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Branson's SpaceShipTwo succeeds in first rocket-powered flight

Finally. Sir Richard Branson's long-delayed commercial spaceliner, the Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo, has successfully completed its first rocket-powered test flight. Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo on successful April 29, 2013 test flight Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo during its first rocket-powered test flight (click to …
Rik Myslewski, 29 Apr 2013

Branson, Berners-Lee, Google, £2m: LET'S SAVE THE WORLD

Google is waving £2m in front of charities, promising to donate dollops of the dosh if the orgs develop tech that improves people's lives. The not-for-profit bodies are invited to apply and compete for the cash; four "data-driven" projects that successfully prove their worth will each get a £500,000 cheque from the advertising …
Team Register, 25 Mar 2013
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Virgin Media's 'bye-bye to buffering' beardy Bolt boast BANNED

Virgin Media is banned from suggesting that its broadband is fast enough to spare punters from "buffering" delays online after rival BT complained. The national telco successfully cried foul to the UK advertising watchdog over a telly commercial featuring Olympic track champion Usain Bolt pretending to be Virgin Group's beardy …
Kelly Fiveash, 25 Jul 2012
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Richard Branson gets nod to strap rocket on SpaceShipTwo

Virgin Galactic has finally got the green light to attempt supersonic rocket-powered SpaceShipTwo flights at the end of the year. The SpaceShipTwo craft takes to the air carried by its WhiteKnightTwo mothership. Credit: Virgin Galactic The SpaceShipTwo craft takes to the air carried by its WhiteKnightTwo mothership The …
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Richard Branson plans submarine tours of dead whale corpse

San Diego's dead beached whale was towed offshore last night, with the help of billionaire Richard Branson. Branson's Virgin Oceanic fund agreed to fork over the readies for the project in exchange for the corpse of the whale, which it plans to study. Rather than taking the body off to a landfill, as originally planned, the …
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Virgin space rocketship trials 'feather' re-entry system

The SpaceShipTwo suborbital rocketplane, commissioned by beardy biz-lord Richard Branson in order to offer zero-G exoatmospheric joyrides to wealthy customers, has flight-tested its unique "feathering" re-entry mode. VSS Enterprise in feathered descent testing. Credit: Clay Observatory/Virgin Galactic Engage shuttlecock mode …
Lewis Page, 5 May 2011
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Richard Branson to prowl oceans' hadal depths in flying sub

Sir Richard Branson has set his sights on conquering the world's oceanic depths in a revolutionary carbon fibre and titanium "flying" submarine. The Virgin supremo's Virgin Oceanic project will encompass five dives over the next two years to "the deepest part of each of Earth's five oceans". The submarine is described as …
Lester Haines, 6 Apr 2011
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Branson 'spaceship' successfully falls off mothership

Virgin Galactic, the nascent suborbital joyride company backed by bearded biz-lord Richard Branson, has announced a further milestone on its road to dominance in the exoatmospheric-excursion market. In a test yesterday, one of the firm's passenger rocketplanes was successfully dropped from a jet "mothership" at 45,000 feet to …
Lewis Page, 11 Oct 2010
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Beardie cuts Virgin Media stake

Richard Branson has cut his stake in Virgin Media by more than a third. Virgin Group, Branson's investment vehicle which licences the Virgin brand to Virgin Media, now owns 6.5 per cent of the UK cable network, The Financial Times reports. It had owned 10.5 per cent. Virgin Group transferred the shares to Credit Suisse, after …
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Richard Branson dupes entire wireless industry with Google on Mars gag

CTIA Wireless Speaking this morning (Tuesday) at the CTIA Wireless trade show in Las Vegas, Sir Richard Branson told several hundred mobile industry insiders that he and Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin will soon fly a solar-powered Noah's Ark to Mars. And they believed him. "I'm sure all of you here know Google. Google and …
Cade Metz, 2 Apr 2008

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