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Google in talks to nail Virgin as 'partner' in satellite internet plan

Google is reportedly in talks with Virgin Galactic for a multi-million dollar joint venture and an equity stake in the business, according to Sky News. The Chocolate Factory is planning to sink its cash into a project with the space tourism biz that will use Virgin Galactic tech in its plans to put hundreds of satellites into …

Beat this, cloud giants! Musk rocket flings 1TB hard drive into SPAAACE

A Canadian company has strapped a terabyte-storage box to a satellite to prove it can shift large amounts of information around the world in less than an hour. The store-and-forward gadget is attached to Canada's CASSIOPE weather-watching bird, which was launched into space by one of Elon Musk's SpaceX Falcon 9 rockets over …
Bill Ray, 2 Oct 2013
CSIRO's Outback Rover

'Outback Rover' could help calibrate satellite sensors

Earth sensing satellites have driven revolutions in farming, mineral exploration and vegetation management, but just like a camera on the ground, they need calibration. While someone like a professional videographer will check his camera against something like a white balance, earth sensing satellites aren't so conveniently …
Third Van Allen belt

Boffins explain bizarre here-one-month-gone-the-next 'third Van Allen belt'

UCLA scientists have gone some way to explaining the mysterious “third Van Allen” belt that turned up unexpectedly last August when NASA fired up its Radiation Belt Storm Probes (RBSP) to look at the radiation region that surrounds the Earth. Back in March, NASA said its work to calibrate the RBSPs' Relativistic Electron …
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Raytheon to build low-orbit, disposable satellites for DARPA

The fighter-deployed satellites in DARPA's latest plan - which will deploy them in orbits so low they burn up in a month - will be built by Raytheon, which reckons it can do the job for $2m a pop. SeeMe* was announced last March, as an intermediate step between surveillance drones, which have limited airtime, and spy …
Bill Ray, 23 Jan 2013
Yesterday's launch of the TerreStar 1 satellite. Pic: ESA

I tried to buy a satellite and all I got was this lousy $67,000

Back in 2010 a hugely optimistic plan to buy a satellite raised $67,000 in donations, way short of the needed $1.3bn, but as media interest faded the founder has kept himself busy spending the cash. The plan was to buy US comms satellite TerraStar-1, which bankrupted its owner TerreStar Corp after it tried to offer satellite …
Bill Ray, 2 Jan 2013
Artist's impression of Envisat. Credit:ESA

Oz lays plans to cover possible US met sat gap

In the aftermath of Sandy-the-storm, a surprised America looked skywards and started wondering about Uncle Sam’s weather forecasting prowess. In particular, venerable organs like Time and the New York Times have voiced concerns that as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration-and NASA-run polar weather satellite …
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Russian rocket fails to orbit 2 satellites after booster bungle

Russian space agency Roscosmos has suspended use of its Proton-M rocket carriers with Briz-M boosters after one of them failed to put two satellites into orbit late yesterday. Proton-M blasts off with Telkom-3 and Express MD2 onboard The Proton rocket was launched successfully from Baikonur, but the secondary engine burn …

Australia to publish live, free, satellite images

Australia will publish images captured by soon-to-launch satellite Landsat 8 online, in close to real time, for free. Landsat 8 will launch in early 2013 and is expected to be fully operational by May or June of that year. Once the bird begins beaming back images, Geoscience Australia (GA) will publish them online under the …
Simon Sharwood, 22 Jul 2012
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50 years in SPAAAAACE: Telstar celebrates half-century since launch

Vid On 10 July 1962, the privately-owned Telstar 1 was blasted into orbit on the back of NASA's Thor-Delta rocket, and despite only working for a year it proved that commercial satellite communications was possible. Telstar 1 was owned by the US telephony monopoly Ma Bell, and was built in the Bell Telephone Laboratories, though …
Bill Ray, 10 Jul 2012
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SATELLITE SMACKDOWN: Turnbull vs. Quigley

At about 3:30 PM yesterday, during a Public Hearing of the Joint Committee on the National Broadband Network, several NBNCo staffers suddenly became quite agitated. They passed an iPhone among themselves, before handing it to NBNCo CEO Mike Quigley, who quickly reddened and broke verbal stride to read aloud the following Tweet …
Simon Sharwood, 16 Apr 2012
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Sky boffins: The Moon is not Earth's only natural satellite

The Moon is not alone in its role as the Earth's natural satellite, although its companions are tiny fellows who usually don't stay long. "At any given time there is at least one one-meter-diameter object orbiting the Earth," three astronomers write in the abstract of their article, "The population of natural Earth satellites …
Rik Myslewski, 27 Mar 2012
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ISS 'nauts take to the escape pods in Russian sat-prang debris peril

'Nauts crewing the International Space Station were forced to take to the escape capsules over the weekend, as a chunk of wreckage from a mysterious satellite collision in 2009 hurtled towards the orbiting outpost. Fortunately as it turned out the speeding fragment passed by more than 11km from the station. Normally the ISS …
Lewis Page, 26 Mar 2012
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Solar storm has a 'sting in its tail', warn space weathermen

Thus far the ongoing solar storm which has blanketed Earth for the last 24 hours has been something of a damp squib, with no widespread problems reported. However space weathermen are warning of another "coronal mass ejection" particle squall inbound to our planet having been belched out by the Sun in the early hours of this …
Lewis Page, 9 Mar 2012
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Duff Russian Mars probe spotted flying in reverse

A veteran skywatcher has captured a video of the doomed Russian Martian space probe Phobos-Grunt that provides evidence of why ground control has only sporadically been able to contact it. "The images show that the Phobos-Grunt is moving backwards, with the solar panels deployed but not lightened by the Sun," French …
Rik Myslewski, 6 Jan 2012
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NASA detects 'heartbeat' of pint-sized star-sucker

In what is turning out to be one of the best months ever for black-hole fanbois, a team of Dutch, Italian, and US space boffins has detected the "heartbeat" of what appears to be teensiest, weensiest black hole ever discovered. "Just as the heart rate of a mouse is faster than an elephant's, the heartbeat signals from these …
Rik Myslewski, 16 Dec 2011
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Hackers commandeer US government satellites

Hackers interfered with two US government satellites on four separate occasions in 2007 and 2008, according to a report scheduled to be released next month by a congressional commission. In June 2008 and again in October of the same year, a Terra AM-1 earth observation satellite operated by NASA experienced interference at the …
Dan Goodin, 28 Oct 2011
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NASA: 'Asteroid armageddon less likely than we feared'

First the good news: there are fewer Earth-threatening asteroids than previously thought. The bad news: there are still plenty of dinosaur extinction–sized globe crushers out there, awaiting their turn. "The risk of a really large asteroid impacting the Earth before we could find and warn of it has been substantially reduced …
Rik Myslewski, 30 Sep 2011

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