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Dell cooks up new HPC strategy

HPC blog As I trudged toward a swanky hotel for a meeting with Dell, the Seattle sky was spitting cold rain like an old man realising the soup in his mouth is way too hot. (Adding more drama to these intros, nice, right?) I expected two things that day: “It’s Seattle in November; it’s going to rain,” and “It’s Dell at Supercomputing; …
Dan Olds, 2 Dec 2011

Letting GPUs run free

Blog One of the most interesting things I saw at SC11 was a joint Mellanox and University of Valencia demonstration of rCUDA over Infiniband. With rCUDA, applications can access a GPU (or multiple GPUs) on any other node in the cluster. It makes GPUs a sharable resource and is a big step towards making them as virtualisable (I don’t …
Dan Olds, 1 Dec 2011
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HP confident on HPC future

Blog A quick meeting with HP at SC11 confirmed that the company is feeling good about their HPC achievements and prospects for the future. HP is the second biggest HPC vendor on the most recent Top 500 list with 141 systems (28 per cent). However, they’re still behind market leader IBM, which has a 44 per cent share with 223 total …
Dan Olds, 29 Nov 2011

Gordon the supercomputer is intense about data

SC11 According to San Diego Supercomputing Center chief Mike Norman, his brainchild 'Gordon' is the world’s first data intensive supercomputer. In the works for two years, Gordon was being shipped from system house Appro to its new home in San Diego last week during SC11 in Seattle. In the video, I catch up with Mike and discuss …
Dan Olds, 23 Nov 2011

Team Boston Crunch Time

SCC11 We caught up with Team Boston (aka Team Chowder) a few hours before they turned in their results for SC11. They share their thoughts about the competition and their results thus far, along with whatever else their sleep-deprived minds came up with. Watch Video var MediaPlayerVars = { '_': { ' …
Dan Olds, 17 Nov 2011

SCC11: Home Stretch

SCC11 We spent a few minutes talking to Team China before they submitted their final results for the 2011 Student Cluster Competition. They're happy and had a good time, but it's hard to figure out how they gauge their chances. We'll find out soon.... Watch Video var MediaPlayerVars = { '_': { ' …
Dan Olds, 17 Nov 2011

Buffalo's in the Hunt?

SCC11 We grabbed Team Colorado for a few final thoughts before the end of the Student Cluster Competition. Spirits were good, despite a few problems with their hardware and memory usage. Watch Video var MediaPlayerVars = { '_': { '': { screencolor: '000000', width: 580 …
Dan Olds, 17 Nov 2011

Costa Rica Cluster Finale

SCC11 The Costa Rica team gave it their all at their first Student Cluster Competition. We caught up with them just a few minutes before they turned their final results files into the judges.... Watch Video var MediaPlayerVars = { '_': { '': { screencolor: '000000', …
Dan Olds, 17 Nov 2011

Purdue Rolls the Dice

SCC11 As can be seen by their LINPACK results on Monday (only .233 TFlop), Purdue either completely melted down or had something up their collective sleeves. It turns out that they had a plan, a cunning plan. One that might give them a leg up on the other competitors on the all-important scientific applications. What was the plan? Why …
Dan Olds, 17 Nov 2011

Russians Bear Down at SCC11

SCC11 We dropped by the Team Russia booth to congratulate them on their record-setting LINPACK victory and to get their thoughts on SCC11. Is their LINPACK win a sign of things to come? Can they take the whole ball of wax? (Note: there isn't any ball of wax.) Watch Video var MediaPlayerVars = { '_': { ' …
Dan Olds, 17 Nov 2011

Computer sports cluster war: Day of reckoning

SC11 Here are the latest odds on the Student Cluster Competition online betting as of 10am SC11 time (Pacific). Betting will close out on LINPACK late this afternoon, since the teams will be turning in those results at 17.30 Pacific on the dot (1.30 GMT 16 November). 48_hours_before_sc11_odds sc11 cluster student competition …
Dan Olds, 15 Nov 2011
Cat 5 cable

Student cluster compo SMACKDOWN: Texas holds at 2-1

SC11 Another few days of betting gives us a better view of how bettors handicap the SC11 Student Cluster Competition (SCC). So what do we see? odds_spreadsheet_for_sc11bbbbb The first thing that jumps out at us is that the Texas Longhorn team is still the overall favorite by a wide margin. There are a few reasons behind this. …
Dan Olds, 11 Nov 2011
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Student Cluster Comp – an inside look

SC11 In my continuing effort to provide the most comprehensive coverage of the upcoming SC11 Student Cluster Competition, I spent a few minutes on the phone with Jason Kilmer – a member of the 2010 University of Texas team. The Longhorns were the first team to break the Teraflop barrier (among three) and also notched the highest …
Dan Olds, 10 Nov 2011
server room

Longhorns on top in kid cluster compo

SC11 There have been some big changes in the odds since we opened up the Student Cluster Competition (SCC) 2011 betting pool to the public. (For details on the SCC and the teams, click here.) The betting has tightened up the field as SCC fans pick their favorites to win both the Overall Prize and the LINPACK portions of the fight …
Dan Olds, 7 Nov 2011

Computer sports battle in Seattle: A punter's guide

SC11 The 2011 Student Cluster Challenge (SCC), the premier event in computer sports, is heading toward Seattle like an out-of-control, rocket-powered freight train. Eight teams of university students are getting ready to travel to SC11 to prove that their clusters can wring more processing out of 26 amps than those of their rivals …
Dan Olds, 3 Nov 2011

Let's build some better HPC benchmarks

SC11 As part of our preview of the upcoming SC11 event, I had a conversation last week with Jim Costa and Bill Kramer, the co-chairs of the SC11 Technical Committee. Conveniently, I recorded this conversation and even ran up some slides to guide us through various topics. The resulting webcast covers a lot of ground and shows the …
Dan Olds, 2 Nov 2011

University of Texas

SCC team profile This is the second year the University of Texas Longhorns will compete in the Student Cluster Challenge at the annual Supercomputing Conference. They brought a lot of personality to the competition last year with a “TACC to the Future” theme combining one of their sponsors (University of Texas Advanced Computing Center) with the …
Dan Olds, 1 Nov 2011
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Nizhny Novgorod State University

SCC team profile This year’s SC11 Student Cluster Challenge will see five returning teams and three teams that are new to the competition (that’s eight total for those keeping track). One of the returning teams is the pride of Russia, the team from Nizhny Novgorod State University (NNSU). NNSU is one of Russia’s premier research universities; …
Dan Olds, 1 Nov 2011

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