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Ex-Sun CEO sees rosy future in health

Former Sun Microsystems chief executive Jonathan Schwartz has opted for the hard life of Silicon Valley startup rather than running another Fortune 500 mega corp into the ground. Schwartz has blogged that he is teaming up with an old friend to form something called, and Schwartz will serve as chief …
Gavin Clarke, 9 Sep 2010
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Schwartz puts comforting arm around stricken Sun

Employees at Sun Microsystems concerned at the prospect of yet more lay-offs at the company will not have been comforted by a company-wide memo from president and CEO Jonathan Schwartz yesterday. Only those in possession of Oracle shares may be heartened by the missive, which went to all Sun employees a few hours after Oracle …
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The McNealy and Schwartz Sun legacy

Comment Sun's long revivalist saga is over. Soon to be ex-CEO Jonathan 'The Pony Tail' Schwartz will be remembered for what he didn't do and how he turned Sun into a corporate anorexic. He, chairman and co-founder Scott McNealy and Sun's board have sold Sun to Oracle so Larry Ellison can do what they couldn't or wouldn't do - gut the …
Chris Mellor, 22 Apr 2009
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As Sun unravels, it's time for a new suit

Opinion With IBM reportedly breaking off the engagement, Sun must reinvent itself if it is to go it alone. That means bringing in a Joe Tucci lookalike to reform and restructure the business. This is a highly personal opinion about how and why it should undertake that process. First of all, Sun's board and senior management need to …
Chris Mellor, 7 Apr 2009
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What if IBM doesn't buy Sun?

Opinion Are we witnessing Sun's death rattle with both CEO and chairman of the board poised to walk the plank? That is highly likely to be the outcome if IBM does not buy Sun. IBM is thought to be carrying a kind of due diligence on Sun as it ponders buying the company - but is it really thinking about buying Sun? If it isn't or if …
Chris Mellor, 2 Apr 2009

So what will happen to Sun?

Comment Silicon Valley has a new parlour game: what's going to happen to Sun after the cuts? Rumours suggest it will merge with EMC, that HP or IBM will take it over, that Fujitsu will buy its hardware business, or even that the StorageTek storage business unit will be spun off. Do Sun's leaders want to be redeemed or to retire? The …
Chris Mellor, 29 Nov 2008

Sun market cap slips below $3bn

Sun's market capitalisation sank below $3bn yesterday as Forbes reported via Reuters that Sun is under pressure to sell itself or some of its assets to get out of the sinking sands it seems inexorably drawn to. In July the market cap went below $8bn as Sun became a mid-cap level company. The term means its market …
Chris Mellor, 12 Nov 2008
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Jonathan Schwartz scrambles aboard the Obama train

Sun showed it can still get ahead of the crowd last night, as it became the first tech company to try and grab some reflected glory from Barack Obama's victory in the US election. The polls had barely closed in California, before Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz' blogged this comment on Obama's win. "On behalf of Sun Microsystems, I …
Chris Mellor, 5 Nov 2008
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Investment firm looks for Sun's true value

The US private investment firm which has bought $2.1bn of Sun shares since May says the companies are in talks to have Sun's true economic value realised. Southeastern Asset Management has built up a 21.6 per cent stake in Sun. The talks may mean a sell-off of Sun assets, a leadership change or even a sale of the company. Sun …
Chris Mellor, 27 Oct 2008
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Sun undershoots again

Sun has been hit by the recession and thinks its quarterly earnings to end-September will be below estimates. Its goodwill may have to be written down too. Wall Street anticipated quarterly revenues of $3.143bn for Sun's first fiscal 2009 quarter. The company thinks it will report $2.95bn - $3.05bn. Wachovia analyst Aaron …
Chris Mellor, 21 Oct 2008

Sun's not so cheap trick doesn't work

Sun's share price has fallen so low it is about the same as before last year's reverse stock split. So is Sun turning into another Unisys? In September 2007 Sun proposed a 1:4 reverse stock split (stock consolidation) to its shareholders as its share price headed down to $5, continuing a long fall. The three benefits were said …
Chris Mellor, 10 Oct 2008
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US pilots will go to VR drone ops straight from training

The new head of the US Air Force, General Norton "Norty"* Schwartz, has said that in future some rookie pilots will go straight from training school to remotely flying robot planes. Flight International, reporting on a speech made by the general at a recent convention, said that the move to send pilots straight from training …
Lewis Page, 22 Sep 2008
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NetApp losing 'spew dot oh' blog war to Sun

Analysis The "Participation Age" has revealed a brand new aspect to patent lawsuits - Executive Spew Dot Oh. Far more interesting than any of the IP claims traded between Network Appliance and Sun Microsystems is the battle being waged between NetApp founder Dave Hitz and Sun Microsystems CEO Jonathan Schwartz. The two executives have …
Ashlee Vance, 28 Oct 2007

IBM embraces - wtf - Sun's Solaris across x86 server line

Sun Microsystems has nailed its biggest Solaris x86 win to date by lining up IBM as a firm backer of the operating system. The two companies today revealed that IBM will offer Solaris x86 as an option on a number of its Xeon- and Opteron-based servers by year end. This arrangement provides Sun with its first real Tier 1 OEM …
Ashlee Vance, 16 Aug 2007

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