden, 20 Sep 2017

Commonwealth Bank: Buggy software made us miss money laundering

Australia's Commonwealth Bank has blamed a software update for a money laundering scam that saw criminals send over AU$70m (US$55m, £42.5m) offshore after depositing cash into automatic teller machines. News of the Bank's involvement in the laundering scam broke last week, when Australia's financial intelligence agency AUSTRAC …
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FYI anyone who codes outside work: GitHub has a contract to stop bosses snatching it all

In contrast to the restrictions many companies place on their workers, GitHub believes it can loosen the reins through the release of its Balanced Employee Intellectual Property Agreement (BEIPA). Technology companies often require that employees, as a condition of their employment, sign away the intellectual property rights …
Thomas Claburn, 21 Mar 2017
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SVN commit this: Subversion to fix file renaming after 15 years

Next month, if all goes well, developers working on the open-source Subversion version control system will resolve a "critical bug" that has gone unaddressed for 15 years. Issue 898, created on September 11, 2002, proposes a change in the way Subversion handles file renaming. Presently, as has been the case for more than a …
Thomas Claburn, 17 Mar 2017
Hammer, spanner and screw

Software can be more secure, says NIST, and we think we know how

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has completed its long-running research into cutting software vulnerabilities and dropped the big envelope into the White House letterbox. NISTIR 8151, Dramatically Reducing Software Vulnerabilities, first landed as a draft in July, and the final version dropped last …

Synopsys buys Cigital in secure DevOps push

Synopsys has acquired Cigital, the software security services provider, and Codiscope, a 2015 Cigital spinoff and provider of complementary security tools. Terms of the deal, announced Tuesday, were undisclosed. The purchase of Cigital and Codiscope will add “complementary products, services, and a highly skilled workforce” to …
John Leyden, 8 Nov 2016
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Apple hires CMU AI guru Russ Salakhutdinov to lure over more talent

Apple has hired Russ Salakhutdinov, an associate professor in the deep learning department at Carnegie Mellon University, to oversee its AI research and improve relations with academia. Salakhutdinov says he is excited to join Apple as a director of AI research, even as he continues his work at CMU. He also extended an …
Thomas Claburn, 17 Oct 2016
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The dev-astating truth: What's left to develop? Send in the machines

Historian Francis Fukuyama in 1992 reckoned with the fall of the Iron Curtain and the replacement of Communist systems behind it with liberal democracies, we had reached the end of history. Can we say the same about software development? Has the arrival of the age of Agile meant that we can now talk about a similar full-stop? …
Android devices in Google's Cloud Test Lab

Google adds Cloud Test Lab integration to new Android Studio 2.0

VIDEO Google has updated its key Android development tool, Android Studio, to version 2.0 and added cloud test integration, a GPU debugger, and faster emulation and resource allocation. Mountain view touts the instant run feature as just about the most important new feature in the upgrade, as it analyses Android app code as it runs …
Team Register, 8 Apr 2016

Netflix picks up Molly at university, scores harsh character assessment

Video streamer Netflix has deployed a prototype University of California, Berkley, fault generating platform to find and fix five problems that otherwise could have affected users. The platform, dubbed MOLLY, is described in a 2015 Berkeley paper Lineage-driven Fault Injection [pdf] as a "novel approach for discovering bugs in …
Darren Pauli, 1 Feb 2016
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

Microsoft wants you, yes you, to write bits of Windows 10. For free

Poll Microsoft has followed through on its December 2015 promise to open-source Chakra, the JavaScript engine in its Edge browser. Chakra's now yours for the footling, here on GitHub, under the MIT licence. That document permits anyone “to deal in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights to use, …
Simon Sharwood, 14 Jan 2016
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Continuous Lifecycle call for papers: It’s the final countdown

You’ve got four days left to make your bid for stage space at next May’s Continuous Lifecycle London conference, hosted by The Register and Heise. Whether you want to present a one-hour talk, or a full-day, deep dive workshop on devops, agile development, continuous lifecycle, QA, or testing, you have until end of play 1 …
Joe Fay, 27 Nov 2015

We are the Knights who code Ni!

A Venn diagram describing the overlapping populations of Monty Python admirers and software developers would probably show a very large intersection between the two groups. But that's not the only reason software development and motor boat enthusiast Göran Krampe has announced a new programming language called “Ni”. The …
Simon Sharwood, 18 Sep 2015

CODING PEEP SHOW offers chance to hire devs as they program

Software development streaming outfit has just done something rather interesting to the profession of software development by turning it into a just-in-time resource. bills itself as an "educational livestreaming platform where people code products live." The site's founded on the …
Simon Sharwood, 15 Sep 2015
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Node.js says all is forgiven, welcomes io.js fork back into the fold

The Node.js Foundation has released version 4.0.0 of the Node.js, the first version that reunites the JavaScript-based server-side web application framework with its io.js fork. "This release represents countless hours of hard work encapsulated in both the Node.js project and the io.js project that are now combined in a single …
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Fragmented Android development creating greater security risks

The fragmentation of Android is creating additional security risks, as the rush to release new devices without sufficient testing is inadvertently introducing security flaws, security researchers have warned. The researchers – Xiaoyong Zhou, Yeonjoon Lee, Nan Zhang, Muhammad Naveed and XiaoFeng Wang – uncovered flaws in …
John Leyden, 20 Jul 2015

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