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Box and Salesforce have announced integration features

Box announces Salesforce integration, SDK for developers

Salesforce and Box have announced new integration features, including an SDK for developers. Salesforce Files Connect for Box enables access to files stored in Box for users on the Salesforce platform. Box content can be connected to Salesforce records, users or groups. The Box SDK for Salesforce, available on GitHub, is a …
Tim Anderson, 17 Dec 2015

AMD LiquidVR toolkit takes the vomit out of virtual reality

AMD, always the more graphics-minded of the two x86 powerhouses behind PCs, is gearing up to cash in on the virtual reality craze with a developer kit that should smooth out some of the problems with the nascent technology. The LiquidVR SDK release by the chipmeisters is aimed at solving some of the basic problems with VR as …
Iain Thomson, 6 Mar 2015
Apple Watch

Get your CLOCK out, you coders: Apple emits Watch dev kit

Apple hasn't yet even set a date for the sale of its smart watch: but it's keen to have a full suite of apps ready at the launch – and it would like it if other people developed these at their own expense. hence it has put out an SDK. The SDK, dubbed WatchKit, is available now, and it includes a Watch emulator to run software …
Iain Thomson, 19 Nov 2014

Adobe swallows Aviary, hopes to stuff Creative Cloud into mobes

Adobe has gulped down editing app firm Aviary to beef up its mobile image-fiddling software with an eye on the professional crowd. Scott Preston, veep of the products community, said in a blog post that very little professional editing was done on mobile devices these days – and Adobe is hoping to change that. “While mobile …

Click on a Facebook ad on your mobe, then buy a thing on your PC ... Facebook remembers

Advertisers on global ad network Facebook can now pinpoint exactly which devices and computers people use to buy stuff through online ads. "Facebook already offers targeting, delivery and conversion measurement across devices. With the new cross-device report, advertisers are now able to view the devices on which people see …
Iain Thomson, 13 Aug 2014

Amazon unleashes JavaScript SDK so devs can conjure cloud gods

Amazon has brought out a tool that lets developers build server-less web apps from within the browser that use the company's cloud assets, representing a strategic attempt to knit Amazon Web Services into the modern developer's toolkit . The arrival of the preview of the AWS SDK for JavaScript on Thursday means devs can invoke …
Jack Clark, 31 Oct 2013

Rackspace does tech support for popular languages on its cloud

Rackspace Hosting has spent the past six months putting together a set of officially sanctioned software development kits and runtime environments for popular programming languages to run on its eponymous infrastructure cloud, and now it is ready to offer tech support for those SDKs when companies deploy applications on the …
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Philips pushes out SDK for multicolour Zigbee LED lights

Software engineers can finally switch lights on and off, and change their colour, without resorting to hardware controls - thanks to the Philips Hue SDK and its RESTful interface. The Philips Hue is an LED light bulb with a Zigbee interface which connects to a supplied bridge and thus can be addressed though the home's IP …
Bill Ray, 12 Mar 2013

Riverbed rolling script language and SDK everywhere

Riverbed Technologies has announced its intention to open up its APIs and make its kit more consistently scriptable across all devices. The announcement today of FlyScript is as much the launch of a strategy as a finished product, but Riverbed sees it as an important move in two ways: ultimately, FlyScript will support the …
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Canonical unveils fondleslab-friendly Ubuntu 'experience'

Furthering its plans to broaden the reach of the Ubuntu Linux distribution from PCs and servers to mobile devices, Canonical on Tuesday unveiled its new user "experience" layer for tablets. The fondleslab-friendly UI follows on from the version of Ubuntu for smartphones, which Canonical announced last week. "Our family of …
Neil McAllister, 19 Feb 2013
Sony PS Vita handheld games console

Sony coaxes indie Vita, Android developers with $99 SDK

Sony has launched an indie-focused portal for developers that includes access to the now-out-of-beta PlayStation Mobile software development kit. The PlayStation Mobile SDK has been available in beta form for quite some time, but Sony has now officially given it the green light and slapped on a $99 (£62) annual usage fee. …
Caleb Cox, 20 Nov 2012
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Google to devs: Fragmenting Android is AGAINST THE RULES

Android developers often complain about fragmentation of the platform, and Google apparently agrees – so much so that it's written an anti-fragmentation clause into the license terms of the latest Android SDK (software development kit). Under Section 3.4 of Google's new terms and conditions, "You agree that you will not take …
Neil McAllister, 15 Nov 2012
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Microsoft opens Windows Phone 8 dev kit to world+dog

Build 2012 Microsoft has officially launched the software development kit (SDK) for Windows Phone 8, delivering the final piece of what the company says is a common programming model across all of its latest OS platforms and devices. "As you can see, we're combining an array of hardware, tools, and technology to deliver a fundamentally …
Neil McAllister, 31 Oct 2012

Google's 'JavaScript killer' marks first birthday with update

Just over a year after it first unveiled the Dart language for large-scale web programming, Google has announced that its purported "JavaScript killer" has hit its first major milestone. "Today, after plowing through thousands of bug reports and feature requests from the web community, a new, more stable and comprehensive …
Neil McAllister, 16 Oct 2012
Rackspace private cloud logo

Rackspace touts OpenStack private cloud prowess

The OpenStack Design Summit kicked off today in San Diego, California, and Jim Curry, who had been managing the development effort for the OpenStack cloud control freak for the past two years, tells El Reg that he is enjoying not frantically running around running the show, and instead participating, along with the entire …
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Microsoft keeps Win Phone 8 under hype-boosting wraps

The reason Microsoft isn't sharing more information about Windows Phone 8 with developers is because it doesn't want to let the cat out of the bag regarding the features of its new smartphone OS, the company says. On Wednesday, Redmond began accepting applications for its super-secretive Windows Phone SDK 8.0 Developer Preview …
Neil McAllister, 13 Sep 2012
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WinPhone 8 preview SDK limited to established developers

Developers who expect to get cracking on apps for Windows Phone 8 this summer may be in for a disappointment: not only will the final WP8 SDK not arrive until later this year, but the Preview edition due next week will be available to only a select few. At the Windows Phone Summit event in San Francisco this June, Microsoft …

Fusion-io shoves OS aside, lets apps drill straight into flash

Fusion-io is wooing programmers with a software development kit loaded with interfaces so apps can directly access a flash cache as a memory tier. Fusion-io ioMemory OS subsystem technologies like Auto Commit Memory and Atomic Writes, which were used in the billion IOPS demo, are available through the SDK. Developers can use …
Chris Mellor, 19 Apr 2012

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