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A blade server from the UV2 super

SGI tax bennies push bigger profit in Q1

Jorge Titinger, the CEO who was brought into Silicon Graphics last year to clean up the mess made by $87m in low-margin deals that wrecked the company's bottom line for a few quarters, is probably breathing a little easier now that the most recent quarter has ended. Not just because revenues were up, but because the remaining $ …
A blade server from the UV2 super

SGI not selling off NUMAlink – so forget that idea

Thanks to belt-tightening and the shifting of $50m low-margin deals out another quarter, supercomputer and dense rack server maker Silicon Graphics turned in a relatively decent second quarter of its fiscal year 2013. Two weeks ago, when it was participating in the Needham Growth Conference, SGI released preliminary financial …
Accelerator nodes for the UV 2000 sporting Xeon Phi and Tesla coprocessors

SGI UV 2000 supers are Intel and Nvidia inside

Supercomputer makers used to stuffing processors and networks into machines to build clusters or shared memory systems have to adapt their machines to take advantage of various kinds of compute accelerators that offers cheaper flops, and Silicon Graphics is no exception. To that end, the company has reworked its high-end UV …
SGI Ice Cube Dual Row Container

Red ink deeper at SGI as sales shrink

Jorge Titinger, who was tapped to be the CEO at server and supercomputer maker Silicon Graphics back in February, has his work cut out for him amind slowing sales and mounting losses. It is a situation that many CEOs at SGI (and at rival Cray) have found themselves in time and time again. But SGI is now in a new fiscal year …
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SGI inks reseller deal with Cloudera

Silicon Graphics is chasing elephants – stuffed elephants, that is – and it has enlisted Cloudera as a partner in its big-data safari. Technically speaking, Silicon Graphics doesn't have to launch a Hadoop cluster business so that companies can do the kind of analytics that search engine giants such as Google and Yahoo! do on …

Copan assets scooped up by SGI

The battered MAID that is Copan has found a refuge inside SGI. For the amazingly low sum of $2m SGI gets most of the assets and assumes a few of Copan's liabilities. It will keep Copan's Longmont, Colorado, office and hire some of Copan's staff but will not pay off any of Copan's debts. SGI will use Copan's Massive Array of …
Chris Mellor, 24 Feb 2010
homeless man with sign

Silicon Graphics goes titsup (again)

Silicon Graphics Inc. (SGI), the perma-struggling workstation-turned-server-maker, filed for bankruptcy protection today, and was immediately bought by Rackable Systems for $25m cash. Rackable has signed to take on of SGI liabilities. The deal is expected to complete in 60 days. The combined company will target the hyper- …

Rackable gets physical with the virtual

The economy has been hard on boutique server maker Rackable Systems, but the company keeps tweaking its designs in the hope that a broad portfolio of servers and storage will win a little more business in hyperscale data centers. Today, Rackable launched a new line of products that do what many of us in the server space have …
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Rackable swings to loss on lower sales

Server maker Rackable Systems reported its financial results for the third quarter on Monday, saying that sales had dropped by 25.2 per cent to $65.3m. The company reported a minuscule profit in the year ago quarter ($5,000, to be precise, thanks to a tax benefit that wiped out its losses), but this time around, it had a loss …

Rackable puts RapidScale storage biz up for adoption

After suffering a disappointing second quarter, Rackable Systems wants to dump its RapidScale storage appliance business which the company purchased for nearly $40m only two years ago. The data center vendor said today it plans to sell RapidScale along with its development team, patent portfolio and hardware assets. Rackable …
Austin Modine, 14 Aug 2008

Rackable clears ICE Cube shipping containers for IBM blades

Rackable logo Rackable is opening its white trash data centers to an outside guest for the first time. The company's ICE Cube modular data centers will now accommodate IBM's BladeCenter systems. How hospitable. The companies have agreed to offer IBM's BladeCenter T and HT blade systems for Rackable's containers. Both models …
Austin Modine, 28 Jul 2008
Rackable logo

Rackable's super efficient gear fills the cloud

In a weird sort of way, you can think of this as Rackable Systems 2.0. Rackable this week ushered in a set of new servers, including one system that fits into the IceCube data center in container. The boxes reflect Rackable's ever-present focus on delivering as much horsepower as possible while consuming the least amount of …
Ashlee Vance, 24 Jun 2008

Microsoft should buy Rackable instead of building custom computers

Comment We're in the midst of some very strange times. An online book seller owns the leading utility computing service. An advertising company manufactures its own servers and switches. And spots in rural America best known for being, well, rural are turning into technology heavyweights because they have access to cheap power and …
Ashlee Vance, 20 Jun 2008

Dell and Rackable's CFOs a-go-go

Dell-y Don Carty Dell's finance chief Don Carty will step down next month, ending his short stint of overseeing the books during the computer maker's internal accounting probe. He will be replaced June 13 by Brian Gladden, former CEO of SABIC Innovative Plastics Holdings — a spinoff of General Electric Plastics. Gladden …
Austin Modine, 19 May 2008

IBM shakes up the server game with lean, cool iDataPlex

It is with some measure of awe that we introduce you to IBM's iDataPlex server. The system itself is quite remarkable. IBM has reworked its approach to rack servers allowing it to place twice as many systems in a single cabinet. This attack centers on delivering the most horsepower possible in a given area while also reducing …
Ashlee Vance, 23 Apr 2008

Microsoft meths up data center with 220 containers

Crack open the Natty Light. Microsoft plans to throw a white trash data center rager in Chicago. Microsoft will cram between 150 and 220 shipping containers filled with data center gear into a new 500,000 square foot facility. This move marks the most significant, public use of the shipping container systems popularized by the …
Ashlee Vance, 2 Apr 2008
Rackable logo

Facebook and white trash data centers make Rackable smile

A flush Facebook nudged Rackable Systems' revenue higher during the fourth quarter. Facebook, Microsoft and accounted for at least 10 per cent each of Rackable's $117.m fourth quarter haul. That revenue total marked a five per cent year-over-year rise for Rackable, which sells servers and storage boxes. But while the …
Ashlee Vance, 7 Feb 2008
Rackable logo

Rackable adds 1/4th busload of servers with quad-core Xeons

Rackable Systems is willing to cram the Intel 5400 chipset into pretty much any chassis it can get its hands on. Today the server n' storage firm began selling 13 new servers based on Xeon 5000 series quad-core chips. The company's new herd of boxen all have support for Intel's 1600MHz front side bus, and sport sixteen memory …
Austin Modine, 31 Jan 2008

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