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Nest's slick IoT burglar alarm catches crooks... while it eyes your wallet

Review Not that long ago, a thermostat was just a thermostat. It was a beige box that was often installed by someone who came out to your house or office. It did what it did. Turned the heat on, turned the heat off. Had a schedule. Then came Nest, which promised to bring the ugly beige box into the internet era with sexy styling, …
Kieren McCarthy, 22 Dec 2017

Say Hello to my little friend: Nest blasts IoT world with doorbell, home security gear

Smart home poster child Nest on Wednesday launched two new products: a video doorbell and a security system. The hardware maker hopes the Hello (doorbell) and the Secure (security system) will put to rest criticism of the biz that it only produces iterations of its smart thermostat and camera. The bigger goal, however, is …
Kieren McCarthy, 20 Sep 2017
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Mobile users and personal devices

Workshop Business today is a very different beast to that of just five years ago, and a world away compared to ten years back. While some of us are undoubtedly still office based, there has been an equally clear trend towards more flexible working which is less dependent on a fixed location. The spread of Wi-Fi in the home and workplace …
Andrew Buss, 30 Apr 2010
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Rethinking security

Workshop Ask any IT manager, business leader or regulator and they will tell you that IT security is important - that much goes without saying. As the chart below shows, for many professionals the role of security in IT is now seen to be a fundamental part of delivering day to day IT service to users, wherever they are, whenever they …
Tony Lock, 26 Apr 2010
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Union attacks fire-brigade control room IT modernisation

Union officials have launched a public attack on a government networking and IT project designed to reduce the number of fire-brigade control rooms from 46 to 9. The Fire Brigades Union (FBU) says that the Fire and Resilience Control (FiReControl) project is in "meltdown" and can't possibly be ready in time for the London …
Lewis Page, 22 Jun 2009

Green Hills spins out military Integrity for masses

The military has always had better security than we can get on our computers, and Green Hills Software, a provider of a real-time, secure operating system called Integrity, wants to change that. To that end, the company has spun its Integrity operating system into a wholly owned subsidiary called Integrity Global Security and …
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Eye-o-Sauron™ poked out by Great Wall of America

American plans to erect a chain of all-seeing eyes atop tall towers to guard the Mexican border have been put on hold in favour of a more conventional fence or wall, according to reports. "The highest priority is to put out a system of physical fences and barriers that will keep people and vehicles from illegally crossing the …
Lewis Page, 10 Sep 2008
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BAE to build DARPA's 'intrinsically secure' mobile net

Global military-ware behemoth BAE Systems announced yesterday that it had won a Pentagon contract to develop a new and "intrinsically secure" mobile networking system. The $8.5m deal was awarded by DARPA as part of its Intrinsically Assurable Mobile Ad hoc Network (IAMANET) programme. "Cyber security presents a major …
Lewis Page, 25 Apr 2008

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