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Smart Fortwo Electric Drive e-car

Smart Fortwo Electric Drive e-car

Review If the key to making a good e-car is keeping the size and weight down then the Smart Fortwo - a fine example of what can be achieved with a clean sheet of paper, an open mind and no regard for such bourgeois eccentricities as rear seats or a boot - should make an ideal candidate for electrification. Smart Fortwo iPhone app …
Alun Taylor, 7 Jun 2011
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US Navy produces smart, cheap 6kg fire+forget missile

US military boffins have added cheap "fire and forget" autonomous seeker heads to basic, lightweight dumb rockets of a type which can be fired in large numbers. By seriously reducing the size and cost of smart weapons, this development is yet another big step towards changing the way wars are fought. The project in question …
Lewis Page, 12 May 2011
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Operators launch anti-Google WAC

MWC 2011 The operator-backed Wholesale Application Store has launched commercially, with eight operators and 12,000 apps, but developers will have to wait for the APIs that make the platform unique. From today customers can buy basic Ajax applications from the eight operators that have launched them, namely: Vodafone, AT&T, SMART, …
Bill Ray, 14 Feb 2011
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First WACy handset goes widget mad

The Wireless Application Community won't be properly launched until Monday lunchtime, but Filipino operator SMART couldn't wait and has jumped the gun with the first WAC-compatible handset. The Netphone looks suspiciously similar to ZTE's Android-based Blade handset, sold as the San Francisco by Orange in the UK, but SMART has …
Bill Ray, 9 Feb 2011
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SMART supercomputer smacks flash in its stash

IBM is going to use NAND flash storage in its planned monster BlueGene/Q supercomputer. This is the water-cooled supercomputer that IBM showed in component form at the recent SC10 conference in New Orleans. The flash is the XceedIOPS multi-level cell NAND product from SMART. It uses 34nm process technology and comes in a 2.5- …
Chris Mellor, 25 Nov 2010
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Israelis offer unmanned robo smart-missile 8-pack

Israel appears to have stolen a march on America in the matter of multipack unmanned cruise missile-in-a-box packages. An Israeli maker is exhibiting its "Jumper" robo missile pack as ready for sale, while the rival US "Netfires" system is still in development. The Jumper missile system. Credit: IAI Gunners? Mortars? Close …
Lewis Page, 3 Sep 2009
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Israeli robo-kamikaze selling like hot exploding cakes

Paris Airshow The Israeli arms industry appears to have stolen a march on that of Britain in the field of "loitering munitions" - aerial surveillance drones equipped with warheads and designed for one-way strike missions. While Blighty pays large sums to develop a partly homegrown example, Israel is already making substantial export sales of …
Lewis Page, 19 Jun 2009
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Summer debut for Judge Dredd computer smart-rifle

US Army officials have announced that the high-tech XM-25 computer smartgun, intended to let soldiers shoot at and hit enemies hiding around corners, will enter field trials this summer. The "counter defilade" gun, similar in size to existing infantry weapons, is expected to reduce the number of controversial airstrikes used in …
Lewis Page, 27 May 2009

European 'standard' e-car power connector details emerge

Leccy Tech Further details have emerged about the design of the would-be European e-car plug standard currently being championed by Germany-based energy company RWE. 02_SM RWE's e-car plug design The plug will support both 230V single-phase and 400V three-phase power supplies for, respectively, in-home and direct-from-grid charging …
Alun Taylor, 21 May 2009

Daimler buys ten per cent of Tesla

Leccy Tech Mercedes-Benz maker Daimler AG has acquired a ten per cent stake in US e-car maker Tesla Motors for a “double-digit million Euro sum”. The pair today announced that, in the immediate future, Tesla will supply battery packs for Daimler’s Smart electric vehicle – scheduled for worldwide availability in 2012. …
Alun Taylor, 19 May 2009
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DARPA working on inertial-nav 'Smart Boot' tech

Elite Pentagon deathnerds have just awarded a contract for development of a highly accurate inertial navigation module which will fit in the heel of a shoe. Massachusetts sensors'n'tracking company Intersense were chuffed to announce the deal this week, in which the firm will work with Case Western university to deliver tiny …
Lewis Page, 14 May 2009
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Gov 'smart meter' plans: Sky box in charge of your house

Analysis The UK government has unveiled its plans for so-called "smart" energy meters, to be compulsory throughout Blighty in future. The proposed technology appears like excellent news for energy companies, offering them many options to cut costs and perhaps carbon emissions. Chances for consumers to be truly "smart", however, aren't …
Lewis Page, 13 May 2009
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Profs design AK47-locating 'smart dust' helmets

Acoustic gunshot detectors have become common in the past few years, and some have been reduced in size to where a single soldier can wear one on his uniform and be cued-in to an enemy's location as soon as he fires. Engineers in Tennessee, however, are touting the idea of tieing a unit of footsoldiers' acoustic shot-spot …
Lewis Page, 25 Mar 2009
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Snipers - Cowardly assassins, or surgical soldiers?

Snipers are nasty, everyone knows that. They hunt people like animals, killing them without giving them a chance to fight or even to surrender. Few soldiers are more hated; even their own armies often seem less than pleased to have them around. So why is the British Ministry of Defence happy to announce that it has just spent …
Lewis Page, 28 Nov 2008
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Texan boffins working on electric cyber-heart

Texas-based engineers have announced they are working towards a radical new "pulseless" artificial heart, able to act as a complete replacement for a normal human one. Matt Franchek and Ralph Metcalfe, mechanical engineers at Houston Uni, will team up with medico-boffins at the Texas Heart Institute. The idea is to completely …
Lewis Page, 13 Oct 2008
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Judge Dredd smartshell shotguns to hit Iraq in '09

It's quite difficult to make guns - portable ones, anyway - convincingly hi-tech. Sure, you can add a laser sight, you can attach all kinds of crazy lights and optics, you can even have a boresight camera and helmet heads-up display for shooting round corners without sticking your neck out*. But at the end of the day it will …
Lewis Page, 8 Oct 2008
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In-body electric eel tech to make 'leccy from body fat

US scientists believe it could be possible to use artificial electric eel cells grafted into the human body to generate power for cybernetic implant devices. The pseudo-electrocytes would harvest the necessary energy from body fats and sugars. Engineer David LaVan of the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST …
Lewis Page, 6 Oct 2008
Smart ForTwo ED

Berlin drivers first to trial next-gen electric Smart

'Leccy Tech Smart has shown off the latest version of its 'leccy ForTwo - dubbed the ED, for 'electric drive' - at the Paris Motor Show. Smart ForTwo ED Smart's ForTwo ED: li-ion version Berlin bound The new FourTwo ED packs the flavour-of-the-month battery technology, lithium-ion, though Smart didn't detail what a difference it makes …
Tony Smith, 6 Oct 2008

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