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Vatican and musicians at odds over appropriate use of crematorium leftovers

The Vatican has put itself on a collision course with the rock music industry, after banning the spreading of human ash-ley remains. The declaration that spreading or storing crematoria scrapings, flies in the face of a upsurge of musicians’ innovative re-use of the mortal remains of deceased band members, fans, and indeed …
Clodagh Doyle, 26 Oct 2016
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Woman scales Ben Nevis wielding selfie stick instead of ice axe

A Brighton woman made it to the peak of Ben Nevis wearing shorts and trainers and wielding a selfie stick, but had to be helped off the Britain’s highest mountain by rescuers after it turned out it’s still winter at 4,411 feet. Sarah Albone, a 28 year old from Brighton, made a spontaneous decision last Saturday to interrupt …
Joe Fay, 31 Mar 2016
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Curiosity prepares for year-long road trip to Mount Sharp

Ever since landing on Mars, the Curiosity rover hasn't moved around that much – just 733 meters to date. But that's about to change as NASA prepares to send the rover on an eight-kilometer trek to the base of Mount Sharp. Curiosity's route to Mount Sharp The long and winding road ahead "We know we're going to start in a …
Iain Thomson, 6 Jun 2013
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Curiosity gives Martian rock its first scrub down

NASA's Curiosity rover has been bringing a little spit and polish to the Martian surface by using its Dust Removal Tool for the first time to scrub a nearby rock. The spot NASA chose to clean up is a rock in the Yellowknife Bay area of Mars' Gale Crater dubbed "Ekwir_1." The rock needs to be clear of debris so that the Alpha …
Iain Thomson, 8 Jan 2013
Motörheadphönes Motörizer

Motörheadphönes Motörizer rock 'phones review

One retailer’s Motörheadphönes Motörizer page caught my attention today. “Warning!” it shrieked, “The packaging and product includes explicit language. Not suitable for children under the age of 18.” Quite apart from the fact that whoever wrote those words has clearly not set foot in a British secondary school for a fair few …
Tony Smith, 30 Nov 2012
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Mission to Pluto faces DEEP SPACE DEBRIS PERIL

The additional moons discovered around Pluto are putting the visiting spacecraft New Horizons at risk, prompting mission organisers to plot bail-out trajectories and consider turning shields to maximum. Not that New Horizons has any shields as such, but it has got a radio dish which could be rotated to soak up micro meteorites …
Bill Ray, 17 Oct 2012
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Curiosity finds . . . wait for it . . . a ROCK on MARS!

NASA reports that the first Martian rock it has examined with the Curiosity's arm-mounted Alpha Particle X-Ray Spectrometer (APXS) shows curious similarities to a rare form of mineral found on Earth. The rock, named "Jake Matijevic" after a JPL engineer who died just after Curiosity landed on Mars, was lasered 30 times on 14 …
Iain Thomson, 11 Oct 2012
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Mighty ROBOT achieves total SUPREMACY over feeble humans

No matter how many John-Wayne-inspired moments you've had in front of the mirror, you're not as quick on the draw as the Janken robot. Ishikawa Oku Laboratory in Tokyo has built the android to have a perfect score at rock-paper-scissors, identifying which way its human opponent is going to go in one millisecond. The boffins …
Nigel Tufnel - photo © James Cumpsty

Eleven - if you will - rocktastic music movies

Round-up 11 November 2011 - 11/11/11 - is Nigel Tufnel Day, a day to celebrate pushing the envelope as far as it can possibly be pushed - and then pushing it one step beyond that. As Spinal Tap's lead guitarist would say: "An 'undred years ago, a great war - the greatest since the Romans - came to an end. It was all quiet on the Y …
Caleb Cox, 11 Nov 2011
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Pete Townshend condemns Apple as 'digital vampire'

Pete Townshend, noted windmill guitarist and child pornography investigator, has called Apple's iTunes a "digital vampire", likened it to big-bucks bailout beneficiary Northern Rock, and admitted that yes, he did once want to cut Steve Jobs' balls off. Townsend managed that invective triptych while delivering the inaugural …
Rik Myslewski, 1 Nov 2011
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Missing moon rock found among Clinton's knickknacks

A missing moon rock has been found gathering dust in a box of Bill Clinton's papers from his time as the governor of Arkansas. The space stone, which was brought back from the Apollo 17 mission and presented to the state in the 1970s, is worth millions of dollars. It's one of the so-called Goodwill Moon Rocks, which came from …

Robots form band, rock out to Marilyn Manson

The music world is a difficult cookie to crack. In most cases, all revenue is funnelled into a cigar-smoking businessman's pocket after a group of robots churn out some pre-programmed bollocks. But when the robots are programmed to act like humans and not the other way around, things start to get interesting. Here we see the …
Caleb Cox, 19 Jul 2011
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Sun's Rock is barefoot on Abbey Road

More rumors and some evidence has surfaced suggesting that Sun Microsystems has indeed killed off its "Rock" UltraSparc-RK, sometimes called the UltraSparc-AT10, high-end server processor. Sources at Sun familiar with the Rock project and its related "Supernova" servers told El Reg on June 15 that Sun had killed off the 16- …
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Mars rover stalks mystery space alien object

NASA's interplanetary robot rover "Opportunity", prowling the haematite steppes of the Meridiani Planum on Mars, has crept up on and photographed a mysterious space boulder or "cobble". Astro boffins theorise that the object may be alien in origin, rather than from the red planet. Block Island pictured by NASA rover …
Lewis Page, 3 Aug 2009
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Sun killing 'Rock' Sparc chip?

The word on the street today is that server maker Sun Microsystems - which is in the midst of being eaten by software giant Oracle for $5.6bn - has formally killed off the 16-core "Rock" UltraSparc-RK processor that has been in development for more than five years. The official response from Michelle Parkinson, the …

Solaris 11 due mid-2010

The number and gee-whizness of features Sun Microsystems is putting into updates to both the Solaris 10 commercial operating system and the related OpenSolaris development release of Solaris are slowing. That's the best indication that Nevada - the code name for Solaris Next or Solaris 11 or whatever you want to call it - is …

Big Blue shipped Power6+ last fall

Server buyers who have been waiting for IBM to ship the Power6+ chip will be surprised to discover that it already has. It just didn't tell anyone. Crazy, right? Remember the Power Systems revamp Big Blue did back in October 2008? Well, guess what? Several of those machines were based on the Power6+ processor, the kicker to …

Microsoft puts Sun's Tremblay in SiArch

There are so many things that software giant Microsoft could do with a seasoned chip designer of the caliber of Marc Tremblay, it's a wonder Sun would ever let him get away in the first place. As we pointed out yesterday, not everything that Tremblay helped etch into silicon at Sun turned into gold. But plenty of the chips he …

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