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AMD doubles down on existing Opteron server sockets

As El Reg anticipated earlier this week, the new upper management at AMD has come to its senses and figured out that moving to a new core and two new sockets for its Opteron line in 2012 was not a particularly good idea for its own finances, or those of the server makers who it wants to peddle Opteron-based iron. And so, that …
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Intel paints rosy future at Taiwan confab

Computex Despite the inarguable fact that the computer industry is mired in its worst sales decline ever, Intel is upbeat about the future. In his keynote speech on Tuesday at the huge Computex trade show in Taipei, Tawian, Intel's EVP and chief sales and marketing officer Sean Maloney chose to focus not on today's problems, but …
Rik Myslewski, 2 Jun 2009
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NPIA extends Holmes 2 agreement

The National Policing Improvement Agency has added three years to its agreement with Unisys for the support of its major crimes enquiry system. It has signed a contract with the company, with a value of up to £12m, to provide support and maintenance under the Holmes 2 Software Supply Enabling Agreement. The agreement, which …
Kablenet, 16 Sep 2008

AMD to launch 45nm quad-core Phenoms on 8 January 2009

What desktop processors are AMD planning to release during the final three months of the year? A leaked roadmap slide reveals all. And its first 'Deneb' desktops will debut in January 2009. The slide, sent to Spanish-language site ChileHardware, highlights 8 October as the next entry on AMD's calendar. On that day it'll launch …
Tony Smith, 4 Sep 2008
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Intel knits SoCs roadmap for x86

Intel is ready to charge once more unto the breach of system-on-a-chip (SoC) devices, this time with a new line of embedded processors based on the same instruction set used in all its desktop and mobile products. The chipmaker will release eight new x86-based SoC processors targeted at security, storage, and communication …
Austin Modine, 25 Jul 2008

AMD plans 12-core server chip for 2010

AMD today shed light on its upcoming server workstation roadmap, revealing details on its first six-core processor, expected to be released next year, and a 12-core offering, due by 2010. The upcoming dodeca-core chip will use AMD's next generation socket platform, dubbed "Maranello." In the second half of '09, AMD plans to …
Austin Modine, 7 May 2008

AMD adjusts three-core Phenom roll-out plan, moles claim

AMD's upcoming tri-core Phenom 8000-series desktop processors will appear next month, though only two of the anticipated three three-core CPUs will make it to market, it has been claimed. According to PC manufacturer sources cited by Chinese-language site HKEPC, only the 2.1GHz Phenom 8400 and the 2.3GHz Phenom 8600 will …
Tony Smith, 1 Feb 2008

Intel 'Moorestown' UMPCs to feature single-chip CPU/GPU

Intel announced its 'Moorestown' system-on-a-chip platform for UMPCs and internet tablets back in April this year, but it kept the details close to its chest. Now they've leaked out. Moorestown will comprise two chips: the SoC, codenamed 'Lincroft', and an I/O part called 'Langwell'. According to a report on Japanese-language …
Tony Smith, 28 Nov 2007

Intel swallows Itanic Java pill

JavaOne It's a tough job. Convincing Java developers that any hardware vendor - let alone Intel in the wake of roadmap set backs - has any immediate relevance. It's an even harder task sidestepping Intel's thorny heritage with Sun Microsystems over its 64-bit Itanium chipset. And, it's all made harder by the fact Sun Microsystems …
Gavin Clarke, 10 May 2007

Intel Core 2-based Pentiums to ship 3 June?

Intel's Core 2 Duo-derived Pentium E2000 series will debut on 3 June, it has been claimed. So too will the Celeron 400 series, the Core 2-based budget processor line. Expect two Pentium Es, says Chinese-language site HKEPC: the 1.6GHz E2140 and the 1.8GHz E2160. Both contain 1MB of L2 cache and sit on an 800MHz frontside bus …
Tony Smith, 12 Mar 2007

Intel 'Bloomfield' to intro 1,366-pin socket?

Intel will next year begin shipping processors with a 1,366 pins, it has been claimed. The interface will use the same land grid array (LGA) as the chip giant's current LGA775 process, but with almost twice as many pins. According to a report on Chinese-language site HKEPC, the interface will be called Socket B and ups the …
Tony Smith, 2 Mar 2007

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