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Nameless Right To Be Forgotten Google sueball man tries Court of Appeal – yet again

A man who has refused to identify himself to Google or the UK courts but is still trying to drag the ad tech company through a Right To Be Forgotten legal action last week had his second attempt to take it to the Court of Appeal* in London denied by a senior British judge. The man, who is only known to court staff and judges …
Gareth Corfield, 25 Sep 2018
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Anon man suing Google wants crim conviction to be forgotten

The nameless man suing Google is doing so over a blog post containing details of a criminal court report, making this a Right To Be Forgotten case, The Register can reveal. The man, known only as ABC, has been attempting to force Google to delete references to a Blogspot post since late last year. He began by writing direct to …
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The glorious uncertainty: Backup world is having a GDPR moment

"The right to erasure is not absolute," the UK Information Commissioner's Office told us as the question of the backup tech industry's exposure to the EU's General Data Protection Regulation was raised in the week after it came into force. The concerns Just last week, Curtis Preston, chief technical architect at Druva, raised …
Chris Mellor, 31 May 2018
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Whoops! Google forgot to delete Right To Be Forgotten search result

Exclusive Ten days after Google lost a Right To Be Forgotten judgment in London's High Court, one of the search results the judge ordered the search giant to delete was still online – until The Register asked Mountain View what it was doing there. The result in question came up when the real name of NT2, the businessman who successfully …
Gareth Corfield, 24 Apr 2018

How 'parasitic' Google's 'We're journalists!' court defence was stamped into oblivion

Comment Google's efforts to claim that it should be exempt from EU data protection laws because its search engine is "journalistic" really did not impress the judge in the Right To Be Forgotten trial. As we reported from the trial, one of the main planks of Google's defence in the RTBF trial amounted to the advertising technology …
Gareth Corfield, 19 Apr 2018
The Royal Courts of Justice in London

Anon biz bloke wins milestone Google Right To Be Forgotten lawsuit

RTBF trial A businessman has won the first ever “right to be forgotten” lawsuit against Google in London’s High Court – but a second man’s attempt to have embarrassing search results about him deleted has failed. The two pseudonymised men were referred to as NT1 and NT2 during the trial and in today’s judgment, delivered by High Court …
Gareth Corfield, 13 Apr 2018
Stef Hoffer

Here is how Google handles Right To Be Forgotten requests

RTBF trial Google allows software engineers, as well as its dedicated Right To Be Forgotten (RTBF) operatives, to make decisions about which search results ought to be deleted on request – and places such requests onto its internal bug-handling systems. Behind-the-scenes details of how the "online advertising technology" company handles …
Gareth Corfield, 19 Mar 2018
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Google to 'forget me' man: Have you forgotten what you said earlier?

RTBF trial The man demanding Google deletes search links to interviews he gave about a criminal offence he committed has been accused of giving “demonstrably false” answers in court by Google’s barrister. That accusation came during yesterday’s final hearing in the Right To Be Forgotten trial at the High Court in London. Antony White QC …
Gareth Corfield, 15 Mar 2018
The Royal Courts of Justice in London

Man who gave interviews about his crimes asks court to delete Google results

RTBF Trial The Right to be Forgotten trial has heard arguments on whether a man who gave interviews about his criminal past should be able to have those reports, among others, deleted from Google Search. “The claimant in this case is a businessman who more than a decade ago pleaded guilty to an offence of conspiracy to intercept …
Gareth Corfield, 13 Mar 2018

Info Commissioner tears into Google's 'call us journalists' trial defence

RTBF Trial UK Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham has declared war on Google, urging the High Court to throw out the ad biz's defences in the Right To Be Forgotten trial because they are "impermissibly broad". "If Google were right in its approach to the concept of 'journalism', that would yield a result whereby the commissioner …
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Does Parliament or Google decide when your criminal past is forgotten?

RTBF Trial "It's never been suggested that the public have some right to require the press to impart information to them," barrister Hugh Tomlinson QC told the Right To Be Forgotten trial in London's High Court yesterday. Tomlinson, acting on behalf of pseudonymous complainant "NT1", was discussing European data protection laws during …

Google: Class search results as journalism so we can dodge Right To Be Forgotten

RTBF Trial Google is claiming that journalistic exemptions from data protection laws should apply to its search results, in the first ever trial of the so-called Right To Be Forgotten in the High Court of England and Wales. A man who we are only permitted to name as NT1* is suing Google under the Data Protection Act for misuse of private …
Gareth Corfield, 28 Feb 2018
Google, photo by lightpoet via Shutterstock

Google asked to take down 2.4 MEEELLION URLs under EU law

Google has received takedown requests for 2.4 million URLs since 2014 – but said yes to less than half. As a result of a 2014 ruling from the European Court of Justice, EU citizens can ask Google to remove information about them from search results. According to Google's transparency report, published today, since 28 May 2014 …
Rebecca Hill, 27 Feb 2018

Google says broader right to be forgotten is 'serious assault' on freedom

Google's general counsel has signalled the company intends to fight, hard, against broad interpretations of the European Union's right to be forgotten. Kent Walker, the company's general counsel and senior veep, put his name to a strongly-worded post on Wednesday, US time. Titled “Defending access to lawful information at …
Simon Sharwood, 16 Nov 2017

Dear America, you can't steal a personality: GDPR godfather talks privacy with El Reg

Interview "Now I've heard that one before. Let me think, where was it... Ah yes. It was Google!" Jan Philipp Albrecht is the biggest thorn in the side of US data slurpers, and fortunately he has a good memory. The German Green MEP is the architect of Europe's new privacy regulations, GDPR, and we were discussing a rhetorical question …
Andrew Orlowski, 13 Oct 2017

Man with 74 convictions refused permission to fling sueball at Google

A sex offender with 74 convictions who changed his name to escape his past has been refused permission to sue Google by a judge in Northern Ireland. Callum Townsend, 25, who was previously called Stuart Townsend, had his effort to prohibit Google from publishing search results about him squashed by Lord Justice Stephens, …
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When we said don't link to the article, Google, we meant DON'T LINK TO THE ARTICLE!

A German court has given Google a hearty slap over its grudging response to "right to be forgotten" laws, telling it that not linking to information means exactly that: not linking to information. The Higher Regional Court of Munich issued an injunction [PDF] against the search engine company, telling it not to forward …
Kieren McCarthy, 15 Jun 2017

FYI – There's a legal storm brewing in Cali that threatens to destroy online free speech

Analysis Tech giants and rights groups have flooded the California Supreme Court with a dozen friend-of-the court briefs pleading for the reversal of a defamation ruling that threatens online speech protections. First, rewind to 2013, when a woman by the name of Ava Bird allegedly posted a negative review of San Francisco attorney Dawn …
Thomas Claburn, 20 Apr 2017

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