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Publishers pony up $69m in ebook price-fixing settlement

Three of the publishers accused along with Apple of price fixing in the ebook market have agreed to settle the case for a total of $69m, in a move that could mean a (very small) windfall for consumers in 49 US states and the District of Columbia. Under the terms of the settlement, Hachette, HarperCollins, and Simon & Schuster …
Neil McAllister, 31 Aug 2012
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US Justice Dept rejects criticisms of ebook settlements

The US Department of Justice has hit back at criticisms of its ebook case against Apple and five major publishers, saying its critics either don't understand or are just looking out for themselves. The DoJ filed a case in April accusing Apple and five publishing houses of colluding on ebook prices in their attempt to …
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Apple lobs pocket change to Proview, ending Chinese IPAD name row

Apple has forked out $60m to settle the row over the name IPAD with Chinese firm Proview Technology. The fruity firm agreed to the sum to buy the name from Proview in mediation talks, the Higher People's Court of Guangdong said in a statement (translated by Google Translate). "All parties involved have agreed on the …
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China backs Proview in Apple iPad trademark war

A top Chinese official has said his government regards the IPAD trademark as the property of Shenzhen Proview Technology, piling extra pressure on Apple to settle over the alleged unauthorised use of the word. Yan Xiaohong, the deputy director of China's National Copyright Administration, told reporters in Beijing that the …
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Facebook, FTC settle over privacy ‘deception’

“It is ordered”, says the FTC’s proposed settlement with Facebook, that the social network “shall not misrepresent in any manner … the extent to which it maintains the privacy or security” of its users. And with that order, the battle between the FTC and Facebook has reached a settlement, as was foreshadowed earlier this month …
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Google-Moto pulls in $228m following settlement with RIM

Google's new acquisition Motorola Mobility says it has bagged $228m so far from a patent licensing deal with another, unnamed company – which appears likely to be BlackBerry maker RIM. The Chocolate Factory's new mobile hardware tentacle got an upfront cash payment of $175m and a licensing agreement that brought its pre-tax …
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EchoStar, Dish Network cough up $500m in TiVo settlement

The long-running patent lawsuit in which TiVo sued Dish Network and its former division, EchoStar, has been settled with the defendants agreeing to pay US$500 million to Tivo. The case was originally brought against the EchoStar subsidiary, which split from Dish Network in 2008. The dispute has been in the courts since 2004, …

Rambus soothes EC ire with lower prices

The European Commission is letting Rambus off the hook now that the US firm has offered to cap licensing rates for some of its industry-standard chip technology. Europe's top antitrust regulator said Wednesday it has dropped charges against Rambus, makes no finding of liability, and will levy no fine against the company. …
Austin Modine, 11 Dec 2009
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Dell pays $4m to settle NY 'deceptive practices' claim

Dell will cough up $4m to the New York Attorney General's Office to resolve charges of "fraudulent and deceptive business practices" related to its finance and service promotions. The deal follows the New York Supreme Court's backing of the NY Attorney General's claims that "Dell had engaged in fraud, false advertising, …
Joe Fay, 16 Sep 2009
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eHarmony settles over same-sex dating

Online dating service has agreed to create a new website for matching same-sex couples, as part of discrimination settlement with New Jersey's Civil Rights Division. The agreement comes more than three years after New Jersey resident Eric McKinley filed a formal complaint against the matchmaking company over its …
Austin Modine, 20 Nov 2008

eBay makes nice with MercExchange

After six years of legal bickering, which included a trip to the highest court in the land, eBay and MercExchange have finally settled their long running patent dispute. Yesterday, the world's most popular online auction house announced that it will purchase the three MercExchange patents at the heart of this epic battle - …
Cade Metz, 29 Feb 2008

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