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ANIMALS being CUT UP to make Apple Watch straps

The Register can reveal that beautiful animals are being cut down in their prime to make Apple Watch straps. We at The Register's nature history desk were upset to discover that creatures such as the majestic ostrich, the noble alligator and the much-maligned shark are being used to make wrist securing devices for fruity …
Team Register, 12 Aug 2015
The Pacific sleeper shark spotted by Nat Geo survey

Forget lasers: how about sharks with frikkin' VOLCANOES?

Vid A bunch of volcanologists working near the Solomon Islands has turned up a find that left them “freaking out”: a seldom-seen variety of Pacific sleeper shark just about living in a volcano. The group, working with National Geographic, were studying underwater volcanoes earlier this year when they caught the high-definition …
Great white shark

Bondi shark alert systems beams warning to nobody on Google Plus

An Australian company called Shark Mitigation Systems has come up with something interesting: a sonar-equipped buoy that can spot sharks and then beam information about their presence to lifeguards over Optus' mobile telephony network. The idea is that the buoys will be tethered off Australia beaches, for two purposes. The …
Simon Sharwood, 25 May 2014
A microscopic view of the biometric shark skin. Pic: James Weaver

Boffins 3D-print biomimetic shark skin

Scientists from Harvard University have used 3D printing to reveal just how sharks lower their energy consumption in a cruise thanks to miniature teeth-like "denticles" on their skin. Sharks are coated with million of these "overlapping tooth-like scales", known to reduce drag, but until George Lauder, James Weaver and Li Wen …
Lester Haines, 15 May 2014
Great white shark

Australia puts 300 sharks on Twitter

The Australian State of Western Australia (WA) has signed over 300 sharks up to Twitter. The program sees sharks tagged with gadgets that, when they come close to floating monitors located near popular beaches, detect the beasts' presence. When a tracker-equipped shark does so, alerts about its location are piped into the …
The Register breaking news

SHARKS tempted by BIKINI CLAD Thanksgiving BABES

Half-naked women will swim with great white sharks in an experiment conducted by a marine biologist to understand the fish's hunting patterns. Dr Ryan Johnson told ABC News's Nightline programme that he wanted to dispel what he considers to be rotten myths about the powerful sea creatures. He has dived with sharks countless …
Kelly Fiveash, 24 Nov 2011
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Living, biological raygun produced in lab

Beings or creatures able to emit beams of focused energy from their own living bodies: fiction, right? Comic-book, X Men stuff, right? Wrong. Boffins in America have announced that they have successfully produced laser light from living cells under laboratory conditions, paving the way - they say - for living lasers to be …
Lewis Page, 13 Jun 2011
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Asian soup peril menaces bionic shark

Worrying news for evil billionaires today, as pioneering research by top boffins – in which a large hammerhead shark was augmented with high technology – reveals that large, endangered elasmobranches suitable for the in-lair pool disposal of troublesome government operatives may soon be even harder to get hold of. The new …
Lewis Page, 28 Feb 2011
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Great white sharks menace Blighty

In what certainly represents the death of the British seaside pedalo hire industry, the Sun reports that hungry great white sharks have moved from their traditional hunting grounds off the coast of Amity in search of European flesh. Those of you who are tempted to doubt that anyone venturing out into UK territorial waters will …
Lester Haines, 15 Oct 2010
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Tricorder/Aliens-motion-tracker handscanner kit gets $6m

Roguish Pentagon kill-nerds have decided to spend more than $6m on a miraculous handheld scanner along the lines of a Star Trek Tricorder or Aliens Colonial Marine motion-tracker. The through-walls people detector will work in the same way as the mysterious brain-slime electrofield senses of sharks and manta rays. The motion …
Lewis Page, 22 Feb 2010
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German electropulse energy drill bitchslaps lasers

Remorseless German boffins, seeking a more efficient way to make holes through hardened steel, have spurned such antique technologies as the cutting laser. They are now employing our old friend the electromagnetic pulse (EMP) as a high-tech energy drill which leaves no burrs and doesn't get blunt. The boffins in question, of …
Lewis Page, 10 Dec 2009
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Hefty 'battle strength' electro-laser breaks 100kW barrier

US arms globocorp Northrop Grumman have claimed a significant raygun first - producing a 100+ kilowatt laser beam using electrically powered equipment. Blaster rays of this intensity formerly required the use of troublesome, toxic chemical fuels producing equally annoying wastes. The Northrop Grumman 100kW electric laser unit …
Lewis Page, 18 Mar 2009

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