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1000 day wait for Sarah Palin emails nearly over

After close to 1,000 days, the Alaska governor's office is finally set to release more than 24,000 pages of emails sent and received by former Gov. Sarah Palin during her first 21 months in office. The release will take place on Friday in Juneau and will comprise electronic messages sent and received by Palin and her husband …
Dan Goodin, 6 Jun 2011
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Sarah Palin calls for US to stand by North Korea

Sarah Palin has redefined US foreign policy and put YouTube under a little bit of strain by telling right wing radio host Glenn Beck that America must stand by its North Korean allies. Palin, sometime Alaska governor and current reality TV star, was responding to a question from Beck about how she would respond to a developing …
Joe Fay, 25 Nov 2010
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Tea Party activists accused of rigging Dancing vote to favour Palin

Flaws in the email voting system deployed by ABC for the talent show Dancing With the Stars are being credited with allowing Tea Party supporters to stuff the ballot in favour of Bristol Palin. dwts Palin junior and partner Mark Ballas qualified for Monday's final of the show despite consistently mediocre marks from expert …
John Leyden, 22 Nov 2010
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Palin email hacker gets 366 days in custody

The former Tennessee college student convicted of hacking into Sarah Palin's Yahoo Mail account was sentenced on Friday to 366 days in either federal prison or a halfway house. David Kernell smiled as the sentence was delivered in US District Court in Knoxville, according to news reports. He faced a maximum of 20 years in …
Dan Goodin, 12 Nov 2010
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Palin email hacker asks judge for leniency

The man convicted of breaching then vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin's Yahoo Mail account has asked a federal judge to spare him a prison sentence and instead put him on probation. David C. Kernell's request for a downward departure comes six months after a federal jury found him guilty of felony obstruction of justice …
Dan Goodin, 27 Oct 2010
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Steve Jobs in iPhone bitchslap to creationists, Tea Party

Steve Jobs' App Store for Apple's famous iOS devices - the iPhone, iPad et al - is no stranger to controversy lately. The company has been happy to take a firm and positive stance on various issues, weeding from its lucrative walled garden any dissenting program. Now, Apple has taken a stance which will upset a lot of …
Team Register, 21 Sep 2010
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Koran-burning 'pastor' loses website

Red-nosed pastor Terry Jones, who plans to burn copies of the Koran and Jewish text the Talmud at the weekend, has either had his website hacked or his ISP has pulled the plug. The site, at is unavailable this morning. The pastor of a tiny fundamentalist church in Florida, which has reportedly lost …
John Oates, 9 Sep 2010
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Palin puts paid to Boob-gate

Sarah Palin has put paid to rampant web speculation that she had sought to enhance her political profile by augmenting her physical profile. The former VP candidate and erstwhile governor of Alaska triggered a blogosphere earthquake last week when she appeared at a horse racing meet with what some claimed to be a suspiciously …
Team Register, 14 Jun 2010
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Palin boob-probe Reg hack dubbed an Ass Clown

FoTW Sometimes we all need a dose of reality. And this week it was an unnamed Reg hack who got the wrong end of the stick when investigating the Palin boob job rumour. Reg reader Mike points out that contrary to the headline, the has she/hasn't she debate is not in fact the main issue on either left or right, or anywhere inside the …
Team Register, 11 Jun 2010
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Sarah Palin 'boob job' debate dominates US right - and left

US political bloggers were working overtime last night on the most crucial issue since the healthcare debate - has Sarah Palin had a boob job? Since her abortive bid for the White House number two slot Palin has given herself over to campaigning while ducking the actual governing bit. She resigned as governor of Alaska without …
Team Register, 10 Jun 2010
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Palin email jury reaches verdicts on 3 of 4 counts

The jury deciding the fate of the man accused of breaching Sarah Palin's Yahoo Mail account has reached a verdict on three of the charges filed against him but can't come to a decision about the fourth, according to news reports. In a note to US District Judge Thomas W. Phillips, jurors wrote: "Some of us feel not all jurors …
Dan Goodin, 29 Apr 2010
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Can Republicans steal Obama's Web 2.0 mojo?

When Digg began aggregating political articles during the 2008 US presidential election, many of the stories pushed to the top by the highest number of Diggs were pro-Obama and anti-McCain. In an article here, one conservative ruminated balefully on the innate bias among Digg's readers. He said the tech community that still …
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Lawyers claim Palin hack suspect's PC had spyware

Lawyers for Sarah Palin webmail hack suspect David Kernell claim his PC was infected with spyware. The contention may be used at trial to support arguments that the 21-year-old student son of a Tennessee Democrat politician was not personally responsible for the hack on a Yahoo! account maintained by the former Alaskan …
John Leyden, 9 Dec 2009
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Palin claims webmail hack disrupted GOP campaign

Sarah Palin has described the hack of her webmail account as the "most disruptive" event in her campaign to become US vice president last year. Palin singles out the hack into her Yahoo! web account as "the most disruptive and discouraging" incident in the presidential campaign in her new book Going Rogue: An American Life, …
John Leyden, 19 Nov 2009
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Hack suspect challenges privacy of Palin emails

Defence lawyers in the Sarah Palin webmail account hack case intend to claim the Alaskan governor's emails were a matter of public record and therefore enjoyed no expectation of privacy. The novel legal tactic is designed to reduce the seriousness of the charges against their client, David Kernell. Citing an Alaskan court's …
John Leyden, 21 May 2009
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Palin webmail 'hack' trial delayed

The trial of the student accused of breaking into the email account of Sarah Palin in the run-up to the US presidential election has been pushed back to next May. David Kernell, 20, was originally due to face trial on December 16, but the case is now scheduled for 19 May. Kernell, the son of Tennessee Democrat legislator Mike …
John Leyden, 18 Nov 2008
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Palin didn't know Africa is a continent, McCain aides say

Sarah Palin raised a few eyebrows within the John McCain campaign because she didn't realize that Africa is a continent, according to aides whispering with a shamelessly right-wing news outlet. McCain aides told Fox News chief political correspondent Carl Cameron there was "great concern" within the campaign that Palin "lacked …
Cade Metz, 6 Nov 2008
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Sarah Palin gets righteously punk'd

USA '08 US vice-presidential hopeful and Alaskan MILF pin-up Sarah Palin this weekend demostrated that she's more than ready to mix it up with the world's movers and shakers when she fielded a call from none other than French prez Nicolas Sarkozy. Or rather, when she chewed the fat with Canadian radio wags Sébastien Trudel and Marc- …
Lester Haines, 3 Nov 2008

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