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Brother from another: SUSE releases software-defined Ceph

The other Linux distro, SUSE, has made good its Ceph promise. Ceph is an open source, unified, scale-out block, object store and file system, and is used for big data workloads. It competes with Gluster and IBM's proprietary GPFS and is thought to be the most popular open source distributed storage software. Red Hat has made …
Chris Mellor, 17 Feb 2015

Acronis sucks up another Red Hatter

Backup software outfit Acronis wants to break out of the backup ghetto, and has recruited a Red Hat cloud business exec to help it do this. Scott Crenshaw will become its chief marketing officer, with a focus on enterprise file sync 'n' share. Crenshaw comes to the Franco-American outfit from a position as VP and general …
Chris Mellor, 26 Sep 2012
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Money can't buy open-source love... only code can

Open ... and Shut Money can't buy you happiness, but Meteor, a web-apps startup focused on enterprise app development, seems to think it can buy it an open-source community. Instead of the standard startup funding announcement, proclaiming that the company will use its funding for product development, marketing and so on, Meteor says it "will …
Matt Asay, 27 Jul 2012
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GNOME emits 'head up the arse' desktop update

The GNOME Project has updated its desktop barely six months after the controversial introduction of version 3.0. GNOME 3.2 has a new online accounts manager for accessing web-based services and data storage and integrating this with the browser and other software. The new code also has a viewing application dubbed Sushi, which …
Iain Thomson, 30 Sep 2011
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Red Hat dev cloud welcomes Java EE 6

Red Hat has announced that its OpenShift developer cloud now handles Java Enterprise Edition 6, boasting that this is the first "platform-as-as-service" to do so. An online service for building, hosting, and readily-scaling applications, OpenShift is akin to Google App Engine, Microsoft Azure, and Cloud Foundry, the new open …
Cade Metz, 10 Aug 2011
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Oracle looks for love at Java DevJam

FOSDEM 2011 The Java* track at FOSDEM 2011 started off on the right foot by dealing with the state of the OpenJDK head on – both politically and technically – with a talk from Oracle's Mark Reinhold. There were quite a few speakers at Java DevJam and lots of Java tech over the two days, but this talk was needed to start to clear the air, …

Mickos and Eucalyptus lock arms with Red Hat

Marten Mickos – the former MySQL boss who now runs build-your-own-cloud startup Eucalyptus Systems – has hitched his new wagon to Red Hat. In more ways than one. Last month, Mickos and company announced a pact with Red Hat that will see Eucalyptus embrace the Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (RHEV) hypervisor as well as the …
Cade Metz, 11 Jan 2011
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Red Hat scores empty patent pledge

America, it's said, is a litigious land with a patent system ripe for exploitation and in desperate need of reform. Red Hat's run-in with Firestar Software seems to prove that. The Linux vendor has been receiving plaudits and its legal team patting themselves on the back for defusing a ticking time bomb of claims against its …
Gavin Clarke, 17 Jul 2008

JBoss app server 5.0 emerges from hiding

Red Hat is inching closer to delivery of the long-awaited JBoss Application Server 5.0, but there's still no final release date. Sacha Labourey, chief technology officer (CTO) for JBoss, has blogged the first release candidate is now frozen and will be available some time this week. He said a further release candidate will be …
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CentOS updates Red Hat Enterprise clone

Love Red Hat Enterprise Linux and want the latest edition, but can't stand the company and refuse to give it a single red cent? You're in luck. The open source CentOS project has released its latest RHEL clone in the wake of Red Hat's recent release of RHEL version 5.2. CentOS 5.2 features stability improvements to the open …
Gavin Clarke, 26 Jun 2008
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Red Hat promises delayed JBoss 'worth the wait'

Red Hat has committed to delivering the delayed next edition of JBoss in the "next several" quarters, promising the wait will be worth it. JBoss Application Server 5.0, once expected at the start of 2008, will feature a micro kernel and container, support for OSGi, and REST. Support for Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) 5.0 …
Gavin Clarke, 16 Jun 2008
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Next Ubuntu LTS in 2010, unless Linuxes synchronize

Mark Shuttleworth, head of Canonical and founder of the Ubuntu project, has called on other Linux developers to synchronize releases of new versions of their distros. He also pledged to deliver the next Long Term Support (LTS) release of Ubuntu, version 10.4, in April 2010 - unless, of course, Red Hat, Novell and Debian decide …
Phil Manchester, 13 May 2008

Sun woos Linux distros with bundle deals

Sun Microsystems is in talks with two more Linux projects to ensure its open source software and tools are delivered straight into the hands of developers. The company is speaking to representatives of the Debian and OpenSuSE projects, having already engaged with Ubuntu and Fedora over bundling its software. The goal is for …
Gavin Clarke, 28 Apr 2008
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Fresh blood - the new fight for open source

Meet "Zorro, master of the night". Zorro is a Java developer for a major US bank that makes widespread use of open source software. Zorro is keen to participate in open source projects, too, except for one thing - his employer won't let him. "For me, to contribute back to open source, I'd have to become 'Zorro, master of the …
Gavin Clarke, 8 Apr 2008
Steve Ballmer

Ballmer: All open source dev should happen on Windows

While in Britain last week, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer took a swipe at just about everything - from one of the world's largest Linux vendors to a social networking company he may end up buying. He insisted that Red Hat violates MS patents. He compared Facebook to GeoCities. He even accused Google of reading your email. At …
Cade Metz, 9 Oct 2007

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