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Self-driving cars may not have steering wheels in future, dev preview for PyTorch 1.0 is here, etc

Roundup How about we kickstart the week with artificial intelligence goodies? PyTorch 1.0 is (almost) out: Details about PyTorch 1.0, the latest version of the popular AI framework developed by Facebook, were teased out at the inaugural PyTorch Developer Conference this week in San Francisco. PyTorch 1.0 comes with new updates that …
One of the Greenwich Gateway trial's pods, parked up on the path. Pic: Gateway Consortium lobs £25m at self-driving, self-parking, self-selling auto autos

The British government is offering up £25m for a half dozen industrial projects designed to test self-driving – and self-parking – car technology. The Meridian project will fund up to six infrastructure projects to "develop connected and autonomous vehicle testing infrastructure for automated parking and interurban automated …

Remember that $5,000 you spent on Tesla's Autopilot and then sued when it didn't deliver? We have good news...

Tesla has reached a court settlement over its alleged "essentially unusable and demonstrably dangerous" Autopilot system. The automaker was sued in the US by its electric car owners last year after it failed to meet its own deadlines and targets regarding its Enhanced Autopilot feature – which was supposed to grant vehicles …
Kieren McCarthy, 25 May 2018
Uber self-driving car on a transport truck

Uber robo-ride's deadly crash: Self-driving car had emergency braking switched off by design

One of Uber’s self-driving cars killed a pedestrian crossing the road at night because its emergency braking systems were turned off, according to an investigation by the US government's National Transport Safety Board. The watchdog's four-page report released on Thursday is a grave reminder that today's autonomous vehicles …
Katyanna Quach, 24 May 2018
Someone in an Uber ride

Uber jams Arizona robo-car project into reverse gear after deadly smash

Uber has confirmed that it's shutting down its self-driving car operation in Arizona – without waiting for the conclusion of the official investigation into the death of a pedestrian in the US state in March. The taxi tech upstart employs about 500 people in Arizona working on self-driving cars and trucks. On Wednesday, staff …
Iain Thomson, 24 May 2018

Robo-callers, robo-cops, robo-runners, robo-car crashes, and more

Roundup Here's a summary of this week's AI news, beyond what we've already covered. Oh no, not another robo caller The internet has been flooded with people raising questions about Google Duplex, an AI system that can supposedly make customer service calls on behalf of its human user. CEO Sundar Pichai announced the new feature on …
Katyanna Quach, 12 May 2018

So when can you get in the first self-driving car? GM says 2019. Mobileye says 2021. Waymo says 2018 – yes, this year

After several years of hype about autonomous vehicles – cars that can truly independently drive themselves – the big question has become: when will people other than beta testers get in them? And the answer, according to General Motors' chief technology officer Jon Lauckner is, incredibly, next year: 2019. That's when the …
Parliament photo by Shutterstock expects auto auto software updates won't involve users

AEV Bill The British government expects that most future software updates to driverless cars will be pushed into the vehicles over-the-air without any user involvement. The rather surprising expectation was outlined in a letter from transport minister Baroness Sugg to peers in the House of Lords who are currently debating the Automated …
Waymo self-driving minivan

Waymo van prang, self-driving cars still suck, AI research jobs, and more

Roundup This week's AI roundup includes an alarming report from California's Department of Motor Vehicles about how shoddy autonomous cars still are, a Waymo self-driving car crash, and some news from Facebook's F8 conference and its new job posting. Uh oh, not another self-driving car crash It’s Waymo’s turn to be involved in a car … We're not regulating driverless vehicles until others do

The British government has declared it is waiting for industry and international regulators to start creating standards for autonomous vehicles. In a letter to the House of Lords, which had raised a number of questions about the Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill currently before Parliament, junior transport minister …
elon musk

Watchdog growls at Tesla for spilling death crash details: 'Autopilot on, hands off wheel'

The US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has expressed displeasure with electric carmaker Tesla for releasing information relevant to a fatal Model X crash in California last month without alerting the agency beforehand. The NTSB began investigating the killer smash last week. "The NTSB is unhappy because parties to …
Flying pig

Autonomous vehicle claims are just a load of hot air… and here's why

Something for the Weekend, Sir? Up, up and away-a-ay in my beautiful, my beautiful balloooooon… Bye, then. I'm staying here. Nothing would persuade me to get into one of those hot-air death traps. Off you go, floating among the stars, singing your song while sailing along a silver sky or whatever. I've got work to do. OK, OK, I admit I'm scared of the …
Alistair Dabbs, 30 Mar 2018
blind spot

Uber self-driving car death riddle: Was LIDAR blind spot to blame?

The death of a pedestrian in Arizona by an Uber self-driving car may have been the result of a blind spot caused by the use of a single LIDAR sensor on the roof. In 2016, Uber decided to shift from using Ford Fusion cars to Volvo XC90s for its self-driving car program. When it did so, it made big changes to its sensor design …
Kieren McCarthy, 28 Mar 2018

Try our new driverless car software says Nvidia, as it suspends driverless car trials

Nvidia has declared the creation of a “cloud-based system” for testing driverless cars – just as it, er, suspended testing of driverless cars. Hot on the heels of its announcement of its Drive Constellation system, the chipmaker then quietly suspended autonomous vehicle tests that use its technology after a pedestrian was …
Gareth Corfield, 28 Mar 2018
Volvo XC60 side view. Pic: Simon Rockman

Fatal driverless crash: Radar-maker says Uber disabled safety systems

Uber reportedly disabled safety systems on the autonomous Volvo XC90 that killed a pedestrian Stateside last week, according to the makers of the car's sensors. "We don't want people to be confused or think it was a failure of the technology that we supply for Volvo, because that's not the case," Zach Peterson, a spokesman for …
Gareth Corfield, 27 Mar 2018
Belt drive

Slap visibility beacons on bikes so they can chat to auto autos, says trade body

A bicycle industry chief has suggested that cyclists ought to be equipped with "bicycle to vehicle" beacons so they are more "visible" to autonomous vehicles. Speaking at the Geneva Motor Show, Manuel Marsilio of the Confederation for the European Bicycle Industry, an EU lobby group, said: "Bicycles will definitely have to …
Gareth Corfield, 26 Mar 2018
Uber self-driving car

Uber's disturbing fatal self-driving car crash, a new common sense challenge for AI, and Facebook's evil algorithms

Roundup It’s been a grim week for AI. The deadly Uber crash and fallout from the scandal between Facebook and Cambridge Analytica are a reminder of the ways algorithms can fail, and how they can be used against us. Fatal Uber self-driving car vid - The video footage capturing the last moments just before one of Uber’s self-driving car …
Katyanna Quach, 24 Mar 2018
Parking barrier photo via Shutterstock

Go park yourself: Brit firm flashes self-parking car tech

The UK Autodrive consortium is working on self-parking car technology, it has declared – which puts it head-to-head with German car tech rivals. Trials of the consortium’s self-parking car tech in Milton Keynes have included autonomous vehicles communicating with each other “to notify drivers of available parking spaces”, …
Gareth Corfield, 22 Mar 2018

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