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Tata launches 'public' Cisco video conferencing

Tata Communications and Cisco have opened public video conferencing rooms in London and California, meaning people in existing public rooms in India now have someone to talk to. They're working with luxury hotel group Taj and hope to rent the rooms by the hour to business people. Yesterday rooms opened in London and Santa …
John Oates, 16 Oct 2008
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Ambulance Service not patient enough for Vista

Londoners can sleep safe in their beds tonight after the London Ambulance Service confirmed that it has no plans whatsoever to migrate to Windows Vista anytime soon. A spokeswoman at the LAS was forced to rebuff claims this morning that the 999 service had in fact already adopted the unloved OS, after an app migration and …
Kelly Fiveash, 9 Oct 2008
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JDA gobbles up i2

JDA Software is buying i2 Technologies for $346m in borrowed cash. The two supply chain specialists reckon they can find $20m in annual savings, and the combined company will have revenues of $635m - including $300m in annual maintenance and subscription fees. The deal will create a big supply chain player to go up against …
John Oates, 12 Aug 2008
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Nokia and Qualcomm end patent war

Nokia and Qualcomm have agreed to end their worldwide legal battle over patents. Yesterday saw a German court throw out Qualcomm's claims but the two had pending legal action in the US, the UK, Germany, France, Italy and China. The deal therefore came as a surprise. Varied standards are covered by the deal, including GSM, …
John Oates, 24 Jul 2008
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Cisco is moving into your house

Cisco is paying $120m for home networking firm Pure Networks, underscoring its desire to build a consumer brand. Pure makes network management software for home users. Now everyone can be a network manager from their own living room. Pure's software lets you manage all the devices on your home network, which Cisco imagines …
John Oates, 23 Jul 2008
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Icahn writes another bloody letter

Yahoo! shareholders will be picking yet another letter from Carl Icahn off their doormats today, as his attempted takeover bid gets ever more bad-tempered. Icahn's letter breaks into capital letters to warn shareholders: "DON'T BE FOOLED" and "ARE YOU, THE REAL OWNERS OF YAHOO!, WILLING TO TAKE THE SAME RISK?". The letter …
John Oates, 14 Jul 2008
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Criminal record checks: More often wrong than right

Sleight of hand by the Home Office doesn’t quite cover up the fact that last year the number of people wrongly branded as criminals was actually more than the number of people identified as having committed a sex crime. That is the picture that emerges if you take the time to wade through the morass of ever-so-slightly skewed …
Jane Fae , 9 Jul 2008

Linspire CEO defends Xandros buy-out

The CEO of Linux distributor Linspire has confirmed that rival desktop Linux maker Xandros Inc has acquired the firm. Michael Robertson said in a blog post on his website yesterday that he was “excited to see the Linspire, Freespire and CNR [Click 'n' Run] technology go to a worthy competitor.” He added: “Linux is going …
Kelly Fiveash, 3 Jul 2008
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Orange tells customers they are now 'partners'

Orange, France Telecom's consumer brand, has decided not to serve consumers any more: in true Web 2.0 style it's rebranding itself as a partner - not a provider - in telecommunications. The new slogan is "together we can do more", so forget about being a punter just wanting a conversation with another punter; now you're …
Bill Ray, 1 Jul 2008
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Icahn spews green ink at Yahoo!

Carl Icahn has written an open letter in reply to Yahoo!'s latest press release on his attempted hostile takeover of the company. And it looks a bit like one of our "Flame of the Week" emails . Or like a dipsomaniac shouting at the bins in a neglected alleyway. The letter, addressed to Yahoo!'s chairman Roy Bostock, begins by …
John Oates, 9 Jun 2008

Government announces shortlist for ID card contracts

Updated The government released the shortlist of five possible suppliers for its delayed ID card project this morning. The five remaining bidders are IBM, Fujitsu, CSC, Thales and EDS. Originally eight companies - the above along with Accenture, BAE Systems and Steria - were listed. But Accenture, BAE Systems and Steria have all …
John Oates, 23 May 2008
Computer 2000

C2000 takes on audiovisual biz

UK-based technology distributor Computer 2000 has stepped into the audiovisual business and announced today that Darren Sainsbury will head up the new strategy. C2000, which is owned by Tech Data, said it hopes to quickly establish itself as "the distributor of choice in the sector" over the coming year. Sainsbury has worked …
Kelly Fiveash, 11 Apr 2007

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