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Sony admits PSPs will not fly off shelves, says phones and PS3s will

Sony has said that it doesn't think it will be able to sell as many of its portable game devices - PSP and Vita - as it had hoped. In August, the Japanese electronics firm said it reckoned it could shift 12 million game devices this fiscal year, but it reduced its forecast to 10 million in its quarterly earnings announcement …

Ten... PlayStation Vita launch games

Product round-up Reg Hardware Mobile Week Sony has made sure the Vita doesn't suffer from the same lack of games the Nintendo 3DS did upon release, so there's a broad set of launch titles to keep fans happy. Combine that with dozens of third-party offerings and you have a quality bunch to pick from. I had to narrow down ten from a collection …
Caleb Cox, 27 Feb 2012
Sony PS Vita handheld games console

Sony reveals old hardware still sells well

Sony announced sales figures for the Christmas period last week, and while the PS3 console was a popular choice among consumers, the PS Vita continued its sluggish start, shifting three times fewer units than its predecessor, the PSP. Gamers snapped up Sony's flagship hardware over the Christmas break, with PlayStation 3 sales …
Caleb Cox, 16 Jan 2012
Sony PS Vita handheld games console

Weak Sony PS Vita sales prompt price-cuts

Sony's PlayStation Vita experienced a rapid decline in sales during its second week on Japanese shelves, prompting suggestions the company may have to reduce the console's price. Several retailers are unofficially doing so already. According to sales rankings provided by local market watcher Media Create, during the week …
Caleb Cox, 4 Jan 2012

PSP owners must pay to port games to PS Vita

Sony has released details how PlayStation Portable users can continue to play their UMD titles on the upcoming PS Vita. Of course, the Vita lacks a UMD drive, so to play the old titles, Sony has come up with a device called UMD Passport, set to launch in Japan on 6 December and presumably over here in February 2012 when the PS …
Caleb Cox, 14 Nov 2011
Angry Birds

Smartphones rocket past consoles for mobile game sales

Two years ago, Nintendo's handheld games consoles accounted for 70 per cent of the money made selling mobile games to Americans. This year, they will account for a little over a third of the total. So says Flurry, a company that tracks sales of mobile games. The cause of Nintendo's plunging market share: Android and iOS. Back …
Tony Smith, 10 Nov 2011
Sony PS Vita handheld games console

Sony: Pssst! Want access to the PlayStation on Android SDK?

Sony is seeking US and UK "content developers" who'd like to code for its PlayStation Suite - the framework that allows Android-based devices to run PlayStation-branded games. Sony Computer Entertainment today said is open to applications from companies keen to participate in a closed beta test of the Suite, due to go live …
Hard Reg, 10 Nov 2011

Sony ballyhoos budget PSP

While the PS Vita lingers on the horizon, Sony is readying a refreshed PlayStation Portable - model E-1000 - for a penny short of £100. PSP E-1000 The move means the company will market a cheaper portable console than arch-rival Nintendo is following the recent 3DS price cuts. One downside: the budget Sony here lacks Wi-Fi …
Caleb Cox, 17 Aug 2011
Sony NGP

Smartphones rain on Sony PS Vita parade

Analysts have predicted grim times for the PlayStation Vita, with Sony set to lose money on every unit it sells. SMBC Nikko Securities analyst Kazuharu Miura reckons the company will sell 2.5 million Vita units by the end of March 2012, but will lose roughly ¥5000 (£40) on each unit, Bloomburg Japan reports. Miura said the …
Caleb Cox, 16 Aug 2011
Sony PS3 Slim

Sony brings multi-gadget gaming to PSP and PS3

Sony is launching a PSP Remaster series, porting selected PSP titles to the PS3, some with support for stereoscopic 3D, and upgraded to HD. Not merely an exercise in re-purposing games, the series will allow gamers to share saved game data between devices, allowing games to stop playing on the PS3 and begin playing on the PSP …
Caleb Cox, 24 May 2011
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Brits won't get PSP price cut, says Sony

UK gamers aren't going to enjoy the benefits of the €50 (£44) price cut Sony has just applied to the PlayStation Portable. PSPgo According to the consumer electronics giant, its Euro-Yen exchange rate wobbles that have allowed it to knock the PSP from €180 to €130 (£159 to £115), but with the Sterling-Yen rate being where it …
Hard Reg, 11 Apr 2011
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PSP playing boy plunges onto railway

If you didn't think platform games could be hazardous to health, just ask the boy who plunged onto a railway line while engrossed in his PSP. The youngster was captured on video walking off the edge at Lorento station in Milan while distracted by his console, a video on Italian site YouReporter shows. The blasé bambino was …
Caleb Cox, 4 Feb 2011

Sony drops PSPgo price pants

Sony has dropped the UK price of the PSPgo, a download-only version of the handheld console, in plenty of time for Christmas. From November 1, the device will sell for £160 - a £65 reduction. By comparison, the larger PSP that supports Universal Media Discs is available for £135. The cuts follow those announced yesterday in …
Caleb Cox, 26 Oct 2010

E3 outing for second-gen PSP?

Sony will unveil a new PlayStation Portable at next month's games industry shindig, E3, it has been claimed. Games industry mag MCV is doing the claiming, based on information it received indicating that two "key" publishers are significantly upping their marketing budget for Q4. We're not sure why that points the near-term …
Tony Smith, 13 May 2010

After Sony PSP phone, a 3G Nintendo DS?

Mobile gaming lies at the heart of all the best smartphone rumors this quarter, so it's no surprise that talk of a Nintendo handset have resurfaced. The Japanese firm is reported to be preparing a complete revamp of its DS handheld console for launch at June's E3 show, which would come with embedded 3G and ship in time for the …
Wireless Watch, 16 Mar 2010

Sony takes aim at Apple iPhone, iPad

Sony is working on a series of devices designed to take the fight to Apple's iPhone and iPad, it has been claimed. So say "people familiar with the matter" cited by the Wall Street Journal who point to what seem to be extensions of the PlayStation Portable into smartphone and media tablet territory. Rumours have been cropping …
Tony Smith, 5 Mar 2010

PS3 sales up, says Sony

Sony recorded a strong rise in PlayStation 3 hardware and software sales during its third 2009 fiscal quarter. During the three-month period ended 31 December 2009, Sony shifted 6.5m PS3s – up from 4.5m units of the console during the same period in 2008. Sony also saw a rise in PS3 software sales, from 40.8m units in Q3 2008 …

Sony and Arsenal to stream match highlights to PSPs

Sony has released an application that will to stream live football footage to PSP-clad Arsenal fans. As we reported in January 2009, the PSP app – officially called Arsenal TV Matchday+ - can be used by fans at Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium to watch goal replays during a match. The app also provides slow-motion footage, Arsenal …

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