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Indo-Mancunian Windows support scammer phones Reg hack

Yesterday I got a call from a chap claiming to be from Windows Support, letting me know that my computer was dangerously infected, and that only he could help. The scam isn't new - we reported on it a year ago - but tough times are driving miscreants to expand operations to the point where even Reg staff are being targeted in …
Bill Ray, 7 May 2010
The Register breaking news invests £4.3m in cyber-scam crackdown team

Updated The UK government has launched a specialist cyber-enforcement team and allocated extra funding for Trading Standards as part of a campaign designed to clamp down on online scams. OFT figures suggest online scams claim 3 million UK marks every year and result in losses of £3.5bn. Approaches most often arrive in the form of scam …
John Leyden, 15 Feb 2010
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Crooks pitch World Cup scams after group draw

Cybercrooks have begun punting World Cup ticket and HD TV viewing scams as a successor to earlier lottery-based cons. The revision of earlier fraud follows the final draw for the 2010 World Cup last Friday. Now, in addition to the opportunity to "claim cash prizes" in a draw by South African Football Association they have …
John Leyden, 9 Dec 2009
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Google sues alleged work-at-home scammers

Google has sued to stop what it called "a widespread internet advertising scam" being pushed by a Utah company that allegedly used the search engine's trademark when offering work-at-home opportunities. Salt Lake City-based Pacific WebWorks doctored up a variety of websites with regularly changing addresses that promised as …
Dan Goodin, 8 Dec 2009
Nokia 1100

€25k for an old Nokia handset?

Scammers are reportedly prepared to pay €25,000 for German Nokia 1100 handsets, on the basis that they can be reprogrammed to intercept SMS messages and thus crack banking security. The claim comes from Ultrascan, a security association that generally follows up 419 scams and ID theft. Ultrascan tells us it was approached by …
Bill Ray, 21 Apr 2009
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UK banking fraud losses rise to £301.7m

UK banking losses due to fraud in the first half of 2008 hit £301.7m compared to £263.6m in the same period last year, according to the latest figures from UK banking association APACS. Fraud abroad made up 40 per cent of total card fraud losses reaching £121.2m in the period, up 11 per cent of the £108.8m lost last year. That …
John Leyden, 1 Oct 2008

Southeast London is card fraud cesspool

London is the biggest single centre for credit card fraud with southeast London - particularly Thamesmead (SE28) - becoming notorious as the place with the most fraudulent activity in the UK, according to a new survey. An analysis of over 30 million 'good' and 'bad' card transactions over the first half of 2008 by anti-fraud …
John Leyden, 24 Jul 2008
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EU Commission plots to end rip-off Britain online

The EU will impose a single system of consumer laws across the bloc in a bid to encourage cross-border shopping online, Commissioner Meglena Kuneva said today. She reckons that differences in laws on guarantees, cooling off periods and refunds deter retailers from selling to customers outside their home country, and consumers …

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