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Pest control: Eggheads work to help RoboBees dodge that fly-swatter

Engineers and programmers working on a robot bee project could soon have the faux insects behaving more like real bees, according to engineers and roboticists at Cornell and Harvard. The work is a joint effort between Cornell University engineers and the robot insect wranglers at Harvard's Wyss Institute for Biologically …
Richard Priday, 15 Dec 2017

Tesla buys robot maker. Hang on, isn't that your sci-fi bogeyman, Elon?

Troubled Tesla Inc. has quietly acquired Perbix, which designs robot production lines. Perbix was already a Tesla contractor. "With the acquisition of Perbix, Tesla further advances its efforts to turn the factory itself into a product – to build the machine that makes the machine," the electric carmaker burbled on its website …
Man and robot...

BOFH: Come on, PFY, let's pick a Boss

Episode 12 "I don't think your reviews are overly helpful," the Director sulks. "What do you mean? We read the resumes, attended the interviews; we asked some questions!" "I'm referring to your comments on the candidates." "Which ones?" I ask. "All of them!" It's appointments time again and we're looking for a new Boss after the last …
Simon Travaglia, 29 Sep 2017

Smart robots prove stupidly easy to hack for spying and murder

Robots are increasingly common in the 21st Century, both on the factory floor and in the home, however it appears their security systems are anything but modern and high tech. In March IOActive released partial research showing that hacking a variety of industrial and home robotics systems wasn't too difficult. Now, after …
Iain Thomson, 22 Aug 2017
Pliant Energy Systems robot

This surf-and-turf robot swims using ribbon-like fins. And it's floated for US Navy approval

Feature In Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's poem "Paul Revere's Ride," light from lanterns served to signal how British troops would arrive at the start of the American Revolutionary War: One if by land, two if by sea. In wars to come, US naval robots will traverse both. At the 2017 Naval Future Force Science and Technology Expo in …

Google blows $800k on bots to flood the UK with 30,000 'articles' a month

Google has today awarded €706,000 ($800,000) to the UK’s Press Association to develop robot reporters that can crank out 30,000 articles a month for local newspapers and bloggers. The cash injection is part of the advertising goliath's €150m Digital News Initiative, a three-year program that allegedly supports European …
woman kissing robot

It's time for a long, hard mass debate over sex robots, experts conclude

Sex robots may reduce sex crimes, or make them more common. According to "Our Sexual Future With Robots," a report published Wednesday by the Foundation for Responsible Robotics, it could go either way. The title of the report describe sex robots as inevitable, but the text within has more questions than answers. About the …
Still from Boston Dynamics video (Robotic mule runs through the forest)

Alphabet offloads bot businesses Boston Dynamics and SCHAFT

Google parent Alphabet has offloaded its robotics businesses SCHAFT and Boston Dynamics to SoftBank. The latter sale was not unexpected, as Alphabet is thought to have wanted to rid itself of the business since March 2016, as it had missed key military contracts, was beset by management turbulence and had little prospect of …
The robot priest in Germany

German robo-pastor preaches the GNU Testament

A church in Germany has built a robot priest to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. The bot, a creation of the Evangelical Church in Hesse and Nassau and engineer Alexander Wiedekind-Klein, is able to deliver blessings to visitors in both male and female voices. They've named their intelligent …
Shaun Nichols, 31 May 2017
Kate Devlin Register Lecture

Love bots lecture thrills room full of Reg readers

If you’ve ever wondered what the development of AI and robotics might mean for your sex life, you should have been with us last month for our Register Lecture on Sex, AI, Robots and You. Kate Devlin, senior lecturer in the Department of Computing at Goldsmiths, University of London, took the capacity audience on a whizzbang …
Team Register, 30 May 2017
Aurora Flight Sciences' ALIAS robot in a simulated 737 cockpit

Robot lands a 737 by hand, on a dare from DARPA

An outfit called Aurora Flight Sciences is trumpeting the fact that one of its robots has successfully landed a simulated Boeing 737. Aviation-savvy readers may well shrug upon learning that news, because robots – or at least auto-landing systems - land planes all the time and have done so for decades. Aurora's excitement is …
Simon Sharwood, 17 May 2017

Pay attention. We're only going to show you this once: OpenAI coaches robots to copy humans

The ultimate goal in robotics is the ability to train a machine to perform general tasks after it learns from a few examples. OpenAI, a non-profit artificial intelligence research organization, is a step closer to achieving this by applying a new algorithm called one-shot imitation learning to a robot arm. In the demonstration …
Katyanna Quach, 16 May 2017
STAR robot surgeon

Accept for a second that robot surgeons exist. Who will check they're up to the job – and how?

Medical robots should be split into different categories of autonomy, just as driverless cars are, a group of academics proposed Wednesday in Science Robotics. As should be obvious, surgery requires extensive training. In the US at least, students have to successfully get through university, postgraduate medical school, and …
Katyanna Quach, 20 Apr 2017
Hermes' delivery drone, provided by Starship Technologies. Pic: Hermes

Parcel bods Hermes become latest London drone delivery droogs

Parcel delivery biz Hermes has become the latest company to roll out self-driving robots in London, promising autonomous deliveries in the borough of Southwark. The company is partnering with Starship Technologies, whose coolbox-on-wheels delivery drone has become a familiar sight for a handful of households on the city's …
Gareth Corfield, 12 Apr 2017
Mechanical hands produce gold bars on assembly line. Photo by Shutterstock

Robots are killing jobs after all, apparently: One droid equals 5.6 workers

Industrial robots are depressing wages and increasing unemployment, according to a paper published by the National Bureau of Economic Research, a private, non-profit, non-partisan research organization in America. Written by MIT economists Daron Acemoglu and Pascual Restrepo, "Robots and Jobs: Evidence from US Labor Markets" …
Thomas Claburn, 28 Mar 2017

Miss Misery on hacking Mr Robot and the Missing Sense of Fun

Stob Are you lolling dolefully? Then I'll continue. The TV show Mr. Robot deals with the life and adventures of Elliot Alderson, a twenty-something New York devop and cyber-vigilante. He and his circle of chums, seeking to inflict revenge on a mega-corporation for a hushed-up industrial accident, stumble towards bringing e- …
Verity Stob, 28 Mar 2017
SpaceX robot

Spotted: Bizarre SpaceX rocket-snatching machine that looks like it belongs on Robot Wars

Pic A robot has been spotted on the landing pad of SpaceX's floating barge Of course I still love you, and the rocket biz is refusing to say what it is for. Coming soon from SpaceX! Click to enlarge (Source: Stephen Marr, used with permission) This photo of the machine was taken by a couple flying over the Florida port where …
Iain Thomson, 23 Mar 2017

Telepresence robot 'hackable' – security researchers

The IoT has thrown up a fresh set of vulnerabilities, this time in a telepresence robot from Double Robotics. Double Robotics Telepresence Robot offers a mobile conferencing device that allows the remote user to roam around an office for "face-to-face" conversations. Security researchers at Rapid7 disclosed multiple …
John Leyden, 13 Mar 2017

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