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3D-printed robot hand grabs Dyson award for UK

A 3D-printed robot hand for amputees has won the UK heat of this year's James Dyson Award, which recognises university graduate inventions. Joel Gibbard, a 25-year-old robotics graduate from Plymouth University, created a prototype which can be assembled in 40 hours for under £1,000. Advanced prosthetics can cost anything from …
Kat Hall, 25 Aug 2015

French BIONIC EYE sits IN your peeper, feeds infrared light into nerves

A photovoltaic visual prosthesis developed by a French team of cyborg shepherds will be powered by the infrared light it receives as it sits inside your eyeballs. The infrared light, beamed to the prosthesis through some cyberpunk-looking goggles, is then propagated through the user's (undamaged) optical nervous system to …
bionic hand

Boffin: Use my bionic breakthrough for good, and not super cyborgs

Austrian scientists have used a technique dubbed "bionic reconstruction" to connect a robot hand to human nerves, enabling directly brain-controlled prosthetics for the first time. "Bionic reconstruction is a holistic concept that covers more than just surgical technique," said Prof Oskar Aszmann, MD, Head of the Christian …
Iain Thomson, 25 Feb 2015

Chinese man blows off hands, builds new pair

Plucky Chinese gent Sun Jifa showed the world exactly what persistence, and a rudimentary knowledge of welding and prosthetics, can do when it emerged this week that he built his own bionic hands after accidentally blowing the originals off. The 51-year-old from Guanmashan, in the northern province of Jilin blew off his hands …
Phil Muncaster, 16 Aug 2012
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Stanford boffins create light-powered artificial retina

A group of researchers led by Stanford University has created a prosthetic retina that works without an external power source. Instead, by combining a light sensor with photovoltaics, the implant is driven by light. Since ambient light doesn’t provide enough power, the system pulses the implant with infrared light from goggles …

Swiss researchers demo ‘Avatar-like’ robot control

A partially-tetraplegic patient in Switzerland has controlled a robot 100 km distant via a head cap sensing electrical signals from his brain. According to the Associated Press, the experiment is the first time a “mind control” interface has been used by a partially paralyzed person, and without invasive implants. From his …
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Stanford boffins create skinnier ‘skin’

A group of scientists from Stanford University has created an artificial “skin” that acts as a stretchable, super-thin pressure sensor. The Bao Research Group led by Zhenan Bao has demonstrated the film, which is made from single-wall carbon nanotubes bent to act as springs. The real breakthrough, however, isn’t just creating …

Brainscan breakthrough: Working robot limbs come closer

Canadian brain boffins are chuffed to announce a new breakthrough in the tricky business of machine mind-reading: they have developed a method of working out from brain scans what physical action a person is about to carry out – before he or she can actually do it. "This is a considerable step forward in our understanding of …
Lewis Page, 30 Jun 2011
Power Knee

Bionic leg builder makes huge step in prosthetics

Humans are now even closer to a Six Million Dollar Man bionic body, thanks to the world's first motorised prosthetic knee, which is now readily available to lower-limb amputees in parts of Europe and the US. The Power Knee, from orthopaedic and prosthetic specialist Óssur, is said to be the first artificial leg pivot to …
Caleb Cox, 23 Feb 2011

Salvador Dalí style floppy iPad on the way, seemingly

Engineers in California say they have developed a way of making touch- and pressure-sensitive material which is also bendy and flexible. The new technology could be used to make flexible touchscreen devices - or, its designers say, to build robotics or prosthetics capable of such delicate tasks as handling eggs or emptying …
Lewis Page, 13 Sep 2010
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High-tech 'blade runner' legs better than real ones - profs

The argument over the use of artificial legs to gain better results in athletics has taken a new turn. Following lengthy legal debates, it had been accepted that prosthetic legs confer no substantial advantage, but now the very scientists who argued that case have changed their minds. Today's new findings come from human- …
Lewis Page, 18 Nov 2009
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Chip boffins hone silicon-brain interface

IEDM The International Electron Device Meeting (IEDM) opened today in San Francisco, the annual IEEE-sponsored gathering of the world's top 1,500 semiconductor engineers. From the opening session, it was clear there's a lot going on in their fertile minds - including plans to get devices inside your mind. Literally. The first talk …
Rik Myslewski, 16 Dec 2008
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US says the next war will be all in our minds

The US needs to draft in psychopharmacologists, neuroscientists and even goateed cultural studies experts to fight 21 century wars that will be largely in the mind. A report commissioned by the Defense Intelligence Agency on Emerging Cognitive Neuroscience and Related Technologies predicts a freakish future of advances in …
Joe Fay, 14 Aug 2008

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