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Delphix sends database virtualization sailing up the Amazon

Delphix is integrating Amazon's Relational Database Service (RDS) into its database virtualizing platform. The company started out provisioning virtual copies for test and dev and so forth. It then evolved into a supplier of personal virtualized data environments, covering on-premises and public cloud environments. RDS …
Chris Mellor, 1 Dec 2017
Paddy Cosgrave at Web Summit

Having a Web Summit? Get some decent Wi-Fi!

Web Summit It’s never a good thing for conference organisers when their Wi-Fi goes down – but it’s even worse when you’re positioning yourself as the première European tech conference of the year, Web Summit. Attendees were pretty miffed as Dublin’s massive 22,000-strong event kicked off today and the Wi-Fi at the RDS venue promptly …

Microsoft, Oracle finally get a room: Now they're ready to take on Amazon cloud

The rise of Amazon Web Services's hulking infrastructure cloud has turned former rivals Microsoft and Oracle into chums. Redmond announced on Thursday that Oracle Database, Oracle WebLogic Server, and Java were all now available on the Windows Azure cloud, served up in license-included virtual machine images, just as El Reg …
Jack Clark, 14 Mar 2014
Bezos headshot

Amazon fires up worldwide Read Replicas for hosted MySQL

Developers that use the hulking Amazon Web Services infrastructure cloud can now shift Read Replicas of data into other global data center hubs. The new feature was announced at the web giant's re:Invent show earlier in November and has now been made available. Previously, Read Replicas could only be shifted about within …
Jack Clark, 27 Nov 2013
PostgreSQL 9.2 elephant

Make room, guys. Here comes the Postgres with the mostess on AWS

re:Invent 2013 Amazon has started serving up hot clusters of PostgreSQL on its managed database service, but at a large price. The arrival of PostgreSQL comes after Amazon was peppered with requests by developers for the database, the company said on Thursday, and takes the total number of databases supported by the company's Relational …
Jack Clark, 15 Nov 2013
cloud computing Fight

Amazon adds free Oracle analytics tool to cloud

Just two days after Microsoft made Oracle's technology available on its Windows Azure cloud, Amazon has added a sophisticated diagnostic tech to its own Oracle database service. Amazon announced the addition of the Statspack performance diagnostic tool for all Oracle editions and engine versions offered by its Relational …
Jack Clark, 27 Sep 2013
An Amazon Coin

Amazon SLASHES hosted database prices

Just a week after the service became generally available, Amazon has slashed the cost of running databases in its cloud by as much as 27 per cent, putting pressure on rivals to do the same. The major price reductions to its Relational Database Service (AWS RDS) were announced by Amazon on Tuesday following graduation of the …
Jack Clark, 11 Jun 2013
The Register breaking news

Amazon cloud database graduates into general availability

Amazon's cloudy database service has donned its cap and graduated into general availability, after three and a half years of dealing with data workloads. The graduation of the Amazon Web Services Relational Database Service (AWS RDS) was announced by Amazon on Thursday, and along with the standard round of back-patting and …
Jack Clark, 6 Jun 2013

Amazon takes on Microsoft Azure head-on

If you are thinking about deploying .NET applications on a platform cloud and whacking them against an SQL Server database embedded in that platform cloud, Microsoft's The Cloud Formerly Known As Azure is not your only option. Amazon Web Services has fired up its own analog to Azure. The two new services, Amazon RDS for SQL …

Next-gen iPhone to gain FM transmitter tech

Will the next iPhone have built-in Griffin iTrip-style FM transmission tech? It certainly appears so - and 802.11n Wi-Fi into the bargain. AppleInsider claims that the latest pre-release version of iPhone OS 3.0 references a Broadcom 802.11n-capable wireless chip, the BCM4329. The iPhone 3G can currently connect by 802.11b/g …
Tony Smith, 6 Apr 2009
Pure Evoke-2S

Pure Digital Evoke-2S DAB and FM radio

Review With its ‘chip company that also makes radios’ label firmly in the past, Pure Digital can now move on to produce products at the top end of the market. But to justify its premium price of £170, the "luxury" Evoke-2S needs to deliver a something special. Fortunately for Pure, it does just that. Pure Evoke-2S Pure's Evoke-2S: …
Lewis Caliburn, 24 Mar 2009

Motorola's rockin' Rokr trio

Motorola has refreshed its Rokr music mobile range with the launch of three additional handsets. Moto_Rokr_EM30 Motorola's Rokr EM30 has a light-up keypad The MotoRokr EM30 is a candybar phone, whilst the Rokr EM28 opens as a clamshell and the Rokr EM25 sports a slider design. EM30 fans get a keypad that lights up red …

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