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Biting the bullet on ERP implementation realities?

Mini Poll In this week's ERP workshop poll, we get right into the specifics of what makes or breaks an implementation project in the real world. If you have experience or opinions on this, we'd appreciate your input. READER POLL: BITING THE BULLET ON IMPLEMENTATION REALITIES? 1. What is your experience of ERP implementations? …
Dale Vile, 30 Mar 2010
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Just how does IT spend its time looking after ERP?

Poll Results Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) packages providing functionality to support core business processes in an integrated manner are a prominent feature in a lot of IT environments. But what kind of burden do they place on the IT department? Some of us who have been in the business for a while can remember the days when these …
Dale Vile, 19 Mar 2010
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Citizens rail against government data sharing

A new poll shows that Britons are becoming increasingly concerned about the type of personal information held by the government. Just under two thirds of respondents said they are against the government centralising information about citizens so it can be shared between different government departments. The 'State of the …
Kable, 23 Feb 2010
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The unrealised potential of ERP and CRM

Poll Results With all of that money, time and effort expended on ERP and CRM systems over the years, you would expect organisations to have paid a lot of attention to getting the most from them, but a recent poll of Reg readers (including 66 ERP users and 65 CRM users) suggests that many implementations have some way to go before they …
Dale Vile, 4 Dec 2009
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Squeezing more out of ERP and CRM

Mini Poll One of the most common complaints at board level to do with IT is the amount of money thrown at ERP and CRM application deployments over the years. Some question the perceived returns that have been delivered in terms of value to the business. With this in mind, we would be interested in whether you think packaged applications …
Dale Vile, 2 Dec 2009
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Your wish list for packaged applications

Mini Poll Following our discussions this week on the importance of evaluating application packages from a technology perspective, we're interested in gathering some more information from you on the things that really matter. So, if you have a couple of minutes, please give us your feedback in the short poll below: READER POLL: …
Dale Vile, 24 Nov 2009
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Remote IT support 'is harder'

Poll Results Perish the thought that we at Freeform Towers should try to over-simplify things, but from the whopping 465 of you who responded to this week's Reg survey, it is clear that there is more to 'remote support' than meets the eye. In analysing the responses we agreed with comments from Reg regular Trevor Pott, that "a true 'remote …
Martin Atherton, 23 Oct 2009
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Atheists smite online God poll

An online poll enquiring as to the possible existence of God has somewhat backfired on Christian outfit The Alpha Course, with 98 per cent of the popular vote currently saying he doesn't: Screengrab of The Alpha Course poll results at time of publication According to the Sun, The Alpha Course kicked off a multi-million …
Lester Haines, 23 Oct 2009

Do users care about desktop support?

Mini-Poll This week we are looking at the problems of managing the desktop infrastructure and especially the question of its cost. Tightly coupled with the whole topic of managing PC users is the effect that desktop support has on the whole perception of IT service delivery. We all know that if we ask a user what they think of IT there …
Tony Lock, 14 Oct 2009

Desktop minipoll results – user ignorance is bliss?

Workshop The results are in from yesterday’s mini-poll, and they are pretty conclusive – even if we take into account that removing users altogether is not an option. The top two types of call may be quite easily balanced – as you can see from the chart, between ‘don’t know how to do something’ and ‘application not responding’. When …
Jon Collins, 9 Oct 2009

The state of desktop support

Mini-Poll This week we've been looking at desktop management from the point of view of supporting users. It can be a jungle out there, as one reader illustrated: Somehow, people still sneak through with all kinds of configurations and it's killing us - so many deskside visits it's unbelievable. But is that the norm, or are some of you …
Jon Collins, 7 Oct 2009
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Doctor Who fans name best episode ever

Over 6,700 Time Lord fans responded to a Doctor Who Magazine call to rate all 200 episodes of the classic sci-fi TV series, and selected 1984's The Caves of Androzani - in which fifth Doctor Peter Davison hung up his sonic screwdriver - as the best of the bunch. Davison's finale beat 2007's excellent Blink, with David Tennant …
Lester Haines, 17 Sep 2009
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Download Reg Readers desktop and server virt reports

Workshop During our recent Virtualization workshop we polled Reg readers about the principles and practice of virtualization, on the server and the desktop. You can digest the results at your leisure via our handy compendium of virtualization reports. No registration is required. Click here for our looks at readers' views on desktop …
Phil Mitchell, 10 Sep 2009
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Desktop virtualization: More than a little interest

Poll Results ‘Desktop virtualization’ has been an oft-heard phrase over recent years, but talk does not automatically translate into action. So what is the state of play regarding deployments of the many desktop virtualization alternatives that exist? Earlier this week we requested your input, and here’s what we have found out so far. It …
Tony Lock, 2 Sep 2009
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Cutting your teeth on desktop virtualization?

Reader Study It could be argued that desktop virtualization was where it all started in terms of the current hoo-ha around virtualization as a whole. Most attention might now be focused on the server, but there's still plenty of potential for virtualization on the desktop. While desktop virtualization may be simple in principle, in …
Jon Collins, 26 Aug 2009
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Hedgehog quip secures Fringe's top gag crown

Comedian Dan Antopolski has secured the 2009 top Fringe gag crown for entertaining Edinburgh Festival crowds with: "Hedgehogs. Why can't they just share the hedge?" Comedian Dan Antopolski with his Dave award Antopolski (pictured) topped a Dave TV poll featuring top quips from the festival selected by a panel of "nine of the …
Lester Haines, 24 Aug 2009
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Vote now to name El Reg space plane

Reader poll Our announcement yesterday, that El Reg would be giving the UK's moribund space programme a touch of the defibrillator with its audacious space paper plane project, certainly seems to have caught readers' imagination. We're obliged to all those who submitted initial technical comments/suggestions. We'll look at those over the …
Lester Haines, 31 Jul 2009
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Tory landslide inevitable - maybe

Get ready for a Tory landslide. That is the prediction of a new and sophisticated electoral forecasting tool, created by business modelling company, Resolver Systems. One recent poll places Tories on 39.5 per cent, Labour on 28 per cent and Lib Dems on 21 per cent. Traditional forecasters predict results ranging from a …
Jane Fae , 27 Jul 2009

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