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Betting sites balance fraudster nab and customer loss

Online gambling sites are fighting ever-sharper fraudsters, forcing them to balance stricter anti-cheat measures against the risk of alienating some of their best customers. Last week's Betting and Gaming 2010 Conference ran just days after it was revealed bookmakers Ladbrokes was investigating the loss of thousands of …
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EU begins formal probe into US gambling ban

The European Commission is launching a formal investigation into the US ban on online gambling. The Commission has sent a list of questions to US officials aimed at finding out if the US policy is discriminatory against European firms or not, according to Inside Trade. The US banned online gambling in 2006 using legislation …
John Oates, 30 May 2008

Computer program to take on the Unabomber

How intelligent is a computer - and just what does it mean to be intelligent, anyway? The Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) aims to clarify that question with its Man vs. Machine Poker Challenge, taking place today and tomorrow in Vancouver, British Columbia. Polaris, a poker program developed …
Burke Hansen, 24 Jul 2007
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Antigua throws life preserver to DOJ in search for missing money

House of Cards The fugitive former COO of (BOS), Clive Archer, announced last week on the BetonSports website that the company had reached an agreement with the government of Antigua to institute an orderly return of funds to its jilted customers. No one knows just how much is left to be recovered, but the involvement of the …
Burke Hansen, 28 Feb 2007

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