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Olympic athletes compete in RAYGUN SHOOTING for the first time

Thus far, we here at the Register have struggled to hang much of a tech angle on the ongoing London Olympics. As there are also few obvious Paris Hilton angles to be found on the 2012 spectacle-fest, and few Vultures have any deep expertise in sports or physical exercise, we have thus far confined ourselves to a few pieces on …
Lewis Page, 31 Jul 2012
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PLASMA GERM BLASTER GUN invented for cleaning skin

A handheld plasma blaster that can beam away 17 layers of bacteria could be used in medical emergencies to clean skin and wounds, said a physics boffin presenting the device in the Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics today. The plasma gun or "flashlight" requires just a 5V battery to produce enough cold plasma to kill even …
Anna Leach, 5 Apr 2012
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Revealed: Full specs on Mars rover's nuclear laser heat ray

The Register rayguns desk is pleased to report that we have now obtained full specifications on the powerful laser heat-ray disintegrator blaster fitted to the NASA Mars rover Curiosity, which departed planet Earth on Saturday and is even now hurtling through the void of space towards a rendezvous with destiny in the red planet' …
Lewis Page, 29 Nov 2011
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Army raygun to boost power with starlight de-twinkling tech

The US Army, in the process of building an enormous raygun on a lorry, has decided that it will enhance its laser cannon of the future by the use of adaptive optics - a crafty technology employed in telescopes by astronomers to eliminate the effects of the atmosphere on starlight. Under the High Energy Laser Technology …
Lewis Page, 16 Nov 2011
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US Navy orders laser machine guns

US Navy warships will soon be equipped with fearful combination weapons mounts boasting both heavy machine-guns and high powered laser rayguns, it has been announced. Manufacturer Boeing says it has inked a teaming agreement with the US operations of arms globo-mammoth BAE Systems to build the Mk 38 Mod 2 Tactical Laser System …
Lewis Page, 27 Jul 2011
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Living, biological raygun produced in lab

Beings or creatures able to emit beams of focused energy from their own living bodies: fiction, right? Comic-book, X Men stuff, right? Wrong. Boffins in America have announced that they have successfully produced laser light from living cells under laboratory conditions, paving the way - they say - for living lasers to be …
Lewis Page, 13 Jun 2011
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US Navy laser cannon used to set boat aflame

Vid US Navy boffins last week carried out their first test of a raygun mounted on a warship, using the beam to blast a small rigid-inflatable boat and set its engines on fire. The boat-blaster trial comes as part of the Maritime Laser Demonstrator (MLD) programme run by the US Office of Naval Research (ONR). It took place near …
Lewis Page, 11 Apr 2011
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Raygun dreadnought project reports 'remarkable breakthrough'

US Navy boffins say they have achieved a major milestone in their quest to build an invincible raygun battleship. The breakthrough comes in the Free Electron Laser (FEL) project, intended to produce an electrically powered, megawatt-range laser able to sweep the skies of pesky aircraft, hypersonic shipkiller missiles etc. …
Lewis Page, 20 Jan 2011
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US raygun jumbo fluffs another test missile-blast attempt

The United States' enormous jumbo-jet-mounted raygun, the Airborne Laser Testbed (ALTB), has suffered another embarrassing test failure. During an attempt to beam down a target missile off the Californian coast last week, a technical hitch saw the 747's blaster cannon fail to fire up. Warfare of the future as foreseen by the …
Lewis Page, 25 Oct 2010

Defence Minister 'to big up electropulse threat' - report

New UK defence minister Liam Fox has fallen into the clutches of fearmongering armsbiz lobbyists, according to reports. The Telegraph reports on a behind-closed-doors speech by Dr Fox at an event today organised by Avi Schnurr, a lobbyist known for pushing the idea that various expensive defence technologies should be …
Lewis Page, 20 Sep 2010
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US raygun jumbo jet fails to beam down test missile

The USA's famed ray-cannon jumbo jet, the Airborne Laser Testbed (ALTB), failed to shoot down a ballistic missile in a long-delayed live test last week. The ALTB nose laser turret. credit: MDA You miss one missile... The US Missile Defence Agency (MDA), in charge of the test, saw fit not to announce the test or its failure …
Lewis Page, 9 Sep 2010
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Inmate-frying microwave pain blaster turret installed in US jail

A microwave "pain ray" energy weapon, deemed too controversial for US military use in Iraq, has nonetheless gone into service. A trial installation is in use at a prison in Los Angeles for the purpose of quelling fights among the inmates. "We hope that this type of technology will either cause an inmate to stop an assault or …
Lewis Page, 24 Aug 2010
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US energy-weapon project going well

A US military tech project aimed at developing portable, functional battlefield energy weapons has successfully achieved initial goals and is now moving on towards "weapons-class performance levels". The project in question is the optimistically-named Revolution In Fiber Lasers (RIFL), ultimately intended to deliver war-grade …
Lewis Page, 24 Jun 2010
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Amazing 'pulse of darkness' ray tech birthed in US gov labs

US government boffins say they have invented a fiendishly cunning new kind of laser running on quantum dots which, rather than producing pulses of light, actually emits pulses of intense darkness. Unsurprisingly but mildly sinisterly, the new invention has been dubbed the "dark pulse laser". It works using extremely clever …
Lewis Page, 10 Jun 2010
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New laser raygun tech: Our sharks kick the tyres

Raygun fans will be overjoyed today to hear that a major problem of energy weapons - the fact that they tend to be hugely more devastating to themselves and their users than they are to their targets - may soon be solved. No, really. Even the very latest laser and high-powered microwave weapons have beam efficiencies well …
Lewis Page, 8 Jun 2010
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Rave reviews at robotic robot-roaster raygun rollout

There's big news from the world of rayguns this week, as the US Navy has announced successful use of a laser cannon fitted to its well-known "R2-D2" robotic gun turret installation to shoot down other, flying robots in a test. The Laser Weapon System (LaWS) prototype. Credit: NAVSEA Shark-portability issues continue to dog …
Lewis Page, 1 Jun 2010
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US Army moves rocket-buster raygun from lab to firing range

The US Army says it's time to move battle rayguns out of the lab and onto the firing range: and it is doing so. According to the Space and Missile Defence Command, a prototype electrically powered war-blaster which has shown combat-worthy power levels of 100+ kilowatts is even now being set up on a test range in New Mexico. …
Lewis Page, 19 Feb 2010
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Raygun 747 missile-zapping test video released

Vid The US Missile Defence Agency has released video of last week's test of the Airborne Laser Testbed (ALTB) - the huge, jumbo-jet-mounted laser cannon built to blast hostile ballistic missiles out of the sky as they boost upward from their launch sites. The ALTB was formerly known simply as the Airborne Laser (ABL), but has …
Lewis Page, 16 Feb 2010

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