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Dan Dare

RAF Air Command to take on UK military space ops

The Royal Air Force (RAF) is to take on command and control of UK military space operations, including a possible UK-based alternative to the EU's Galileo satellite constellation. The Defence Space Strategy (DSS), which remains somewhat light on detail until it is published in full over the summer, will bump numbers working in …
Richard Speed, 21 May 2018
Six parked concordes photo British Airways

Take-off crash 'n' burn didn't kill the Concorde, it was just too bloody expensive to maintain

Geek's Guide to Britain For a generation that never heard the sonic boom as Concorde broke the sound barrier overhead, the iconic white arrow-shaped aircraft dubbed "The Rocket" by British Airways is just a story our parents told. Before we travel to the museum in Filton, Gloucestershire, that houses it, let's take a trip back in time. Aérospatiale/ …
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Canada buys Obama's reject Brit choppers for spare parts

Canada has snapped up a rejected fleet of US presidential helicopters, intending to break up the choppers for spare parts to keep its own search-and-rescue aircraft flying. The British forces may wish they had struck such a deal, as they too operate the "Merlin" copter in large numbers - and they too have severe difficulties in …
Lewis Page, 29 Jun 2011
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Airborne killer robot destroys Libyan anti-aircraft missile

Analysis In news which will send a cold chill down the necks of fast-jet pilots and air forces around the world, it has been announced that an unmanned "Predator" drone has destroyed a heavy Libyan surface-to-air missile in Tripoli on Sunday. A Tornado GR4 en route to operations over Libya, pictured from a refuelling tanker aircraft. …
Lewis Page, 26 Apr 2011
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RAF Eurofighters make devastating attack – on Parliament

The RAF has blown up two apparently abandoned Libyan tanks using a Eurofighter Typhoon jet in a move which appears to have been motivated more by Whitehall infighting than by any attempt to battle the forces of dictator Muammar Gaddafi. The following video was released by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) yesterday afternoon, less …
Lewis Page, 15 Apr 2011
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UK's Reaper flying hunter-killer fleet 'to double'

The UK expects to double its fleet of "Reaper" robot hunter-killer aircraft, according to the machines' manufacturer. The MQ-9 Reaper drone in flight Better than a Tornado bomber. General Atomics, which developed the famous Predator drone warplane and its bigger successor the Predator-B/Reaper, announced last week that it …
Lewis Page, 5 Apr 2011
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MoD rejects Gaddafi low-flying aircraft complaint

In a serious blow to Libya's Muammar Gaddafi, the Ministry of Defence has moved to prevent the tyrant whining about low-flying RAF aircraft. We understand that over the weekend the dictator attempted to complain that Brit flyboys were putting a real downer on his day, but this is what happened when he tried to input the …
Lester Haines, 21 Mar 2011
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New RAF transport plane is 'Euro-w*nking makework project'

A peer and former defence minister has described the A400M military transport plane - which is being bought by the cash-strapped UK armed forces for a secret but outrageous amount of money - as a "Euro-wanking make-work project" in the written Parliamentary record. Airbus President and CEO Tom Enders and the A400M Programme …
Lewis Page, 19 Nov 2010
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MoD labels Facebook Places a 'targeting pack' for terrorists

Exclusive Security chiefs have cautioned army, navy and RAF personnel to disable Facebook Places, over fears it could be used by terrorists to identify and track targets. The new service could act as a "one stop shop targeting pack", particularly in Northern Ireland, they warn. The Ministry of Defence is concerned about how it could …
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Brits trump Ruskies with flying horse

We're delighted to report that the RAF have shown Russian donkey dangler Vasily Gorobets - the man responsible for the Sea of Azov airborne ass - just how it's really done. Gorobets defiantly laughed in the face of international outrage at his asinine parasailing stunt, and declared: "I'm a hero. Nobody has ever flown a …
Lester Haines, 28 Jul 2010
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Supersonic stealth jumpjet in first hover-system flight test

Vid The world's first supersonic stealth jumpjet, the F-35B, has belatedly begun flight tests of its vertical-thrust technology - much of which is from Blighty. The radical plane is intended to replace the famous Harrier in the services of many nations, including the UK. Here's a vid of the test aircraft trying out its downward- …
Lewis Page, 12 Jan 2010
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MoD does everything right for once in Xmas shocker

Comment It doesn't happen often, but just for once there's good news out of the Ministry of Defence - good news for British troops in combat overseas, and good news for British taxpayers too. But it's bad news for the UK arms biz, and bad news for certain regional communities who rely on the MoD to bring them government money they …
Lewis Page, 16 Dec 2009
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Major helicopter reorganisation for RAF and Navy

The Labour government has announced significant changes at the Ministry of Defence (MoD), whose effect will be to put more resources into the Afghan war while nonetheless cutting spending overall - largely by reductions to parts of the RAF not engaged in the fighting. However, there is also a major reshuffle of helicopters among …
Lewis Page, 15 Dec 2009
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RAF's new military airlifter finally lumbers into the air

Comment Another doleful milestone for British taxpayers and servicemen today, as the A400M military transport plane takes to the air for its first test flight. The A400M - a decade late and massively overbudget - continues to drain the UK's defence coffers though better alternatives are readily available: meanwhile our fighting troops …
Lewis Page, 11 Dec 2009
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Government slashes final Eurofighter order

The UK is buying only 40 out of an expected 88 aircraft as part of the third tranche of orders for the controversial Eurofighter Typhoon. The 40 planes will cost £3bn - 24 are replacing RAF planes which have already been sold and sent to Saudi Arabia, and 16 are actual extra planes. The first aircraft should go into active …
John Oates, 31 Jul 2009
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Anti-Eurofighter Downing Street e-petition started

Comment A petition urging Prime Minister (for the moment) Gordon Brown to cease all further spending on the controversial Eurofighter Typhoon third tranche has appeared on the Downing Street website. The petition could gain substantial support among the army, the navy and those who support them: it's unlikely to find favour with the air …
Lewis Page, 8 Jun 2009
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ESA chooses British army officer as astronaut

In an unexpected move, the European Space Agency (ESA) has selected a British army officer as one of its second-ever batch of astronauts. Major Timothy Peake, an Apache attack-helicopter pilot in the Army Air Corps, could fly to the International Space Station as soon as 2013. “We are at a turning point in ESA’s human …
Lewis Page, 20 May 2009
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Blighty orders first 3 supersonic stealth jumpjets

The UK has ordered its first three Joint Strike Fighter (aka F-35 or "Lightning II") supersonic stealth jumpjets. The initial trio of UK planes will be prototypes built as part of the F-35's development phase, giving Blighty access and input to the jet's final design. The supersonic jumpjet flies: no jumping until 2009 The F …
Lewis Page, 19 Mar 2009

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