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Portal for the Apple II

Putting the 'Port' in Portal: Old-school fan brings game to Apple II

Videos What do you get when you cross a 10-year-old game with a 40-year-old computer? The weekend at El Reg. Vince Weaver, an assistant professor of computer engineering at the University of Maine, used his winter holiday to write a port of the beloved puzzle-driven snarkfest Portal for the Apple II. "My wife got me the original …
Shaun Nichols, 14 Jan 2017
Steam screenshot

Proto Steam box may feel your arousal, hints Valve daddy

Game developer Valve will be pushing out prototypes of its living room download-and-play games box sometime in the next “three to four months”, company chief Gabe Newell has revealed. The machine, dubbed the Steam Box, is essentially a Linux PC linked to Valve’s online games shop, Steam. Being a PC, it’s easy to build, but …
Tony Smith, 6 Mar 2013

Lego ponders Portal pack

Lego may introduce a kit based on the Portal videogame series now that a petition to do so has gathered enough support to trigger consideration from an official tribunal. Lego Portal The Lego Portal concept was pitched to the brick maker through its Cuusoo platform, the same petition-style site which helped Lego Minecraft …
Caleb Cox, 16 Jul 2012
Portal 2

Life-size Portal gun to shoot onto shelves soon

Despite the fact they generally sit on the mantlepiece as a decorative reminder of where one's interest lies, replica weapons are a big business and gaming enthusiasts are an eager audience to target. Fans of Valve's Portal franchise are the latest group in sight. They're being pitched with this 1:1 scale model from the series …
Caleb Cox, 9 Feb 2012
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Minecraft upstages Portal 2 in arty game prize

Who would have guessed that Minecraft is a work of cultural and artistic significance? Thank goodness we have the judges behind the inaugural GameCity Prize to tell us. The Prize was announced this weekend at GameCity, a Nottingham-hosted event that is apparently "Europe’s biggest annual videogame culture festival". Event and …
Carl O'Duty, 31 Oct 2011
Portal 2

Valve pushes Portal freebie

Valve is making the original Portal available for free this weekend on Steam. For those of you unaware of the innovative game, Portal is a first-person platformer, in which one has to solve a series of puzzles using a teleportation device. Launched in 2007, Portal was critically acclaimed as one of the most innovative games …
Caleb Cox, 16 Sep 2011
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Popular gamers 'should play for free' – Valve boss

Yesterday I wrote about the desperate need for new ideas to flog digital music. The suppliers need to experiment, and not stand by the bean-counting, unit-sales mentality that's a hangover from the physical world. Valve boss Gabe Newell wants to get away from the subscription straightjacket – and has floated an interesting idea …
Andrew Orlowski, 17 May 2011
Portal 2

Portal 2 maker punts Portal 2 making pack

Game developer Valve has launched the Portal 2 Authoring Tools beta, so avid designers can get their hands dirty creating their own custom maps of the game. The kit, which includes the setup that Valve used to make Portal 2, allows users to create singleplayer and co-op maps as well as 3D models, sound effects and music. …
Caleb Cox, 11 May 2011
Portal 2

Portal 2

Review “The best solution to a problem,” says GLaDOS, “is usually the easiest one.” She's right, of course. But then she always is. Portal players know all too well how inadvisable it is to disagree with Aperture Science's sociopathic AI caretaker, but it's surprising how often her maxim proves true during the sequel to Valve's much- …
Andrew Bailey, 22 Apr 2011
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LHC back after temporary unexistence

The Large Hadron Collider - mightiest particle-smasher ever built, and possible portal to other dimensions - came back online late last night following a power cut which not only shut down the Collider but also caused it to vanish off the internet for a time. Amateur LHC-watchers, observing the great machine either for …
Lewis Page, 3 Dec 2009
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LHC knocked out by ANOTHER power failure

Exclusive The Large Hadron Collider - most puissant particle-punisher ever assembled by the human race - has suffered another major power failure, knocking not only the atomsmasher itself but even its associated websites offline. The machine remains unserviceable at present. However its crucial cryogenics seem to have been unaffected, and …
Lewis Page, 2 Dec 2009

Collisions at LHC! Tevatron record to be broken soon?

Forging ahead much faster than had been expected, particle-smashing boffins at the Large Hadron Collider have now carried out actual collisions - blasting beams of protons into one another at a healthy 450 giga-electron-volts each for total whack of 900 GeV. Since the mighty LHC was crippled last year in an unfortunate electro …
Lewis Page, 24 Nov 2009
SGI logo hardware close-up

LHC dimensional apocalypse from midnight: Your thoughts

Well, this is it. In the early hours of tomorrow morning, scientists at the controls of titanic machines situated in mighty hollowed-out caverns and tunnels deep beneath Switzerland will begin to unleash forces so vast and complex as to tax the very limits of human comprehension. The mighty Large Hadron Collider, most powerful …
Lewis Page, 20 Nov 2009
Cat 5 cable

LHC starts beaming Saturday: Collisions Dec 3

Exclusive As all the world knows, the Large Hadron Collider - the mightiest particle-punisher in the world and possible portal to other dimensions - is shortly to fire up again, following last year's catastrophic liquid helium superfluid explosion. You can learn that much by following other media outlets like any ignorant drone. But you …
Lewis Page, 18 Nov 2009
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US Spec Ops operates psywar websites targeted at UK

The secretive US Special Operations Command (SOCOM) has awarded arms globocorp General Dynamics a $10m contract to set up a network of psychological-warfare "influence websites" supporting the Global War On Terror. France and Britain are specifically included as "targeted regions". SOCOM is principally famous for its large …
Lewis Page, 16 Sep 2009
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Boffins develop 'Hidden gateway to Hogwarts girls' loos'

Attention-seeking boffins in China claim to have created a "tunable electromagnetic gateway" which "can realize functionalities that were thought to be possible only in science fictions". Sadly they seem not to be aware of the difference between science fiction and the enormous, derivative, fist-eatingly turgid Billy Bunter/Meg' …
Lewis Page, 13 Aug 2009

US atom boffins: Our cloud makes sky easier to see

US federal boffins, in charge of archiving colossal streams of data from automated sky-scanning telescopes around the world, are pleased to announce their new "Project Deep Sky" astro data cloud portal thing. A Deep Sky combo image of various normally hard-to-see stars in the Coma cluster, made using 500+ pictures Ah - that' …
Lewis Page, 1 Apr 2009
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NASA pimps Google Mars

Users of the Martian part of Google Earth will be delighted to hear that it has received enhancements. The new virtual-Mars features include historical maps of the red planet, and up-to-date imagery from spacecraft in orbit above it. The latest updates were put together in cooperation with NASA's Ames research centre. The …
Lewis Page, 16 Mar 2009

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