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It’s DEJA VU: Customer forgets to tell us about essential feature AGAIN

Something for the Weekend, Sir? Déjà vu. I’ve just walked into the offices of a prospective new client for the first time and everything looks familiar, from the faux marble cladding and chromed door handles in the reception to the roughened white wallpaper and very specific shade of blue carpet tiles on the main floor. The Matrix - Déjà vu For all their …
Alistair Dabbs, 25 Jul 2015
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Corruption cops warn on old-school project management

The New South Wales Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) has cast its eye over the IT sector, and suspects that there's a gap between project management practise and the real world that opens the door to corruption. The issue the ICAC is trying to address is the way that a shift from staff to contractors can open …
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IT governance: a help or a hindrance for your projects?

Facebook has become a source of pithy quotes. One is doing the round in friends’ status windows right now is: “Follow your heart, but take your brain along with you.” In relation to IT, another way to put it might be: “No action without control.” Embarking on projects and service delivery without proper governance leads to …
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Project managers do it with diagrams

Workshop Project managers usually opt for Microsoft Project, OmniGroup’s OmniPlan or one of many other specialist software products, but some also make use of the ready-made templates included in diagramming software. Many diagramming tools make it possible to create Gantt charts, Pert charts and flowcharts, and some also offer …
Ken Young, 23 Mar 2011
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UK IT projects must pull up socks, says hefty maven

The UK coalition government will have to ensure fewer failed public sector IT projects in the future if it wants to avoid a public backlash, according to the former boss of the Office of Government Commerce (OGC) Sir Peter Gershon. Speaking at the Association for Project Management conference in London last Thursday he said: " …
Ken Young, 22 Oct 2010
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Mugwort buys the furniture - Fytte 6...

Mugwort has been getting less and less favoured by the iteration. However, there is hope following an isolated period of success for the young demon. Several key members of his victim’s development team have left and, due to inadequate training, this means that Mugwort’s intended victim, our young project manager, has struggled …
Phil Rice, 25 Jun 2007
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ITIL v3 is go

After three years gestation, the UK's Office of Government Commerce (OGC) yesterday gave birth to ITIL version 3. ITIL's friends promptly held a launch party in London to celebrate. Once upon a time, ITIL was merely an acronym for the IT Infrastructure Library. But now it is a “brand” for IT service delivery and represents an …
David Norfolk, 6 Jun 2007
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Grappling with eels - second wriggle

Rottweilers like Harry are rife in IT. They're resistant to change, and you'll often hear them thundering pithy retorts like "Don't give me problems, give me solutions!" It's easy to put this attitude down to their rigid, no-nonsense nature, or even to regard them as ignorant dinosaurs from a bygone era. But in reality, they …
Matt Stephens, 23 May 2007
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Grappling with eels - first wriggle

Column Harry the Rottweiler Harry the Rottweiler - aka small black poodle called Patsy puts down his corporate-branded coffee cup next to his spiral-bound Book of Names and cheap plastic retractable (which also doubles as a sacrificial weapon in extreme management meetings). The stench of stale coffee wafts from beneath his snarling …
Matt Stephens, 10 May 2007
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DSDM Atern goes beyond IT

The DSDM Consortium has set itself the ambitious aim of covering all types of project management with its revamped development framework launched last week. The framework has been rebranded under the name DSDM Atern and replaces the existing DSDM version 4.2 - although the Consortium describes the change as an evolutionary …
Phil Manchester, 30 Apr 2007
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The Screwpole Emails: Fytte the Fourth

Despite being left in a position of near-victory, Screwpole’s calamitous nephew Mugwort somehow failed to lead his project manager’s payment engine project into disaster. Pleased with the way the manager saved his project from disaster, his bosses have handed him a bold new task, with a bulging new budget. The manager must …
Phil Rice, 31 Mar 2007
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Blog: Housebuilding as a metaphor for software development

I've long believed that when you start a project you worry about the technology and whether it works. but in the post-mortem afterwards, you find that most of the real issues were to do with project management. Even technology failure can be mitigated, if the project is managed properly. Sometimes the right course is to cancel …
David Norfolk, 16 Mar 2007
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IT outsourcing not catching on with

Small firms are falling behind in outsourcing IT functions, a new survey has revealed. According to research by the Irish Computer Society (ICS), IT outsourcing has become common practice in Irish organisations, with some 72 per cent taking advantage of the services. Smaller IT departments, however, appear to be holding on to …
Ciara O'Brien, 9 Mar 2007
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The Screwpole Emails- Fytte the Third

Phil Rice Uncle Screwpole, the devious master manipulator of IT projects, has promised his nephew Mugwort that he will reveal the secrets of time estimation… To: Mugwort From: Uncle Screwpole Subject: “An unplanned project takes twice as long to complete; but a well-planned project takes three times as long.” Loathly …
Phil Rice, 23 Feb 2007

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