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Ding ding! Round Two: Second annual review for transatlantic data flow deal Privacy Shield

The deal governing transatlantic data flows – branded not fit for purpose by privacy watchdogs – enters its second annual review today. The Privacy Shield agreement was rushed through in the summer of 2016 after its predecessor Safe Harbor was scrapped following a legal challenge by activist and then-PhD student Max Schrems. …
Rebecca Hill, 18 Oct 2018
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Two years later and it still sucks: Privacy Shield progress panned

Analysis More than two years in, Privacy Shield still isn't fit for purpose – and data protection experts and politicians want to see a bigger commitment ahead of its second annual review. The agreement, rushed through in the summer of 2016 after its predecessor Safe Harbor was scrapped, governs data flows between the European Union …
Rebecca Hill, 31 Aug 2018
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Privacy Shield under pressure as lawyers back MEPs' call for suspension

The US is under increasing pressure over Privacy Shield as an EU lawyers' association backed MEPs’ calls for a suspension of the deal. Privacy Shield – which governs trans-Atlantic data flows, making it essential for the day-to-day workings of large numbers of companies – was hurriedly drawn up in summer 2016 after its …
Rebecca Hill, 16 Jul 2018

United States, you have 2 months to sort Privacy Shield ... or data deal is for the bin – Eurocrats

The Privacy Shield agreement – which governs the flow of personal data between America and Europe – should be suspended if the US doesn't comply by 1 September, the European Parliament has said. At the plenary session of the European Parliament today, MEPs voted 303 to 223 in favour of a resolution that criticises the US and …
Rebecca Hill, 5 Jul 2018

EU-US Privacy Shield not up to snuff, data tap should be turned off – MEPs

The deal governing transatlantic data flows doesn't properly protect European Union citizens and should be suspended unless the United States complies with its terms, MEPs have said. The Privacy Shield agreement, which aims to protect personal data transferred from the EU to the US, was set up after a legal challenge by …
Rebecca Hill, 12 Jun 2018
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Schrems' Facebook case edges closer to ruling over EU-US data flows

Max Schrems’ battle to turn off Facebook’s trans-Atlantic data flows has crawled one step closer, as the Irish High Court today issued the EU's top court with a set of questions to rule on. The privacy activist’s multi-year slog began when he brought a complaint against Facebook's mass data slurping, in light of Edward Snowden …
Rebecca Hill, 12 Apr 2018
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NHS OKs offshoring patient data to cloud providers stateside

The UK's National Health Service has said that Brits' patient data can be stored in the cloud – and has given US data centres party to Privacy Shield the thumbs-up. In a major policy shift, NHS Digital has given care providers the go-ahead to store patient information outside Blighty in a bid to hurry them into the cloud to …
Rebecca Hill, 22 Jan 2018
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EU data protection groups: Fix Privacy Shield or face lawsuit

European data protection agencies have told authorities to address their “significant concerns” about Privacy Shield, or risk having the deal tested in court. The Privacy Shield agreement governs transatlantic data flows and is the product of a lengthy wrangle after the Safe Harbor agreement was ruled invalid back in 2014. …
Rebecca Hill, 6 Dec 2017

First annual review of Privacy Shield gives it a resounding... 'adequate'

The first annual review of the Privacy Shield agreement that governs transatlantic data flows has come back with a solid, unsurprising mark of "adequate". The agreement – which rose from the ashes of the Safe Harbour framework that was ruled invalid after being challenged by privacy activist Max Schrems – aims to protect …
Rebecca Hill, 18 Oct 2017

More than half of small firms plan on using Privacy Shield – survey

Almost half of the organisations surveyed by the International Association of Privacy Professionals say they will use the Privacy Shield data-sharing framework in the next year. Agreed last summer, the deal between the European Union and the US aims to safeguard EU citizens' data when it is transferred to the States. It …
Rebecca Hill, 25 Sep 2017
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First big Privacy Shield review has ended – and yep, it's great! Just don't ask about mass spying

The much-heralded first review of the EU‑US Privacy Shield Framework that governs the flow of personal information across the Atlantic has concluded – and would you believe it? Representatives of the EU and US think it's doing fine. The two-day review is an annual requirement written into the new framework after the previous …
Kieren McCarthy, 22 Sep 2017

Grab your popcorn: The first annual Privacy Shield review is go

Transatlantic data-transfer agreement Privacy Shield is facing its first major political hurdle as the inaugural joint review kicks off this week. Agreed last summer, the deal between the European Union and the US aims to safeguard EU citizens' data when it is transferred across the pond. The two-day review, launched today by …
Rebecca Hill, 18 Sep 2017
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Trump's govt hiring freeze means there's no US Privacy Shield chief: We tracked down the woman filling in for now

Shortly after ascending to office, President Donald Trump triggered a hiring freeze across most branches of the US government. The resulting understaffing has been a bit of a pain for Americans – but may be a boon for Europe. The freeze left the States without an appointed ombudsman to oversee the negotiations for, and …
Iain Thomson, 12 Apr 2017

First EU-US Privacy Shield annual review to take place in September

The inaugural annual review into the operation of the EU-US Privacy Shield is to take place in September this year. EU justice commissioner Věra Jourová confirmed the timing of the review in a speech in Washington late last week. "[The review] will be an important milestone where we need to check that everything is in place …
OUT-LAW.COM, 4 Apr 2017

Awkward. Investigatory Powers Act could prove hurdle to UK-EU Privacy Shield following Brexit

UK surveillance laws could be an obstacle to the creation of a US-Europe Privacy Shield-style arrangement post-Brexit. The issue came up during testimony by Sir Julian King, EU Commissioner for the Security Union, at a Home Affairs select committee hearing on Tuesday. Once Brexit happens, the UK will have to set up something …
John Leyden, 3 Mar 2017

US-Europe Privacy Shield not worth the paper it's printed on – civil liberties groups

The critical transatlantic data agreement, named Privacy Shield, is worthless, gives intelligence agencies complete free rein, and should be discarded, according to Human Rights Watch and the American Civil Liberties Union. In a letter to European Union leaders responsible for overseeing the agreement, the two organizations …
Image by Maksim Kabakou

Don't worry about Privacy Shield, it's fine. Really. I promise, says US trade watchdog head

The acting head of the US Federal Trade Commission, Maureen Ohlhausen, has sought to assure people that the critical Privacy Shield data-sharing agreement will hold up despite President Trump's recent executive orders on immigration. Ohlhausen told reporters this week that the transatlantic agreement was unaffected by the …
Kieren McCarthy, 24 Feb 2017

Fear not, Europe's Privacy Shield is Trump-proof – ex-FTC bigwig

The transatlantic Privacy Shield data transfer agreement is not at risk from Trump's executive actions, former FTC Commissioner Julie Brill has promised. In an article on her law firm's blog, Brill notes that the recent executive order (EO) from the Oval Office, which expressly limited privacy rights to US citizens only, does …

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