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Apple's retail store in the Lujiazui district of Shanghai's Pudong sector

Apple wins patent for entrance to retail store

Apple has been granted a patent for the cylindrical entryway into its flagship retail store in the Lujiazui district of Shanghai's Pudong sector. Apple's retail store in the Lujiazui district of Shanghai's Pudong sector Shanghai's cylindrical variant of New York City's Apple store glass entrance cube The US Patent and …
Rik Myslewski, 2 Oct 2013
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China ready to unblock access to Facebook, Twitter et al

The Chinese government may have finally relented in allowing unfettered access to previously blocked sites such as Facebook and Twitter, but only for users within the newly-created 28km2 Shanghai Free Trade Zone. Anonymous government sources told Hong Kong newspaper The South China Morning Post that senior leaders in Beijing …
Phil Muncaster, 24 Sep 2013

Microsoft claims £3.6m piracy scalp in China

Microsoft’s anti-piracy efforts in China chalked up a big win last week when Shanghai retailer Ruichuang Network Technology agreed to pay 36 million yuan (£3.6m) to the software giant in compensation for several infringements. The firm posted a statement on its popular portal site expressing “profound apologies” to …
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Shanghai cops set for online 'crime' crackdown

Shanghai police will start a hi-tech crime team tasked with monitoring all of the web sites registered in the city, as China’s law enforcers look to combat an apparent spike in domestic online crime. Lu Weidong, deputy chief of Shanghai police bureau, told a cyber crime forum attended by China Daily that the extra resources …
Phil Muncaster, 29 May 2012

Proview offers Apple peace talks amid Shanghai iPad ban bid

In a predictable move, Asian monitor minnow Proview has decided that it is in fact now ready to hold talks with Apple over the IPAD trademark dispute which threatens to throttle global supplies of Cupertino’s shiny fondleslab. As Shanghai's Pudong district court prepares to decide whether to accede to Proview’s request and …
Phil Muncaster, 22 Feb 2012

AMD delivers more six-shooter Istanbul Opterons

As planned, chip maker designer and seller Advanced Micro Devices will today trot out some additions to its six-core "Istanbul" Opteron processors for servers, adding faster and hotter versions of the chips as well as cooler and slower ones for the energy conscious. The Istanbul chips were launched on June 1, and AMD said back …

AMD locks and loads 'Istanbul' six-shooter

Advanced Micro Devices, after weeks of hinting that its six-core "Istanbul" Opteron processors were right around the corner, is finally firing the kickers to its "Shanghai" quad-core Opterons right at the new and forthcoming Nehalem family of workstation and server chips from archrival Intel. With the Istanbuls, AMD and Intel …

AMD cuts Opteron prices pre-Istanbul

Over the Memorial Day holiday, x64 chip designer and seller (but no longer maker) Advanced Micro Devices cut prices for its Opteron line of processors for servers and workstations. The price cuts come as rival Intel is cranking up the pressure with its "Nehalem EP" Xeon 3500s and 5500s for one and two-socket servers and as AMD …
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Intel and AMD begin server war dance

Intel and Advanced Micro Devices are gearing up to take each other on in the server racket and are apparently readying some major announcements. This week, Intel passed around an invite to the IT trade press for a briefing on May 26 to talk about "the next evolution in high-end server architecture." Which could mean just about …

AMD pulls forward six-shooter Opteron cannon

AMD is picking up the pace for its six-core, Istanbul family of Opteron processors, saying it will ship the chips to paying customers in May with server OEM partners shipping in June. That brings the Istanbul chips ahead by several months and gives AMD a chance to leapfrog Intel in the two-socket server space, where Intel has …

AMD chases Nehalem with speedier Shanghai

Chip maker designer and marketeer Advanced Micro Devices has been forced to sit through all the glowing news about rival Intel's "Nehalem EP" Xeon 5500 chips for the past three weeks, and now that the news has died down a bit, the company will today announce that it has cranked the clocks on its "Shanghai" quad-core Opteron …
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Appro calls Cray ante with super blade cluster

Supercomputing cluster maker Appro is looking to midrange HPC shops for some new business in this tough economy. Just like rival Cray started doing last year. Today, Appro launched a blade-style cluster server called GreenBlade that the company hopes will steal some thunder - and some business - from Cray's new entry CX1 …

AMD keeps promise with fresh Shanghai

AMD has ramped up its 45 nanometer chip making process, delivering lower-voltage and higher-clock-speed variants of its "Shanghai" Opteron processors. These Shanghai chips are coming to market just when AMD said they would, representing a tiny bit of good news in a twelve-month cycle that has been pretty hard on AMD, its …

AMD tweaks 2009 chipset roadmap

AMD updated its chipset schedule for 2009, adding plans for a new low-end, integrated graphics processor chipset based on the 780G architecture catering to budget DirectX 10 gaming. The new IGP chipset, dubbed 760G, will debut in January 2009, according to Japan's Digitimes. It will support DirectX 10 and Shader Model 4.0 — …
Austin Modine, 3 Dec 2008

Elite server makers open up for Shanghai Opterons

In the ramp ahead of the launch of the new "Shanghai" quad-core Opteron processors for servers and workstations, Advanced Micro Devices lined up some niche players in dense rack and blade servers for commercial data centers and high performance computing clusters often used at government and academic supercomputing centers. But …

AMD buys (a little) breathing room with Shanghai

Today, x64 chip maker Advanced Micro Devices will launch its "Shanghai" quad-core Opteron processors for servers and workstations, concurrent with its annual financial analyst day meeting and ahead of schedule by AMD's reckoning. The new chip - which offers more computing power, less heat dissipation, and better bang for the …

AMD races for Shanghai

There are a lot of different things that Advanced Micro Devices needs to do to get itself back on track, but one of them - and perhaps the most important - is to execute a flawless launch of the "Shanghai" quad-core Opteron chips for servers. Not just in terms of having no bugs, but also having a smooth production ramp on the …
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Mule sought for mysterious Chinese delivery

The Free Software Foundation is asking for someone travelling back from China to bring a small package back with them, presumably leading to some interesting questions at airport security. The request, posted at the top of the web site, simply asks if anyone travelling to Boston from Shanghai or Beijing could possibly …
Bill Ray, 7 Aug 2008

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