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The UK's shrinking airforce

What is the difference between a drone, a model and a light plane?

Christmas is over, it’s grey outside, and you want to look at pages of blue skies, exotic locations, and smooth, aerodynamic models. Yes, you’re ready for El Reg’s dabble in the extreme end of modelling... aircraft modelling that is. Way back in the summer we were invited to a day out at Stow Maries, a refurbished WW1 …
Joe Fay, 26 Dec 2013
The RoboRoach with its backpack. Pic: Backyard Brains

Right royal rumpus over remote-control 'RoboRoach'

The makers of a cockroach electronic "backpack" which allows humans to control the movements of the insect via a mobile phone have unsurprisingly come under fire for what some see as a pseudoscientific way to mistreat animals. Backyard Brains' "RoboRoach" is a $99.99 Kickstarter-funded project, described as "an innovative …
Lester Haines, 11 Nov 2013
Logitech Harmony Ultimate

Logitech launches MEGA-PRICEY 15-in-1 remote

Swiss mouse master Logitech will whip out a pair of new Harmony “universal” remote controls this month, extending the range to take in home automation kit as well as your home entertainment rig. First, the Harmony Ultimate, the latest in Logitech’s line of programmable controllers. This one can control up to 15 devices and has …
Tony Smith, 16 Apr 2013

Wireless remote control inventor zaps out at 96

The man who took the knobs off the TV set and made a significant innovation in wireless technology, Eugene Polley, died yesterday in Illinois, aged 96. Polley invented the first wireless TV remote control in 1955. Called the Flash-Matic, the remote was produced by US firm Zenith Electronics. The wireless remote has been hailed …
Lawrence Walsh, 23 May 2012
The Register breaking news

'Social' TV app Zeebox goes live

As of this morning anyone can try Zeebox, the new interactive TV venture from Anthony Rose. Rose rescued the BBC's iPlayer and was chief techie behind YouView, formerly Project Canvas – prior to that he was Kazaa's CTO. Zeebox works both as a TV remote control and a mobile app, providing a backchannel to live TV via the web. …
Andrew Orlowski, 28 Oct 2011
Griffin Helo TC

Griffin grounds phone-controlled copter until Xmas

Here's Griffin Technology's top offering for Christmas: the Helo TC, a 12cm toy helicopter remote controlled using an iPhone for sure and maybe an Android handset too. Griffin Helo TC Parrot's AR.Drone quad-copter will set you back £240 or more, but Griffin's gadget should be yours for £35, company spokesfolks told us this …
Tony Smith, 14 Jul 2011
The Register breaking news

Flying Keymouse II takes to the air

Tech gadgets company Brando is making moves with the Wireless Flying Keymouse II that it announced today. Wireless Flying Keymouse II This handheld device, which looks much like a designer TV remote control, features 65 keys and an integrated laser pointer. In use as a mouse, movements in the air position the cursor which …
Bob Dormon, 22 Jun 2011
Web Controlled Gun Set-up

Illegal cyber-hunting rig spied

A homemade shotgun-and-webcam combo designed to be fired remotely over the internet has been discovered next to a wild boar feeding area in Georgia. This illegal setup was stumbled upon last year by a utility contractor, who snapped a pic and sent it to the Georgia Wildlife Resources Division. The US Office of Homeland …
Caleb Cox, 18 Jan 2011
Keene IRAnywhere

Keene IRAnywhere

Review Infrared remotes are easily taken for granted for controlling the TV from the couch, but with the Keene IRAnywhere system, you can take channel hopping to the next level. Ever wanted to change the channel from across international borders? For long-distance disciplinarian dads, the possibilities for family fun are endless. …
Shaun Dormon, 9 Jan 2010

TV remote argument allegedly prompts stabbing

Register Hardware hacks get pretty defensive when someone ‘borrows’ their gadgets, but verbal exchanges are usually as heated as disagreements get. But a US man’s been stabbed, allegedly by his ex-girlfriend, in an argument over.. ahem... the TV remote. Brittney Love Venton, 19, of St Paul, Minneapolis, has been charged with …
James Sherwood, 17 Dec 2008

Blinking to replace remote controls, claims Japanese boffin

A Japanese researcher is planning to revolutionise the humble remote control in the blink of an eye, literally. Kome Kami Switch All this to skip tracks on your iPod Image courtesy AFP Kazuhiro Taniguchi, a researcher at the Osaka University Graduate School of Engineering Science, has invented a blink-operated switch …
James Sherwood, 23 Jul 2008

Yes! It's the RC beer delivery system!

Fridges are a great invention, but the major drawback is that you’ve got to get out of the armchair and walk all the way across to them for an ice-cold beer. Well, not any more, because an remote-control booze cooler’s rolled onto the scene. RC_Beer Beer comes to you, within 30ft The R/C Drinks Cooler looks no different …
James Sherwood, 20 Jun 2008
graph up

Microsoft chases satnav market

Microsoft has announced a new iteration of Windows Embedded, this time targeted at satellite navigation hardware, although it sneaks in a sideshow capability to keep the Windows Vista connection alive. Windows Embedded NavReady is apparently aimed at Portable Navigation Devices (PNDs) and includes Windows Live Search and MSN …
Bill Ray, 17 Jun 2008

Logitech touts Harmony One remote control

CES Logitech has expanded its universal remote control range and launched the Harmony One universal commander, sorry, remote. Despite looking like something that God might use to control his TV, its most unique feature is a 2.2in colour screen. It has numerous options, such as for playing a DVD, but responds to tiny electrical …

Wave goodbye to your TV... literally

Losing a remote control down the back of the sofa could soon become a thing of the past, thanks to two Australian boffins' development of a TV controller system operated entirely by hand signals. The system combines a webcam, a gesture processing unit and a universal remote control. The webcam captures the hand signal, which …
James Sherwood, 18 Jul 2007

DLO debuts Nano-like iPod wireless remote

There are iPod docks with remote controls, but there aren't many with remote controls that let you choose your music without getting up close to the music player's diminutive display. DLO's new HomeDock Music Remote is one of them. The dock unit itself is pretty standard. It'll take a range of iPods old and new, and connect …
Tony Smith, 16 May 2007

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