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IBM euthanizes Power6 and Power6+ systems

If you thought it was tough to get your hands on an Power 520 or Power 550 server using one of IBM's older dual core Power6 or Power6+ processors in the fourth quarter, then you're in for a shock. It is going to get a whole lot harder to get one of these machines very soon ... This is because Big Blue has pulled the plug on …
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IBM chops high-end Power6 server tags

IBM has been mum about when its high-end servers based on the eight-core Power7 processor are going to come to market. With bigger x64 and Itanium boxes around the corner and the 256-core Power 795 machines using Power7s not expected until later this year, though, Big Blue has to do something to get at least some customers to …

IBM wins benchmark crown with SSD power

IBM has blasted the SPC-1 benchmark into the stratosphere with a flash-equipped POWER6 server. The Power 595 server, using 48 cores and 84 STEC flash drives, achieved 300,993.85 SPC-1 IOPS (pdf). The total system cost was $3.2m with the per-SPC-1 IOPS being $10.77. IBM held a previous record with its SAN Volume Controller ( …
Chris Mellor, 8 Oct 2009

Sun touts Sparc T Java bang

Sun Microsystems might be as quiet as a church mouse these days as it awaits the final OK on the looming $5.6bn Oracle acquisition, but the company is still benchmarking its latest Sparc T iron as if everything were normal - they're just not bragging about the results as per usual. Sun has just tested the new 1.6GHz Sparc T2 …
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IBM lifts the veil on Power7 chips

With every new server processor generation, there is always the possibility that the chip and its associated chipsets and system components are so different that both the chip and the server platform have to change at the same time. This will not be the case for the Power7 processors due next year, says IBM. IBM is in no hurry …

IBM upgrades DS series by the numbers

References to a mysterious IBM storage array are popping up across the web. Is this the hardware refresh of IBM's flagship DS8000 storage array line? The first reference we spotted was from Freddie Sanchez, a firmware engineering guy at IBM in Arizona. His LinkedIn entry reads: "I develop and maintain embedded software for the …
Chris Mellor, 20 Jul 2009

IBM euthanizes aging Power gear

With Power6+ systems in the market and Power7 machinery slated for next year - and with IBM's supply chain expert (Bob Moffatt) in charge of its Systems and Technology Group - you can't expect older gear to stay in the product line for very long. And so it comes as little surprise that IBM is already starting to wind down some …
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IBM deals on big Power iron in Q2

There are only three marketing levers in the information technology business: technology, price, and FUD. Without a refresh for top-end Power Systems as part of the April 28 update of the product line, IBM needed to pull one of these three levers. For Big Blue, the technology lever is stuck along with Power6 and Power6+ clock …
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IBM doubles Power Rewards to chase Sun gear

After having snubbed Sun Microsystems last month, leaving it to be acquired by database and application software powerhouse Oracle for $5.6bn, IBM wants to do its best to make sure that the Sun that Oracle gets perhaps by summer is as weak as possible. And hence, it is ratcheting up the marketing pressure. Today, IBM announced …

Big Blue shipped Power6+ last fall

Server buyers who have been waiting for IBM to ship the Power6+ chip will be surprised to discover that it already has. It just didn't tell anyone. Crazy, right? Remember the Power Systems revamp Big Blue did back in October 2008? Well, guess what? Several of those machines were based on the Power6+ processor, the kicker to …
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Come on out, Power6+, you win

Comment Where on earth is IBM's Power6+ kicker to the dual-core Power6 processors that were first announced in July 2007? Moore's Law says it should be here right about now. When it comes to the Power6+ processor, IBM has been as quiet as a child playing hide and seek that wants to win the game so badly that she ends up falling asleep …

IBM slashes chip animation, new server prices

It is pretty safe to say that IT shops are a little hesitant to spend money these days. And getting companies to open up their checkbooks before 2009 is going to be something of a challenge. But no matter how bad the economy gets, you can always convince someone to spend now rather than later - so long as the deal is good enough …
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IBM doubles Power cores

Well, the rumor going around that IBM is doubling up the processor core counts on its Power Systems servers turns out to be true. Today, IBM announced that it has doubled up the cores in the Power 570 to a maximum of 32, and it's now offering a 16-core box called the Power 560 that slides in underneath it in the product line. …
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Power6 meets Tukwila meets Rock meets SPARC64 in chip death match

Hot Chips The grandest chip unveiling in many, many years will take place this August on the campus of Stanford University. At the annual Hot Chips conference, the world's top chip makers including Intel, IBM and Fujitsu/Sun plan to show off some of their most ambitious designs to date. In addition, a host of start-ups dabbling in the …
Ashlee Vance, 18 Jul 2008

IBM's Power6 slaughters world+HP in transaction cranking

When IBM started rolling out 5.0GHz versions of Power6, you knew it was only a matter of time before the vendor tried to usurp HP as the transaction performance king. And now it has done it. IBM this week cleared a new TPC-C score that certifies its Power 595 server as the big daddy of transactions. Running on 32 of the dual- …
Ashlee Vance, 11 Jun 2008
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IBM smacks rivals with 5.0GHz Power6 beast

The rest of the server world can play with their piddling 2-3GHz chips. IBM, meanwhile, is prepared to deal in the 5GHz realm. The hardware maker has unveiled a Power6-based version of its highest-end Unix server - the Power 595. The box runs on 32 dual-core 5GHz Power6 processors, making it a true performance beast. This big …
Ashlee Vance, 8 Apr 2008

IBM waterboards PA-RISC Superdome from HP

The fierce Unix server market will sometimes drive vendors to madness. Just look at IBM, which has taken to skinning corpses so that it can prove the toughness of Power6-based gear. IBM will usually engage in mostly fair fights, pitting Power-based servers against HP's Itanium systems. Big Blue's most recent assault, however, …
Ashlee Vance, 21 Mar 2008

IBM touts low-end Power6 and fresh mainframe onslaught

IBM's CFO Mark Loughridge put on his product marketing cap during an earnings conference call today, revealing the imminent arrival of new Unix boxes and mainframes. According to Captain Finance, IBM will push Power6 chips into low-end Unix servers by the end of this quarter. Customers should welcome this charge, since IBM has …
Ashlee Vance, 17 Jan 2008

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