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GoDaddy now RegisterFly's daddy, says ICANN

The RegisterFly clusterf**ck took a major step towards resolution today with the official announcement by ICANN that GoDaddy will take control of the approximately 850,000 domain names still in the clutches of RegisterFly CEO Kevin Medina. The internet rumors of a GoDaddy takeover turned out to be true, and Medina now can devote …
Burke Hansen, 29 May 2007
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RegisterFly held in contempt of court as injunction is made permanent

Could the RegisterFly mess be wrapping up at last? That appears to be the case, according to ICANN's blog. ICANN announced Friday that RegisterFly and CEO Kevin Medina have been held in contempt of court, and that the preliminary injunction issued by United States District Court Judge Manuel L. Real issued on April 26 had been …
Burke Hansen, 28 May 2007
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RegisterFly domain transfer imminent, ICANN reports

ICANN has finally found a registrar with a track record to take over renegade registrar RegisterFly's domains. RegisterFly, which lost its ICANN accreditation after repeated violations of the Registrar Accreditation Agreement (RAA), has been embroiled in litigation with former customers, ICANN, and even with itself. The …
Burke Hansen, 25 May 2007
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ICANN pushes for public participation in top level domains

The Internet Corporation for the Assignment of Names and Numbers (ICANN) has taken what appears to be a welcome step toward increasing public participation in the controversial area of generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) approval. ICANN, which determines the technical standards that govern the internet, has long been criticized for …
Burke Hansen, 11 May 2007
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Cerf seeks acolytes to carry the ICANN torch

Internet legend and ICANN Chairman Vint Cerf is finally hanging up his spurs, according to ICANN’s website. ICANN posted a video interview with Cerf on its website, as well as on YouTube and Google video. The interview is a swansong of sorts – both a paean to his tenure as chairman, and a plea for others to take up the mantle …
Burke Hansen, 8 May 2007
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RegisterFly swatted by federal court

The Internet Corporation for the Assignment of Names and Numbers (ICANN) revealed today that US District Court Judge Manuel Real has issued a preliminary injunction in its favor allowing for the immediate termination of its Registrar Accreditation Agreement (RAA) with dysfunctional registrar RegisterFly. The termination was …
Burke Hansen, 28 Apr 2007
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RegisterFly fire sale at hand?

Could troubled domain registrar RegisterFly be up for sale? The Register has seen a copy of a letter of intent from Cogit, a technology-focused consulting group based in New Jersey, offering to buy out RegisterFly’s CEO and sole shareholder Kevin Medina for $1.15 mil. Whether or not Medina has indicated any interest in selling …
Burke Hansen, 25 Apr 2007
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ICANN gets restraining order against RegisterFly

In a welcome victory for RegisterFly customers, ICANN announced yesterday that it had been granted a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) against RegisterFly, the ICANN-accredited domain registrar accused of allowing tens of thousands of domains to lapse unlawfully. The TRO orders RegisterFly to provide copies of all current …
Burke Hansen, 18 Apr 2007
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ICANN board member berates 'woefully unprepared' DHS

Amid the outcry over allegations that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) wants the security keys to the DNSSEC encryption technology slowly – very slowly – being adopted by internet overlord ICANN, one ICANN board member, the refreshingly candid Susan Crawford, has recently taken her own swipe at security standards in …
Burke Hansen, 14 Apr 2007
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In the wake of RegisterFly, is ICANN taking flight?

In the aftermath of the ICANN meeting in Lisbon, the RegisterFly disaster continues to inspire both litigation and paranoia. Those connecting the dots are convinced that an ICANN report debated at the Lisbon meetings exploring the possibility of changing ICANN to an international organization along the lines of the …
Burke Hansen, 5 Apr 2007
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ICANN rejects .xxx

ICANN Lisbon In an unusual open board meeting today, ICANN once again rejected the establishment of a .xxx top level domain (TLD). The vote was 8-4 with a single abstention, that of CEO Paul Twomey. The open meeting provided an opportunity to hear a debate that in the past had been conducted behind closed doors. The debate seemed to follow …
Burke Hansen, 30 Mar 2007
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ICANN ready to shut up and move on

ICANN Lisbon "Turistas, if you cannot respect the silence of the Portuguese, go to Spain" - graffiti spotted at the entrance to the midieval Alfama neighborhood of Lisbon ICANN may not be heading to Spain, but Lisbon will soon be rid a few more noisy turistas. The ancient city of Lisbon - a name derived originally from that of the city's …
Burke Hansen, 30 Mar 2007
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ICANN fires back with stern threat of legal action...again

Lisbon 2007 Without any fanfare, or even notice of an ongoing lawsuit against itself, ICANN posted another letter to RegisterFly on Wednesday giving it notice (again) of an intent to pursue legal action against the disintegrating registrar. This was not posted in the blog section, where one would expect to find it these days - it was …
Burke Hansen, 29 Mar 2007
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ICANN sued by irate RegisterFly customer, as class action rumble begins

ICANN Lisbon The Dummit Law Firm announced today on its website that it has filed a class action lawsuit against internet registrars Registerfly and Enom, as well as internet standards body ICANN. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of Anne Martinez, a Registerfly customer and the registered owner of, which provided the main …
Burke Hansen, 28 Mar 2007
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Of ICANN and the registrar zombies

ICANN Lisbon ICANN Lisbon 2007 officially opened today, although in true ICANN style work has been going on all weekend - it's just the public part began today, with the usual welcoming speeches by Chairman Vint Cerf and CEO Paul Twomey. The opening speeches provided a glimpse into some recent ICANN accomplishments - Libya got its own Top …
Burke Hansen, 26 Mar 2007
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ICANN speaks out for registrar reform

As Registerfly fades into oblivion, ICANN has at last taken it upon itself to address many of the questions raised by the company's precipitous collapse. ICANN issued a statement on its website today detailing a variety of issues to be addressed at the upcoming ICANN conference in Lisbon. President and CEO of ICANN, Dr Paul …
Burke Hansen, 22 Mar 2007
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ICANN terminates RegisterFly with extreme prejudice

ICANN yesterday gave notice to terminate's right to handle domain transfers. The internet-oversight organisation has given RegisterFly 15 days notice to cease operating as an ICANN-accredited registrar. When the notice period expires on March 31, ICANN can approved the bulk transfer of domains to another ICANN …
Drew Cullen, 17 Mar 2007
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ICANN: we can help Registerfly mess

The landslide of bad news from Registerfly has continued, as ICANN created a forum for dispute resolution for this mess, and Registerfly customers desperately tried to shift their domains to other registrars before they vanished into cyberspace. The romantic and professional break up between Kevin Medina and John Narusewicz, …
Burke Hansen, 15 Mar 2007

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