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Besides the XPoint: Persistent memory tech is cool, but the price tag... OUCH

Analysis The prospects of XPoint and other persistent memory technologies becoming a standard part of servers' design is being held up because the darn stuff costs too much, an analyst has said. That's because it is made in small quantities so no economies of scale occur which would make it cheaper. Object Analysis analyst Jim Handy …
Chris Mellor, 2 Feb 2018
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Scale-out sister? Unreliable disks are better for your storage

Storage Architect Recently I was asked to review a document that used as a reference a piece of work from Google (PDF) which talked about the need to relax the resiliency levels of hard drives and SSDs. The premise is interesting: hyper-scalers claim they could do a better job in managing performance and availability if the HDDs they use were …
Chris Evans, 26 Sep 2016

Don't SNIA at my storage specs: Standards body dons goggles, takes the plunge

The SNIA has unveiled its v1.0 Swordfish storage management specification to standardise management of storage products and services in cloud-era data centres. Swordfish extends the Distributed Management Task Force’s (DMTF) Redfish application programming interface (API) to handle the management of storage equipment and …
Chris Mellor, 21 Sep 2016

SNIA examines standardised access to object-based disk drives

The Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) has a tech workgroup looking at object-based disk drives, such as Seagate’s Kinetic product, and is aiming to standardise access. Seagate’s Kinetic disk drive has object-style Get and Put interfaces access over a direct Ethernet connection to the drive. HGST is developing its …
Chris Mellor, 26 Mar 2015

SNIA's Australia/New Zealand chapter winds itself up

The Storage Networking Industry Association's (SNIA's) Australia and New Zealand chapter has decided to wind itself up. “I would say SNIA ANZ has achieved its goal over the years,” said chairman Sean Kopelke, before going on to explain that the Association's board felt the global SNIA charter – which focuses on standards and …
Simon Sharwood, 22 Oct 2014

Nothing to SNIA at: Not dissing storage specs now, are ya?

Storagebod At Storage Networking World in Europe – the big one when it comes to conferences for storage pros – I had a chance to sit down with David Dale of Storage Networking Industry Association, who told me that companies that have never been interested in standards are suddenly becoming interested in standards. We also talked about …
StorageBod, 18 Nov 2013

NetApp StorageGRID now on cloud nine: Would you put 100PBs in it?

Analysis NetApp continues its slow development of its object storage capability by adding a cloud interface to it. Version 9.0 of StorageGRID, the storage software gained by NetApp when it bought Bycast in mid-2010, sounds like a major release but the only feature NetApp emphasises is the new Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI). …
Chris Mellor, 13 Aug 2012
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What's the point of a cloud storage gateway?

Deep Dive What exactly is a cloud storage gateway? We know what direct-access storage (DAS) is, and understand SANs and NAS, forms of networked storage. Cloud storage is, obviously, storage in the cloud. But when, where, how and why do we need a cloud gateway for storage? We can envisage a four-layer IT stack and three kinds of IT-as-a- …

Non-volatile memory: It's nothing to SNIA at - NetApp

A non-volatile memory technical workgroup has been set up by the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) and NetApp's canned quote on the move sheds a bit more light on the Sunnyvale storage giant's flash thinking. From the wording, it would seem that the storage firm is preparing for its arrays to move fast data storage …
Chris Mellor, 24 Jul 2012

From server to end user: What's coming up for NFS?

Deep Dive NFS (Network File System) is one of two of the most successful file protocols in the history of computing. From the 1980s with NFSv2 through the widely deployed NFSv3 in the 1990s, and now with today’s NFS4.1 standard – and if you don’t know about NFSv4.1 and pNFS (parallel NFS), you should – the protocol has been developed to …
Alex McDonald, 29 Feb 2012
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Clouds must be transparent

Deep Dive Public cloud computing won’t be successful unless its providers make the full breadth of services transparent and accountable. Customers must be able to see what they are getting and know it has been delivered. Infrastructure and focus I work in infrastructure. That means I’m most concerned with the hardware, software and …
Glyn Bowden, 17 Jan 2012

Implementing, serving, and using cloud storage

Deep dive Introduction Organizations of all types are trying to control costs and satisfy increasing demands at the same time—demands created by explosive data growth and ever-changing requirements. To address these challenges, storage industry professionals are turning to cloud computing and cloud storage solutions. It’s important to …
Alex McDonald, 17 Nov 2011
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Storage industry Hulks up with green efficiency ratings

SNIA Europe The Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) has unveiled standardised storage product power efficiency ratings at its SNIA Europe event. The Emerald Power Efficiency Measurement Specification was developed under the Green Storage Initiative (GSI) by more than 25 SNIA member companies to provide a vendor-neutral power …
Chris Mellor, 4 Nov 2011
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Archiving and the cloud

Deep dive Cloud is everywhere. Every day we read news about new cloud applications and new cloud providers. But will it really solve all our problems? When we need more processing power or software services, we use Software as a Service (SaaS) providers. What if we need more storage space? We use Data Storage as a Service (DaaS) …

Getting to grips with SSD performance

Deep dive Ever been annoyed that solid-state disk (SSD) performance can drop off precipitately once the wretched thing has gone through a few writes, erases and re-writes? That's because the fresh-out-of-the-box (FOB) performance can bear no relation to the steady state performance – none at all. This deep dive explains what's going on …
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SNIA Archiving for data protection in the modern data centre

Deep dive El Reg has teamed up with the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) for a series of deep dive articles. Each month, the SNIA will deliver a comprehensive introduction to basic storage networking concepts. This month the SNIA examines archiving in today's data centres. What is an archive? An archive is a collection of …
arrow pointing up

Retaining 100 years of information

El Reg has teamed up with the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) for a series of deep dive articles. Each month, the SNIA will deliver a comprehensive introduction to basic storage networking concepts. This month the SNIA examines the idea of 100-year archives. There are different reasons for storing information …

SNIA specifies SSD performance test

The SNIA has devised a test spec for solid state drives that tests both their initial state and their later sustained performance. Will the SSD manufacturers use it and reveal their performance drop-off? When SSDs are first bought and fresh out of the box (FOB), their performance is much higher as there is no need for write- …
Chris Mellor, 24 May 2011

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